Are we Indians the only ones who ‘smell’?

When it comes to bad body odor, us Indians are often the subject of much stereotyping around the world. That stereotype has its reasons. In places like Singapore, the snarly stereotype made by the majority Chinese are that Indians “stink”. Of course, having been to Singapore and taken the trains, I can see why the non-Indians say that. Many labourers that work in Singapore’s construction industry are South Asian, and their cheapest mode of public transportation is either the bus or train (MRT) — both packed with people during rush hours. This means sweaty people all around. But given the nature of their work (and how little they earn to spend), it’s no wonder why many commuters don’t like standing next to the construction workers.

Labourers drunk on Singapore's MRT (Photo credit: STOMP)
Labourers drunk on Singapore’s MRT (Photo credit: STOMP)

Indians in general do give off a “smell”. That smell can be attributed to our diet and the way our body has been engineered. We’re a hairy race, let’s not beat around the bush. Ugh. We also eat food that is quite fragrant — to us. To everyone else who isn’t familiar with our tastes, it “stinks”. Just like how I find the smell of fish sauce off-putting. Indians would label that smell as a stench, but that’s not how the Thais see it (or smell it). They are used to it.

The solution to most bad body odor problems is to take a nice warm bath, sure, and to put some nice fragrance afterwards. But this simple concept is lost on some people, and some people like construction workers just can’t afford to do the same daily.

But it’s not just some Indians. I remember the torture I had to endure sitting next to a stinking Frenchman in bus going from Bangkok to Phuket in 2012. Thailand being a popular backpacker destination, it’s not uncommon to come across scruffy and not-so-well maintained foreigners. This French guy was the epitome of such characteristics. Wearing simply a worn-out vest and shorts, he hadn’t shaved and obviously hadn’t taken a bath before this bus ride. His feet in particular stank! I had the misfortune of getting a seat beside him, while my friend only got a seat behind me. I asked the French guy if he would like to trade seats with my friend, to which he replied with a firm “no!”. I didn’t prod any further.

I kid you not, when he lifted his arm, I could sense heat emanating from his armpits! It’s as if his sweaty vapour was making it’s way to my miserable face. So what’s a guy in my place to do? I had a window seat, and I tried my best to cover my nose and stick my face as close to the window as possible. I couldn’t open the window as this was a double decker bus with locked windows, so the best I could manage was to try and inhale as much fresh air from outside that was making its way through the gaps. I had A/C vents above me and I turned them my way to offer me some relief.

Bus view Bangkok
The view wasn’t great, but I couldn’t help but face this way!

Seeing all this, the French stinker got the message. Did he get up? No. But he did move slightly away from me. For which all I could say was “merci beaucoup”.

I still didn’t get any sleep throughout the journey though.

Then there were the few occasions at office, when a colleague, usually a techie with zero interest in body care stands right beside me and plants his arms around the top of my chair while talking. As if it wasn’t bad enough you could see the sweat stains under his armpits, you could also smell tell the guy had never ever considered putting some deodorant on. Eventually, one day I couldn’t take it anymore and I would playfully sniff and act alarmed by his “smell”. He would laugh and get the message. This was in my opinion, a better way to get the message across than wear a clip on my nose while he spoke. That would have been a lot more embarrassing for him.

But seriously, to the stinkers out there — particularly the men — use a decent soap and wash yourself thoroughly when taking a bath. Put some perfume or deodorant on if you can as well. India is a hot country, I know, but it doesn’t cost much to do all this — but it does make a good impression if you do.

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  • Trieu


    You really need to put up with those stereotypes. I am seeing and hearing the expatriates here talking s”t about my country every day when I pass by a bookshop or just stroll on my way to school. Dated back to a horrible school time of mine, my former English teacher spent time saying those things to his students, which now turns me into a xenophobic person.

