Black Dog Scotch: A first taste

You know your blog is doing well when even the marketers at United Breweries Group take a liking to your work and decide to send you a free bottle of one their finest Scotch whiskys. That too, a mighty fine bottle in their vast collection of famous spirits — a 12-year-old Black Dog Scotch.

Despite not being much of a whisky drinker, I still couldn’t say “no” to a free bottle of one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky. I knew I was still going to taste it, but instead of an amateur giving his thoughts on how well it fared, I decided it was best I called my whisky-drinking friends over.

Which is never difficult because the conversation usually goes like this:

(Calls up friend) Me: “Hey dude, so… I got a bottle of Black Dog Scotch whisky, aged 12 years….

Friend(s): “Done!” (*Hangs up*)

Door bell rings and we begin. Simple as that.

Black Dog whiskey box
Looks good on the outside

Black Dog opening box
The packaging was alright
Black Dog whiskey bottle
The bottle looked fancy enough
Black Dog 12-year-bottle open
Now it was time to taste
Black Dog whiskey in glass
The Scotch looked the right shade of amber

Upon first taste, the words ‘smooth,’ ‘fruity’ and ‘malty’ came to mind. Smelling it, there was a delicate aroma of sherry and vanillic sweetness about it. So surely a good Scotch to add when baking a cake (if that’s your thing).

We enjoyed the drink. A bit too much I guess, because even for a guy who doesn’t drink whisky that much, I still ended up have three glasses of it. It tasted great when mixed right with soda and cola. So I’m curious to see how well the 12-year Black Dog will taste in other cocktail concoctions.

We didn’t finish the bottle as we wanted to enjoy this classy drink, not out-class it by getting wasted. It was a drink worthy of taking out the fine glassware, and we decided to leave enough in the bottle for our next few sessions.

Link: ‘Black Dog’ Facebook page

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