Second trip to Mysore: Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary, Mysore Palace during Dussera

Date: 27th October 2007

This trip was an office outing with my then team at work. We set off from Bangalore on an early Saturday morning.

Cauvery river bridge view
We passed the river Kaveri

Cauvery river water Karnataka

Bamboo shoot trees Ranganthittu
First stop, Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary Cauvery water body India
One of the most popular activities to do here is to go on a boat ride
River Ranganthittu bird sanctuary India
So we all got into one
Geetha Ranganathittu bird sanctuary boat ride India
It's a paddle boat
Billed storks closeup tree Ranganthittu bird sanctuary India
We came at a time when nesting season was still on
Crocodile swimming water towards birds Ranganthittu India
But birds aren't the only residents at this sanctuary

Birds flying Ranganthittu wildlife sanctuary Karnataka

Marsh crocodile Ranganthittu bird sanctuary Karnataka
Marsh crocodiles

Crocodile Ranganthittu bird sanctuary Karnataka

Marsh crocodile Ranganthittu wildlife sanctuary India
Saw quite a few of them
Billed storks gulls Ranganthittu bird sanctuary India
Billed storks
Storks in tree Ranganathittu bird sanctuary India
Quite a few birds in the trees

Ranganthittu bird sanctuary billed storks KarnatakaRanganthittu bird sanctuary fauna Karnataka india

Stork in tree Ranganathittu bird sanctuary India
If you want the best shots, you would require a zoom less. Alas, in those days, all I had was my point-&-shoot Canon.

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary Karnataka IndiaWooden paddle Ranganthittu boat ride Karnataka

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary lake Karnataka India
After a 20 minute ride, we returned back to land
Massive banyan tree Ranganthittu Karnataka
There are some rare trees back in the sanctuary park
Cauvery river Ranganthittu bird sanctuary Karnataka India
We left Ranganthittu bird sanctuary
Kaveri river Sangam Srirangapattana Karnataka
Next we drove to the small village of Sangam
Nimishambha temple steps Srirangapattana
There's a Nimishambha temple on the banks of the river Kaveri

Kaveri river Sangam Karnataka

Kaveri traditional boat river ride India
Took another boat ride
Ramesh Anand Loi Gopi on boat
There was at least six of us on the boat, it was that big and stable enough to hold us all

Srirangapatna river bank cauveryBig banyan tree Srirangapatna Karnataka

Shirdi Sai statue immersed Cauvery river Karnataka
This was a Shirdi Sai statue in the middle of the river stream

Shirdi Sai immersed idol Kaveri river

Vegetable market Kaveri sangam Srirangapattana
Back on land, the locals were selling freshly farmed vegetables
Fresh vegetables Kaveri Sangam Srirangapatna
We bought quite a bit as it was quite cheap

As it neared evening, we drove straight to Chamundi Hills in Mysore.

Chamundi hills Nandi statue from aboveTree silhouette Chamundi hills Mysore skiesClouds blue skies Chamundi hills Mysore

Nandi statue Chamundi hills from above
Nandi statue

Chamundi hills panoramic view

Evening sky from Chamundi hills Mysore
We rode back down to Mysore town
Mysore palace at night Karnataka
And then went to Mysore Palace as it neared 7pm
Temple at Mysore palace at night
One of the Hindu temples inside the Mysore Palace complex
Mysore palace street lamp at night
Although Dussera had just gotten over, the Mysore Palace was still getting lit up after dark
Mysore palace street lamp
And we were there in the nick of time
Mysore Palace at night panorama
Because Mysore Palace turns from this...
Mysore palace at night Dussera panoramic Karnataka India
... into this!
Mysore Palace lights during Dussehra Karnataka India
It's really quite an impressive sight
Mysore Palace walls lit up at night
In fact the entire palace complex lights up
Mysore palace temple lights Dasara
Even the temple
Mysore Palace lights blur
A blurred shot that actually came out quite artistic
Mysore Palace Dussera lights Karnataka India
The Mysore Palace all lit up like this is really worth seeing

After this, we drove back to Bangalore. I did visit Mysore once again after this, but by now I was so sick and tired of coming here I didn’t bother taking my camera on that trip.

P.S: Here’s a brief video I took at the Mysore Palace at night

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