Thailand 2009: Day 3 (Part 2) – Chiang Mai Night Market

Date: Dec 15th, 2009

After I got back from my tour, I rested for a bit as I had hardly slept the night before. But I knew I couldn’t waste time sleeping as I planned to leave Chiang Mai tomorrow evening & still had lots more to see. As I laid in bed, I thought to myself how tiring going by overnight buses would be the next few days. I decided since I had to head to Phuket the next day, then to Krabi and then back to Bangkok — I’d go back to consider flying.

I went out to a net cafe and tried for a ticket at all the budget carriers from Chiang Mai to Phuket and from Phuket/Krabi back to Bangkok. While I got the latter on Nok Air (1950 baht/Rs. 2,725), all the budget carriers were full for the Chiang Mai to Phuket route for the next few days. So I thought I’d stick to taking the overnight bus one last time when heading to Phuket.

I was feeling quite hungry after the mediocre lunch at the Elephant camp. So while walking on Loi Kroh road, I saw some tempting barbeques at the Ramming Lodge restaurant…

Food at the Ramming Lodge, Chiang Mai
Left: Reasonably priced BBQs; Right: I really wanted to try these coconut dumplings

… and promptly sat down, ordered the sea food barbeque, fries (which I couldn’t finish) and a Singha. Dinner cost me 320 baht/Rs.447 (including tip).

After that, I walked down Loi Kroh road to head for the Night Market.

Foot massage chairs, Chiang Mai
Foot massage chairs on Loi Kroh Road
Changklan Road, Chiang Mai
Changklan Road: You can find a Burger King, Mc Ds and a Starbucks here… in case you want your fix of American junk

I crossed Changklan Road and stopped by a few stalls selling the usual stuff (souvenirs, fake goods, bags, T-shirts etc.) I picked up a funky ‘Chiang Mai’ t-shirt for 180 baht/Rs. 250 (bargained down from 250 baht/Rs. 350). They had quite a few cool designs incorporating the elements Chiang Mai is famous for — including the pandas at Chiang Mai Zoo.

I walked around the area and saw a sign board pointing to the Night Bazaar.

Anusarn market, Chiang Mai
The road that leads up to Anusarn market

I walked into Anusarn market which is essentially a part of the extended Night Bazaar area. Anusarn is predominantly a food court with options ranging from Indian to (real) Chinese among other cuisines.

Anusarn market, Chiang Mai

Anusarn market, Chiang Mai
Anusarn market, adjoining the Night Bazaar
Curry Pot Indian restaurant, Chiang Mai
I was tempted to go in because it said ‘fusion’… but I was already full

I mostly took HD videos of the Night Bazaar so I’ll try and extract the stills and put them up temporarily.

Bulb-heads, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
I like to call this photo: ‘Bulb-heads’

The Night Bazaar is essentially an open flea market selling everything from handicrafts to funky gear, bags, souvenirs, cool T-shirts, 500 baht Rolexs and more.

Chiang Mai Night market
Chang had sponsored an open concert… and no one bothered to see the guy
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

And as you step out, there are more stalls selling more of the same. I picked some more T-shirts (I believe 3 but none costing more than 150 baht/Rs. 200 each).

Chiang Mai Night market
On the lane outside the Night Bazaar

Leaving the Night Bazaar, I walked around the area some more, saw where the Japanese and Koreans hung out, checked out some cool bars with live guitar shows and decided I had walked enough and… then walked back to my room.

But as I walked back, I realized how I much I liked Chiang Mai. When I researched on Chiang Mai, most of the websites I visited only showcased the temples and kept talking about it being a historic city and I assumed it was going to be like that. Old and decrepit buildings, undeveloped roads, unorganized traffic, etc. — and man, was I wrong! Chiang Mai has everything you need — but in small doses.

It is a bit laid back. But I guess that’s why I liked it.

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  • The NRI


    I absolutely love the Chiang Mai night market and the legendary food court. Had the best Tom Yum soup I have ever eaten. And I eat a lot of Thai food.

    You should also check out Chiang Rai for another unique Thai experience a world away from Bangkok and the beaches.

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    I didn’t do the Golden Triangle because I didn’t find anything too appealing. I’m going back in November and I’ll make sure I check to it out. Is one day in Chiang Rai long enough?

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