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Where is “here”? :-/

    victoria Reply:

    Dear Mithun

    Thank you for this funny and interesting article. I am a Frenchwoman married to an Indian and I lived for several years in India. No fear ! I dont come to avenge the reputation of the French people but rather to announce you my point of view which, I am sure, is going to interest you…
    I am constantly surprised to noticing that the Indians smell only exceptionally the perspiration in spite of the heat and the rare use of deodorants. And when this apen, it’s nothing compare with the usual smell of a french man who don’t use deodorant. And also I find that your skin has no smell. Something more, I noticed that in India, if I forget to put some deodorant after my shower, it is never a problem, at the end of the day I do not still smell the perspiration, while a day in France without deodorant is dedicated to finish in a
    little appetizing flavor…
    So, what differs between France and India? It is the daily consumption of spicy dishes. And what do we find systematically in the Indian food Some chili ! Here is the secret which allows the indian population to not smell bad in spite of the rare use of deodorants.
    When I stay in France, I only eat French food, then without chili…I thus need deodorant.
    In France, very great majority of the population take at least a shower a day, and almost everybody uses deodorants. Our supermarkets offer us more than fifty models minimum, some, one undred ! But there is those people who do not wash themselves every day, who refuse the use of deodorants, and we too they disturb us… So much !

    Unfortunately, some of the french backpackers who come in India (or Thailand) are those typical youngs peoples who want to feel ” near the nature ” and do not want to use of chemicals, then they do not use deodorants. And some make parties of the category which does not wash themself at
    least once a day… Then, if as many French tourists, they choose during their journey the food without chili in the restaurants (special restaurants for tourists. They are stupidly frightened by the dhabas which they consider too much dirty.), they do not benefit from the miracle of the hot chili anti-smells… And India is much more warm than France, they perspire all the more and thus stink all the more…

    For the feets of this french guy that you was meeting in Thailand it is another problem, it’s a real dirty guy. Because I have also some trouble with this, even if I wash my feets every day, but I got a solution : twice a year, I use a course of feets bath with borique acid and finish! It cost nothing and your feets smells nothing… Then, in the name of all the clean French people who make them maximum for smelling good, I ask you to accept my most flat excuse for the horrible inconvenience which this young man made you undergo.
    A last point : I also have problems of blood circulation and varicose veins, and I discovered that : when I am in India and thus I eat spiced, I have no more pain. Long live Chili! And much more :
    Jaya hai !

    With Love,

    Dermatiko Reply:

    Dear Victoria

    Other neighboring countries eats similar food as Indians and uses the same spices. Viz; Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia they too use a lot of Chillies, hardly come across someone smell so bad. It’s all about personal hygiene mademoiselle!!

    Frederik Reply:

    Stereotypes are mostly based on facts. But what can you teach the third world. They are of course supposed to have a chance in getting better. But we look at india as one billion+ disgusting smelly curry rats. And that is a fact. Greetings from Europe. Have a nice day

  • Shesha Chaturvedi


    No wonder why this post got selected among the best! I enjoyed each and every word here which was nicely put forward and in an interesting order! Congratulations.
    P.s. I don’t think you have created any stereotype here but in a balance talked generally about stinks from every place!

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Thanks Shesha! I didn’t know my blog post was selected until you told me 😛

  • Rakesh


    Sorry for my bad English, but the funny thing is that, 80% of stereotypes are based on true facts.. lol…. have a nice day everyone

  • Christoffeson


    I am working as a cabin crew for an airline in the middle east. And my gosh, we are getting paid so well yet, the indians which i would say a good 75% of them stink! You cant blame people from other countries to generalize if most of you brothers smell. How much does a deodorant cost??? You dont even have to use an expensive perfume! Just apply deo on your smelly armpits! And to the excuse of it is because south asians are the construction workers blabla and they take the train so on so forth is just lame! People will smell like body odor if they do not take care of themselves! Southeast asians, japanese,koreans etc even if you put em under the sun, yes, they will smell like sweat but not like a public toilet that’s not been washed for decades!

    And btw, whenever i tell them really nicely that they stink, they get upset and wouldnt even do a think about it. sorry indians, but u guys really stink. There’s 1 billion of you in the world, please get yourselves clean and save the planet.

  • Jeoue (Hyu We)


    Hi Mr. Divakaran,

    I must admint, I accidentally passed by to your website by searching “Why indians stink?”. But after I read your story, I realized something…

    To everyone… Yeah, most indians stink, but I think they are the ones without education. This is the same case for all other race. Look at Mr. Divakaran… He speaks english very well, knew the facts about the smell of indians (and the other people as well), hates the “anything goes” attitude of indians, and explained the reason behind that. If most indian people, if not all, can go to school, they will know which is right from wrong.

    Thanks for your blog Mr. Divakaran. This has changed me (from being anti-indian smell).

