Calicut, Kerala: Beypore and Kappad beach

Date: January 2007

This trip was when I went one weekend to attend my friend Azhad’s wedding in Kozhikode (Calicut). He lived close to Beypore beach, so the day I arrived, we drove straight to the beach.

Beypore beach Calicut Kerala India
It's not the cleanest or the softest beach
Beypore beach lone tree Kozhikode Kerala
Then again, Beypore doesn't see a whole lot of people
Beypore beach stone pier Kerala India
Beypore beach does have one distinct feature though

Beypore beach stone pier Calicut Kerala
This nearly one kilometre stone pier extends out to the sea
Beypore canal out to Indian ocean Kerala
But I decided not walk to the end right now -- it was scorching hot

Wooden pier Beypore canal CalicutBeypore sea gulls storks Calicut Kerala

Beypore backwaters boats Calicut
Beypore also has a port close by
Broken license plate scooter Calicut Kerala
Azhad then took me to town
Hillarious chit funds Calicut Kerala
I bet their customers aren't laughing when their money disappears
Beypore house beach evening sunset
I went back to Beypore beach to catch the sunset
Beypore beach stone pier evening sunset paranomic
I decided to walk all the way up the stone pier
Beypore beach evening panorama
The pier is nearly a 1km long
Rocks stone pier Beypore Kozhikode
It is literally a stone pier
Beypore beach stone pier panorama
But I eventually made it and took this panorama shot
Beypore beach evening sunset paranomic
... and this

Waves rocks Beypore Calicut IndiaBird sea water Calicut sun shimmer Kerala

Evening sunset cloud Arabian sea Kerala
This was at 6:08pm
Beypore fishing boat Calicut Kerala
The fishing boats were done for the day
Beypore stone pier kids sunset Kerala
So was I
Stone pier Beypore Calicut Kerala
I walked back
Sun setting Beypore Kerala
Evening orange pink clouds Beypore Kerala
I left the beach

The following day, after Azhad’s wedding, a common friend of ours, Jassim (who himself got married a week prior) took me to see Kappad beach.

Kappad beach Calicut Kerala

Kappad beach Kozhikode Kerala India
Kappad is quite a remarkable beach
Kappad beach calicut panorama
There are a row of trees that start and end at a certain point
Trees Kappad beach Calicut Kerala
I don't know what type of trees they are though

Trees Kappad beach seaside Kozhikode India

Sun shining in water Kappad beach Kerala
But this beach has another claim to fame
Arabian sea Kappad beach
Kappad is where Vasco de Gama first landed in India
Kappad beach stone Kozhikode Kerala India
Which heralded the arrival of the Europeans in India, and Christianity

Kappad beach evening KeralaPigeons water pond Kappad KeralaKappad beach coconut trees Kerala

Birds on Kappad beach Kozhikode Kerala
Even the birds enjoy the beach
Kappad beach sand Calicut India
Definitely one of the better beaches I've been to
Trees shadow evening sunset Kappad beach Kerala
It was time to leave
Jassim Hashida car Kappad Calicut
The (other) newlyweds

I left Calicut that night as I had to be back in office the next day.

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