The Perfect Road Trip (Fantasy)

Since this is an Indiblogger contest topic by Ambi Pur which allows us as much imagination as we want, I’m going to jot down the list of things that would make my perfect road trip of fantasy.

The first thing you will experience on my fantasy road trip are fantastic, pothole-free roads where other drivers are disciplined and drive in their respective lane.

This is India after all, such a thing can be a fantasy!

This road would largely be a highway offering amazing views. Beginning with a beach on one side and lush greenery on the other. Ooh, a waterfall too!

That would be the scenery for the first 100 Kms. Then as we ascend gradually over sea level, in the distance would be snow-capped mountains. Of course, it often happens we go the wrong way on our road trips. But in this fantasy, I would always find someone by the road side who would lead us back on the right path by simply saying: “go straaaaiiiight, and then turn right“. This would work every single time I tell you! The ride towards our hilltop resort amidst the snowy mountains would be an equally smooth, with the only challenge being the hair pin bends.

Now, what kind of ride would I be driving? I could say super cars like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but I’m fairly practical in my fantasies as well. A super car is great for cruising along a straight highway. Not so much so as we reach the cold, bendy slopes. Also, an open roof super car wouldn’t help in keeping the fragrance of Ambi Pur in. So, a Range Rover Evoque is my ride of choice.

As for company, I could say I have a smoking hot babe by my side… and two more in the back. But then I thought about someone famous. How cool would it be to go on a drive with a star like Salman Khan. Wait… no… if he drives, he might run over pedestrians and then blame me for it.

Hmm, I think I’ll just go with my good friends. A few friends I have gone on a lot of road trips with in the past. We would chit-chat, while cruising along to some great trance music — which is my preferred genre of music for long rides.

Despite the long journey, we wouldn’t break a sweat. With the SUV’s cooling system coupled with the fragrance of Ambi Pur, we would come out smelling like vanilla! (Because Ambi Pur has a vanilla fragrance). We would only stop to have some piping hot chai and to take some photographs of this amazing place.

The end of our road trip would be at our resort amidst the hills. Once the door opens, a whiff of freshness is let out. And no, that’s not our body odor.

So my perfect idea of a road trip would look like this:

Beach snowcapped mountains
Geographically impossible? Likely. Bad photoshop? Yes. That’s why it’s a fantasy 🙂

In reality though, I have had a few good road trips in the past. What really makes a “perfect” road trip is the company you go with and the journey itself — more than the actual destination. From Bangalore to Goa, to Andhra Pradesh’s Belum caves and Gandikota — my friends and I have had memorable tales to recount of all that we encountered.

Goats on road Karnataka India
If you have ever had your car windows down while passing through a herd of goats, you’ll know why Ambi Pur is a necessity for your car 🙂

From smooth roads to bumpy rides. From going the wrong way to taking awfully long to reach our destination. My friends and I have experienced everything but a car crash (thank god!).

Pondicherry highway
The road trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry is one of the best weekend getaways — although the roads aren’t as smooth all the way through

But once we reach our destination, spend the night laughing over a few drinks and capturing great photographs along the way, in the end, we rejoice over the fact we had a great time — and that’s what makes a perfect road trip.

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