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Thanks Jeoue. Just out of curiosity, which country are you from that made you casually want to look up “Why Indians stink?” 🙂

    Rick Reply:

    That is ridiculous,

    I’ve worked in many tech companies with highly educated people; were talking master’s degree to doctorates and it comes down to the fact that they don’t take care of themselves or don’t use deodorant. It’s not a religious thing either they just don’t think they smell because really if you stink your used to your own stench. It takes the whole team to drop hints before someone gets the point. It’s not that they cant afford it they just dont realize they are hairy and hairy holds oils and sweat and makes you stink to high heaven. I wish they would just shave everything off lol.

  • Jibran Qazi


    Indians and Pakistanis don’t stink because of what they eat. That is ridiculous. The only reason Indians and Pakistanis smell it’s because our personal hygiene is non-existent. There is NO concept of using a deodorant. If you don’t use a deodorant, you will stink. It’s really that simple. Spraying perfume over yourself doesn’t do nothing. It just makes your clothes smell good. For your body, you need a deodorant. Also most Indians and Pakistanis don’t shower daily either.

    chan Reply:

    exactly, I always hear it is because of curry, but curry don’t smell armpit.

  • Sj


    M afraid of offending some of Indians but i totally agree with that Indians smell so ***
    Based on my personal experiences( have lived in the states, Canada and some countries in Africa for 15years where I met lots of Indians and Indian decendants ), most of them have unpleasant armpit odor I encountered( sorry guys) it didn’t seem to be nothing to do with their level of education. To be honest, it’s extremely hard to to tolerate it but one of my Indian freinds said pungent armpit odor is an effective way to attract opposit sex people.. I am not sure it though

  • Webin


    I totally agree that Indian (and Pakistani) people smell so badly, stink may be a better word to describe. I will never forget a few years ago, while on the street (open air) waiting to get into a nightclub show in Pattaya, there was an Indian couple who stink so badly like a dead meat rotting in the sun for 3 days … you can smell him from 10 feet away. A Caucasian couldn’t hold himself and pointed to the Indian and told him he stinks.

    I think most Indian people know the fact that they stink, and this is probably why they douse themselves plenty of cologne, perfume, deodorant and what have you…just to mask the stink. But those fragrances can’t even fight the stink, so we get the funny smell of stinking rotten egg with cologne. The stink is actually coming from their sweat, their sweat stinks more because of their diet rather than their lack of hygiene.

    Indian people is the reason why I avoid taking any middle eastern airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Turkish, Saudia, Oman…not because the Arabs smell, but because so many Indians and Pakistani work in the ME and they take these airlines. Can one endure sitting next to a stinking Indian for 12 hours?

    No offense to Indians and Pakistani, just discussing the subject.

  • mark


    I have an indian supervisor. we are working at Dubai airport – outdoors from 8pm-5pm. I asked him why you don’t smell like other Indians? he replied – these people don’t take shower often. they use the same clothes. try to observe them they are using the same clothes they used 2 days ago. I don’t believe they smell because of what we eat. i’ve been eating the same food since I was a child but I don’t smell like them. they just don’t care about their hygiene. try to go inside the office full of Indians even the air freshener gives up. until now I am not used to the smell of my co-Indians maybe because I smell good and they don’t.

  • holl ho


    Mark, he may be one of those lucky 30-50% of South asian without the smelly gene.

    There is this gene, abcc11, that is the root cause of that evil smell we call BO. Those with that smelly gene will have more apocrine sweat glands in their body. This sweat gland produces sweat that flows onto your body through your hair follicles. Apocrine glands are mostly concentrated around your armpits and pubes. On its own, apocrine sweat do not smell but once they are reach your body surface they interact with the bacterial there and that horrible stench is produced.

    Generally, all koreans do not have that smelly gene and more than 80% of the other east asians do not carry it as well. 30-50% of South asians and south-east asians blessed without that gene. 2% of Europeans are lucky not to have it while the africans, well, they all smell.

    If all things being equal and you have 3 groups of people made up of Europeans, South Asians and East asians who had just taken a nice clean shower. After a while, without any deodorant, the Europeans will start smelly of stale milk, half the south asians will smell of curry and around 15% of the east asians will smell of soy sauce. Most east asians still have a minute amount of apocrine sweat glands so don’t expect an Asian vagrant to smell good after many days without any shower.

