Second trip to Coorg: Madikeri, Omkareshwara temple and atop many hills

Date: April 2009

After my first trip to the hilly district in 2008, I returned to Coorg for a second trip with my then office photography club – Shutterbugs. We hired a Chevrolet Tavera taxi and left Bangalore city Friday night after work.

Coorg Shutterbugs trip on the way Anto
We'd stop on the way to give our driver a coffee break, because we were worried about him dozing off at the wheel
Highway to Coorg at night
Not that we managed to sleep sitting inside the crammed vehicle
Coorg Shutterbugs trip homestay Anto
We arrived at our homestay in Madikeri town around 6am
Homestay Madikeri Coorg Shutterbugs trip
Don't ask me for a name, for this massive hut belong to a relative of one our office mates. We still had to pay for it though.

Omkareshwara temple Coorg India
After getting some sleep, at noon we went to Omkareshwara temple at the suggestion of earlier mentioned office mate
Omkareshwara photographers Coorg India
Our time at the temple turned sour when a priest came by and shouted at us for taking photos without prior permission. First of all, there was no sign at the entrance stating we couldn't, and we could even see a family with a video camera. Basically this "saint" was on an ego trip, so we just apologized and walked away.We decided to have lunch
Kingfisher bottle beer Coorg
... and some beer

Restaurant steps CoorgAfter lunch, we drove to ‘Raja’s Seat’ in Madikeri town, famous for being a popular garden and viewpoint.

Madikeri viewpoint Coorg IndiaMadikeri viewpoint hilltopCoorg Madikeri viewpoint

Stray puppy scratching Coorg India
But then I found this stray pup an interesting subject

Street puppy looking back Coorg India

Stray puppy Coorg India
This easily became one my favourite photos ever clicked

Flowers Madikeri Coorg

Madikeri clock tower Coorg
We next went to Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort wall ramp CoorgMadikeri Fort wall Coorg

Old building Madikeri fort Coorg
Quite a few old and damaged buildings inside
Madikeri Fort olden damaged building Coorg
Good for photographers none the less
View from Madikeri Fort Coorg
The view of the surrounding town
Madikeri Fort clock tower Coorg
We left the fort and drove to our next sightseeing spot
Ashish uphill climb Coorg
Our Coorgi friend drove us to this hilltop where he said we could get awesome views
View from hilltop Coorg
And he was right

Cloudy hills view Coorg India

Coorg sunset from hill
It was past 6:40pm
Coorg hill barbed fence
So we took our last few shots
Coorg hill sky
It was quite a viewpoint

Silhouette evening clouds Coorg India

Light bulb Coorg night
Back at our rooms, we ended our night with some drinks and some local cuisine
Light bulb at night Coorg
But I kept trying out some photography techniques in the dark
Shutterbugs long exposure light stream Coorg
Also tried long exposure light streams (That's me attempting to write Shutterbugs)
From top of Talakaveri hill ghats India
The next morning, we went to Talakaveri

Hillview from Talacauveri Coorg India

View from Talakaveri hill fenceI didn’t take too many photos from up here as it was my second time at Talakaveri.

Mithun Shutterbugs in van Coorg
With that, our trip was over and we headed back to Bangalore
Karnataka aquaduct India
Only to stop at this massive aqueduct on the way back
Karnataka aqueduct motorcyle India
Not only is it used to transport water from the Harangi Reservoir, but two-wheelers can use it as a passageway (although I'm not sure if it was built for it)
Karnataka canal India
There wasn't a whole lot of water that day, but villagers seem to make do with what was available
Karnataka aqueduct India village
It was my first time seeing an aqueduct like this
Karnataka farm land irrigation
I believe the area we were in was called Dubare
Red blossom tree Karnataka India
All in all, a pretty good photography trip

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