Traphik, Dumbfoundead & Jin – “Charlie Sheen” — I miss rap like this!

In an age when dipshits like Lil Wayne with his awful, awful use of autotune and egomaniacs like Kanye West are considered ‘hip hop,’ it’s refreshing to hear tracks like this:

I miss beats and slick rhymes like that! 🙁

Last year it was  B.O.B, and even though he was the only major-label backed artist who offered anything I remotely considered ‘old school’ rap, B.O.B was welcome news to me.

Yesterday, while catching up on Jay Park’s tweets, I stumbled upon the “Charlie Sheen” track by Traphik, Dumbfoundead and Jin. I’ve heard of Dumbfoundead and Jin before, but not Traphik.

Dumbfounded Traphik MC Jin Jay Park asian hiphop
Left: Dumbfoundead, Top Right: Traphik, Bottom bald dude: Jin, Bottom dude with glasses: Jay Park

Dumbfoundead (Korean-American), because he’s done collaborations with Jay Park (I’m a Jay Park fan) and Jin (Chinese-American), I remember a few years ago was debuted as “Asia’s answer to Eminem”… but never heard from him since. Traphik, a.k.a TimothyDeLaGhetto, is a Thai-American rapper who is new to me.

So pretty much an all Asian affair! 🙂

If you have been living under a rock or could care less about American pop culture, you’re probably wondering why there’s a rap song titled “Charlie Sheen,” using his sound bites from his recent interviews.  For those who don’t know, Charlie Sheen is an actor and star of the hit sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men‘. But prior to doing television, Sheen was the star of the hilarious Hot Shots! films and other hits such as Wall Street and Platoon.

He’s also a train wreck.

A coke addict (and by ‘coke,’ I don’t mean the drink) and party bad boy, Charlie Sheen was recently fired from the hit show by CBS bosses for making spiteful comments about the show’s producers and because they were fed up of his crazy lifestyle affecting Two and a Half Men’s production. He also lost custody of his two young sons because he’s currently living with an ex-porn star and a former nanny who does nude modeling. “WINNING” lifestyle, according to him.

Charlie Sheen also did countless interviews with American media last week during which he made the phrases “Bi-winning” and “tiger blood” popular internet vernacular!

Which brings us back to the song. I don’t know if Traphik, Dumbfoundead & Jin will be sued by Charlie sheen for using his sound bites in the song without the actor’s permission, but we’ll see. It’s great rap record and will surely grow very popular.

Check out more from: Dumbfoundead (Official site), Traphik (myspace), Jin (Official site), and Jay Park (Official site)

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