    Interestingly, the same smelly gene is responsible for yellowish, wet and smelly ear wax. If you have white, dry and flaky ear wax, you have won the jackpot!

    Go on, stick your pinkie in your ear!

    Vincent Alonzo Reply:

    Most of you indians keep on denying or making excuses for your stinky smell. Just accept it and do something about it. This issue won’t be here if it is not true at all. I was a nurse at Dr. Erfan and Bagedo General Hospital in Saudi Arabia before I moved to Sydney. Our Supervisors in Saudi made a very good job of letting all of our “NEW” Indian nurses know that most of them stink a lot..not because some do not stink, they just stink less. If you’re an Indian and still deny what i just said then why don’t you wipe the back of your hand back and forth to your armpit and let a clean person smell it. Yes, if it smells then you are not clean. If you are not clean then take a bath PROPERLY. It’s that simple. And no matter how many times i do it, or even let somebody put their nose directly on my armpit, they won’t smell anything at all. It just does’nt have any smell. And I never use any deodorant nor a fragrant soap. I always play basketball, and stay smelling fresh after a game. Our Indian nurses were all well educated and came from well off families. So don’t make any excuses. Ever since I was a baby, I have been given or taken a bath everyday. Any Filipino would be ashamed and embarrassed if he missed taking a bath and went to work even if that work is construction or a very dirty job. One Indian nurse told me that the best bath that Indians have is when they wash their hair..I told him all Filipinos do that everyday. I saw them how they give a bath to some of our patients so I asked them if that is how they take a bath, and they said yes. They don’t even use a soap and a towel to scrub the patient’s body. They just direct the shower hose and wet the patient and that was it. They don’t even know how to take a bath!!! What’s worse is when I told a new Indian nurse to take a bath because it is shameful to have a bad smell in front of our patients and he told me that he just took a bath yesterday. How gross is that!!! Here in Sydney one Indian told me, why should I take a bath if i will just be dirty after giving a bath to our patients. They reuse their clothes over and over again. I would be embarrassed if i reuse my clothes for another day. Now the Indians that I work with here in Sydney are rich Indians and they smell as bad as the new Indian nurses that I worked in Saudi. Now why do I keep on saying New Indian nurses? That is because our supervisors told them how to take a bath properly, and to take a bath everyday or else they will be fired. All the senior Indian staff, not only nurses, don’t have any offensive smell at all. So before you comment on this, take a bath properly by using a soap all over your body and scrubbing it including your neck, armpit, groin, butthole, and feet and do it everyday. An Indian workmate asked me before, even the butthole and feet? And i said, “Oh my God”! AGAIN, DON’T MAKE ANY EXCUSES! YOU STINK PERIOD.

    Vincent Alonzo Reply:

    Using perfume and deodorand will never help at all. It doesn’t even cover the bad odor that you have. It is just like taking a shit on your pants then spraying some perfume on still smell like shit with perfume. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES THAT IT IS FOOD. Because our senior nurses still eat the same Indian food but don’t have stinky smell anymore. It is your hygiene!

    preeti das Reply:

    honestly, I agree most Indians lack good hygiene and don’t admit it. but all races stink regardless, they just have good hygiene. I am Indian American and have excellent hygiene (I showered 2x, wore deodorant and antiperspirant, wore clean clothes and everything) but I still got complaints of smelling bad. I am Indian and most of us eat a lot of curry, which has spices. The amount of spices really affect how we smell, and no matter how much deodorant or perfume you use, it’s no use unless you don’t eat much curry or none at all. I honestly didn’t know I smelled bad until an incident in 6th grade, and I tried so many things but no use. it wasn’t until high school when I consumed less curry that my B.O got better. This isn’t everybody’s problem but, it is for a lot of us. just because your nurses eat curry and don’t stink doesn’t mean that we have bad hygiene. your nurses might not stink cause of how much they consume. It’s not like we can just stop eating curry either, my parents wouldn’t let me change my diet completely, otherwise I might have gotten rid of that smell completely. next time please don’t be so ignorant, every race stinks, some more than others. I’ve lived in America since I was 3 and I still do, and have knowledge of hygiene. Not all of us are dirty. I experienced so much embarrassment until highschool. Even my brother who was only 5 smelled bad when he sweated, not as strong as me but he did. also if you weren’t applying that all indians stink, than please forgive me.

    not indian Reply:

    haha! wtf!

