MithunOnThe.Net crosses ‘1 million pageviews’!

My website crossed the half-a-million mark in August 2012, and a year and half later, here I am achieving another website high -. MithunOnThe.Net is just over 4 years old and although I haven’t made much money from this website, people still seem to like what I write about. So I guess I just have to keep doing this 😛

Traffic data million pageviews
The order of countries driving traffic to my website hasn’t changed much since the last two years

Here are some stats and trivia that may interest some of you:

Day website went live: 25th December 2009

Pageviews for January 2010: Less than 200

Highest visits recorded in a month:
Highest visits
January 2013 also recorded 42,174 pageviews — the highest ever for a month

Most shared posts on social media:
1) Backstreet Boys – ‘In A World Like This’ album review
2) Philippines 2011: Back to Manila, shopping, and my final thoughts about the country
3) UAE 2010 (once again) Day 2 – Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi F1 and Linkin Park concert

Most popular posts (in pageviews):
1) Gokarna 2010: Day 3 – Where to stay on Kudle and Om Beach – 145,587 views
2) Philippines 2011: Back to Manila, shopping, and my final thoughts about the country – 29,987 views
3) UAE 2010: Dubai Mall (Aquarium, Underwater Zoo & Gold Souk) – Part 1 – 29,539 views

Articles rising in popularity:
1) The crap I went through to get my Philippines tourist visa this time
2) One day in Macau: The Venetian, Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral
3) Roasting chicken in a convection microwave

Most shared K-pop posts on social media: 1) Jay Park 2) Jay Park 3) SM Town in Bangkok. Just like last time, thank you Jaywalkerz 🙂

Number of photos edited and uploaded: 12,789 (I know)

Most popular traffic sources: Google sites (over 60 %) Reddit (11.66%) Facebook (5.44%)

Most popular keywords driving traffic to my website: 1) super junior mr simple 2) miss a touch 3) u-kiss neverland 4) 4minute volume up 5) u kiss neverland 6) burj khalifa 7) jyj in heaven 8) 9) gokarna

K-pop was driving tons of traffic to my website until Google’s Panda update last year decided my website shouldn’t be getting so much traffic for my K-pop reviews and all of a sudden pulled the plug on it. Although it sucked, one thing I’m happy about is that I have noticed a lot of people are now looking up my website using the blog name itself. That’s a great sign my website is being remembered 🙂

Most popular browsers:

Browser traffic to ithunonthenet
1) Chrome  2) Firefox  3) IE  4) Safari

Most popular mobile devices for readership: 1) Apple iPad  2) Apple iPhone  3) Samsung Galaxy SII

The gazillions of money I have made so far from this website: US $200

Freebies I have received thanks to my blog: Passes to concerts/events, 2 bottles of Scotch whisky, bottles of wine, an iPad Mini. I turn down some invites and ‘freebies’ when I’m expected to write favourable things with a dead certainty. I can only be fair.

Even after a million pageviews, I’m proud of the fact I have stuck with trying to make my blog work these past 4 years. Many bloggers never even make it past year two.

I’m still far from achieving my dream though. That dream was that one day my website would become popular enough that tourism agencies would fund my travels — or that my website would generate enough money that I wouldn’t have to work tirelessly to fund my travels. Although the money isn’t rolling in, the adulation is. Readers from the Philippines has shown me the most love. Practically every article I have written about Philippines does well and many have added me as friends on Facebook. It’s this love and support that makes me want to go back and travel other parts of the country in order to get even more traffic from Philippines.

That said, I do hope one day I fulfill the long-cherished dream of visiting Europe. I love Asia and all, but there is a bit of South East Asia fatigue hitting me and I crave to see something radically different.

Still, congratulations to myself and here’s hoping greater success for mysel… I mean my website!

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  • AQ


    Dear B,

    I am happy to know that the website has reached 1M hits. So proud to be a part of your success.

    Keep up the good work.

    More pow pow power!


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