Farmhouse + Barbecue + Black Dog = Perfect evening

A weekend or two back, I gathered my friends and we drove to our friend’s farmhouse for a barbecue.

Sunrays through clouds-bangalore
It was a rather perfect day for an outing such as this

I won’t give away the farmhouse’s location because the last thing I want is people asking me if they can hang out there too. Plus my friend is running a proper farm here.

My friend showed us around his farm and its many residents. It’s very inspiring what he does — gave up an IT career to take up farming.

Car farmhouse evening sunset clouds
When the sun set, we began our evening
Evening barbecue farmhouse
We began with lighting the charcoal for the BBQ
Anand Loi Mithun bbq
That’s me, placing the marinated paneer with the help of my friend Loi
Paneer barbecue Bangalore night
It wasn’t easy to photograph at night, but I tried
Santosh Anand Loi dog
Once we were done with our cooking, we moved up to the comfy house to serve ourselves some drinks

It was a nice setting to bring out one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky – Black Dog, aged 12 years, and share it with our host. Our way of saying “Thanks”.

He in fact stated Black Dog was one among his favourite Scotch whiskys, although he wasn’t sure if he had the 12-year or 18-year edition before.

Contrary to what the name may suggest, Black Dog has nothing to do with the animal. The name Black Dog comes from a fishing fly, an image of which appears right above ‘Black Dog’ on both the bottle as well as the box.

Everyone had a round and our host enjoyed the whisky the most. Which he could, he was spending the night there — the rest of us weren’t. None of us encouraged our designated driver to have another drink, so we chose not to finish the bottle that night.

After all, it’s not mere pandering when people say: “Don’t drink and drive” — or more importantly, don’t drive when drunk!

Link: ‘Black Dog’ Facebook page

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