    BlackBeauty Reply:

    You don’t know what you are talking about in terms of Africans. Go and research who thought white people about bathing when they colonized Africa. Africans actually smell the best amongst all races because bathing everyday is a part of tradition. And Africans are the ones who started the use of soap (made of of oil palm and black soap made out of a native African plant that has natural occurring perfum) during the bathing process. There are a lot of natural occurring plants and herbs originating from African used in many fragrance today by cologne companies. Do your research before spewing trash, just because one is dark skinned in color does not equate to being stinky…Go and smell your average African and you will see they smell the best naturally…In fact that’s why many Africans taking as slaved died because they couldn’t take the stench of the compartment they were placed in ships during the continental slave trade.

  • andrew


    It’s your food and your perfume. I have an indian roomate who is studying on visa. For the first two months I was scared to go home because it smelled so bad. That was until he used a new shampoo rather than his old indian perfume. Now, the stink is only in the kitchen area where he makes the curry. Until indians stop eating indian food, they will constantly smell, no doubt about it.

  • Demgo


    Let me assure you that nothing can top the stench of a car full of Pakistanis!!!! Man when I lived in the Middle East nobody wanted to have anything to do with the “pakis” and they were seen as very dirty…

  • rio


    Honesly, I stayed in Chennai, India for 2 weeks…. I can say they are all nice people..very caring and accommodating… However, everytime I go to our office there, it is very hard to stand on the smell. The whole place smells awful. 🙁

    But yes, I think Indians know they stink, and I really appreciate the information you posted Bhai.. 🙂 I tried to check this coz I am very curious if they know about hygiene and all….and really wondering if it has something to do about their food. But yeah, the food smells in the sweat but I don’t think that it’s bad…. The foul body odor truly comes from not having a good hygiene…..that’s all.

    Keeblertex Reply:

    Just got back from a two week stint in Chennai. To be honest, I expected it to be much worse. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely some disturbing aromas. But it wasn’t full on 24/7. The office typically smelt worse right after break time. Lack of deodorant seems to be the culprit. The cafeteria had a smell which is probably food aroma driven.

  • eric


    I used to live in Dubai and I was flying a lot with Emirates. Most of the customers are Indians and they really smell bad. Even some people wearing suit smell bad. I think it’s just a cultural thing.

    Actually Indians are famous to be “stinkers” but if one day you travel to Nigeria, you will see India’s sister country! Nigerians are top 2 after Indians!

  • Amal k


    Hi mithun.
    I guess you are from kerala.anyways.doesnt matter.

    Sorry, but this is a question to all of the preachers out there..

    Have any of u people heard of the medical condition called Trimethylaminuria(tmau)??

    Can u think urself inside such a body tht smells all the time, even if u take 3 baths a day? Do u think, a person wudn’t know if he/she stinks? Do u think, they wud not do anything about it?

    And do you know how much humiliation and bullying and embarrasement they must have went through in their lives?? Most of them have tried committing suicide.I know because, i am a sufferer.
    Tmau is a life sentence. No cure till now.

    All of u idiots preaching about hygiene and yu think , these people were born from last night’s rain? Hmphh.. Everyone talks about humanity..posts about humanity..when it comes to real life, none does it. at least try to understand, rather than cursing them…

  • Haqqan Dyer


    Hi All

    The only reason why Indians smell so bad is lack of personal hygiene and nothing else. Shower in the morning and use of deodorant is a MUST. I say forget the perfume just use a roll on and spray and trust me all should be good. On a different note most people do not know how to brush teeth properly. the tongue must be scrubbed in order to avoid bad breath. Curry is not the reason , latin america and neighboring countries all use spices

  • Robert Lee


    I’ve live in Singapore for many years and take the public transport daily and have come across many so called menial workers on the public transports (Thais, Chinese, Indonesians,… ) BUT they do not have such bad body odour as the Indians.
    Perhaps you could try explaining as to why Indians working in offices also have such bad body odour?

    Roger Reply:

    Agreed , it is the curry smell



    my body very is smelly

  • Chunchu


    I am of Chinese ethnicity from Singapore and married to a very kind Indian man and now living in India. I love Curries especially the Malay/Indonesian version. This topic is very interesing to me because I do acknowlege that some Indians I encounter both in Singapore and India have bad body odour. There was once I met a guy who literally gave me headache from the BO. I have been curious ever since which spice smell caused me to have such headache which I think was a kind of allergic reaction. I also noticed that there are certain spices I don’t like in Indian dishes which I think ruins the dishes.

