How Black Dog Scotch got its name

You could make the easy mistake of assuming Black Dog Scotch whisky got its name after the animal. Nope. Black Dog was actually named after a fishing fly.

A “fishing what” you ask? Read on.

Black Dog box bottle
You see that feathery object above the ‘Black Dog’? That’s a ‘fly’.

It’s called a “fly” because its meant to resemble an insect fish generally feed on. Basically anglers use these artificial flies as bait to lure fish. ‘Angling’ is a method of fishing by using means such as flies attached on fish hooks and a strong fishing rod usually fitted with a fishing reel.

Angle fishing has been a hobby for over a hundred of years. In the early years, it was a favoured pass-time of society’s elite to fish by the river, take home their catch and enjoy preparing it with friends and family. Needless to say, the day’s catch was often accompanied by fine bottle of whisky for merry company. And now you can guess where this is going.

Walter Millard – the legendary Scottish creator of the Black Dog brew – was a keen angler himself. He named the whisky in honour of his favourite salmon fishing fly. The colourful fly was used in the Spey and Tay rivers of Scotland since the early 19th century. In fact, there are many artful designs of fishing flies, but nothing distinguishes the one used for the Black Dog brand better.

From its rich history, angle fishing is now a major hobby and a professional sport across the globe. From professional leagues to major championships, what began as leisurely pass-time by the river is now in the hands of the elite, a rich sport they are proud to be a part of. The same pride found in the heritage of Black Dog Scotch.

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Celebrating 130 years

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