    I have found out since I live in India that the spice or herb I dislike is Fenugreek (Methi) which I believe to be the main culprit of the BO. This is used extensively in Indian cooking and I believe some Indians cannot cook / eat without Methi in the dishes and I really cannot stand the smell. I of course never use this spice in cooking but I literally can smell it on my husband when he comes back from work and had lunch outside and Methi was there in the menu.

    This Methi and poor hygiene are what I believe the Indian curry smell associated with the body odour. The other spice I cannot stand is Asafoetida (Hing) but I am not 100% sure if this also causes body odour. To me both Methi and Hing are the most pungent Indian spices. My husband doesn’t really have this BO (except after lunch outside and methi was in the lunch) and I realised he and his family never use these 2 spices.

  • ILove


    Indians smell really bad. I lived with an intern indian for 6 weeks in an apartment. I noticed that she doesn’t take a shower daily, most of the days she just wakes up, combs her hair, changes her clothes and then go to work. Oftentimes she comes home really sweaty but she’d just go to her bed immediately without even washing up. She’s a middle class indian, she’s in 3rd year college majoring in Architecture. She’s got toiletries with her, she wears deodorant at times, she sprays perfume all over her body but she still stinks. I think it is because even though she puts deo or sprays perfume all it does is conceal for a short period of time the bad odor coming from the body. Yeah, their food contains a lot of strong spices but in the duration of her stay here in my country she ate our food (w/c aren’t that spicy). She freakin wears the same sleeping clothes for a week -_- She said she likes our place because its a bit colder than in India (even though I felt that the weather that day is hot), she even laughed and felt really happy when it drizzled. Also, she often complains about the cold temperature of the water flowing out of our faucet every morning (it’s just luke warm water for me).

    All other indians here in my country are labelled as stinky because they really are. One med school that teaches indian med students here spray disinfectant sprays with lemon scent every after IMD classes because the next class can’t contain the bad odor left inside the room. Also in the malls, people distance atleast 3-5 meters away from them because they really stink.

    I THINK HYGIENE+ FOOD + CULTURE + DIFF NORMS = Stinky Indians in my country.


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Do you know which part of India this girl was from? I’m curious. I don’t know anyone in my family or friends who doesn’t take bath daily. So I want to know which water-starved part of India she is from.

  • Stonesthrower


    There is the theory that Indians seat out the aroma of their diet and I think this could be partially true. What I think is the real answer though is that you can wash, shower and bathe but if you don’t also wash your clothes then you’re still going to smell of the cooking smell.

    I am from the UK and I enjoy Indian food and cooking it as authentically as I can by myself. I’ve made the mistake of leaving a jacket in the kitchen when cooking a curry and this has caught the smell of the food. This is without a shadow of a doubt the reason most Indians give off a pungent smell. I got in the lift in my building yesterday after an Indian and her child got out and the aroma in the lift was quite off putting. If it were me I’d rather not smell of cooking 100% if the time, but some cultures have other things on their minds.

  • rock


    u mother fuckers all peoples smell
    those who tell indians smell
    they r all mother fuckers
    y u assholes always tell this
    its like no others in this world smell
    pity on u foreign assholes

  • June


    Rock you must be a mother fucking, stinky red dot Indian. You do stink.

  • Woof, Woof


    No racist, but if Caucasians arrive on this article and begin complaining too much about Indian and Asian smells, be sure to come ask us black Americans about how Caucasians smell after it rains. It’s identical to wet dog. Not similar and not sorta like. IDENTICAL.

    God help you if you are black, Latino or Asian and have to take a school ride back with a bus load of very excited, happy white kids if you all got caught in the rain before boarding.

    All of us blacks, Latins and Asians will arrive at destination dead

    Aishwarya Reply:

    Hahaha that’s a good one!

    Dhanya Reply:

    Ha ha ha… What are they going to do about that?

  • Jeje


    I got an Indian friends. I admit that there are other times that they smell bad. When I notice, I just avoid it and try not to be obvious because I don’t want them to be embarrass and get offended. I just stay away or distance. In the end they will notice me I move differently in secretly. But they really stinks most often especially when they get sweat.

  • Aishwarya


    I’m an Indian, was born in Malaysia. All my ex boyfriends said I smell pretty good (I always check). But I don’t like using chemicals on me all the time so when I’m home alone I don’t use deo…and guess what my armpits stink really bad. No surprises there.

    Anyone not showering regularly and thoroughly, plus not using deo is going to stink like the food they eat the most. That’s a fact.

    Indians: Our spices are strong. You need to really wash your armpits and groin with LOTS of soap and water. Use a good quality soap or shower gel do you don’t ruin your skin. And USE DEODORANT! You cannot avoid it.

    BUT if I were going out my door for for any reason, I shower, brush my teeth and tongue, scrubbing all over well esp the groin and armpits and use deo…tada I smell fresh all day. It really is that simple.

  • Jason


    I’ve met plenty of people from many countries, but it seems the Indians typically smell bad while other races do not. I dont understand why.

  • Ry Simmons


    I believe personal hygiene is essential when it come to our daily lives. It is part of our necessities. It will show how oozy or clean we are in our body. Cleanliness is a total problem I think with most stinky people and if you are living in slam area if we do care about our body odor it will be great. Most of Indians, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egyptians and some Arab ladies the smell like a ripe guavas and onions. Though many Europeans also smell like a sour butchered meat but the Indians arm pits are totally grouse and stinky. I am not pre-judging them without any conclusions about it and I dont wanna sound racist in many ways but for my observation and base in my experience with them coz till now I have been working with them and even educated people from there respective countries has an absolute stinks… And I can only count in my 2 bare hand fingers who has a good hygiene from countless person i knew. Aside Indian mostly also from Africa has a blast when it comes to body odor and it gives me headache and i feel dizzy and nauseating when I am around with them. So basically its like a double standard when it comes to this problem.

    I have worked with 37 Nationalities and the most hygienic tribe i have met is the filipinos who among very oozy and even they sweat alot in there armpits but they still smells good and I adore them because they are very critic and self observant. And one funny thing about them is they ask you if they stink whether about they are sweating or there armpits or if they are bad breaths…

    Bottom line is that we take a shower twice a day and by taking showers we need to thoroughly clean our body because I dont use deodorant in my years of existence in this world and thank god i dont have a stinky smell. And if you feel you stinks please dont be ashame to ask your colleagues, friends or our families.

  • Jogendra


    Moral of the Blog-
    Indians do stink real bad

  • Bernard


    I find this really weird, I know some people from Bangladesh and India Ireland and they all smell fine to me. And they make loads of curried. I tend to be very easily nauseated.

  • Nat


    Thanks for this post. I very recently offended my Indian friend in Singapore. I asked this question out of the blue “but do Indians wear deodorant?”
    This offended her so much that I lost track of the reason of my questions and said something about statistics…
    I regret this a lot. Now I have recovered the reason. It is that I see many talcum powders in “ethnic” shops. Especially one called prickly heat cooling powder.
    I thought it was used in India instead of deodorant as I found it in mustafa. It turns out it is made in Taiwan.
    I had no idea of this stereotype. I did some research and terrible racist things are written on that same idea (the use of deodorant by Indians). As for stats, I was very wrong as deodorant is increasingly used in India according to figures.
    I learned also the chemicals in deodorant are not good for us (aluminum…). So I’m still looking for an alternative. Chilly seems good…
    To conclude, it made me laugh when I saw that Pepe the Pew is a stunk in looney tunes with a French accent in the American version and Italian in the French version.
    Nat European nationality

  • Pie258


    For all who say Indians smell
    First of all I also don’t like to eat methi I hate it but in India it is considered very healthy
    Secondly for me u foreigners stink, I just don’t like your smell the way u don’t ours
    Thirdly I agree most of the Indians smell because of bad eating habits but their are people who smell really nice even though they eat curry
    Fourthly the way u say that Indians smell really hurts people
    Fifthly I am an Indian and the foreigners who visit our country don’t clean up at all, though u say they keep themselves clean and there surroundings tidy
    Lastly instead of labelling Indians as garbage trucks and their curries as the main reason think of the cultural difference, the income gap, the population, and the way they are used to because for us Indians, foreigners do not bathe they only put on deodorant also we Indians don’t put deodorants because we think that it could chemically react to our body.

    Well that is what I think

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