Pyramid valley design

Day trip to Pyramid Valley meditation center

Date: 21 April 2014

On a Monday morning, I joined my cousin brother and his family on short day-trip to a place called Pyramid Valley International, just off Kanakapura Road.

Kanakapura road Bangalore drive
Pyramid Valley is around 27 kms from the METRO Cash & Carry store on Kanakapura Road.
Mithun Jithin family GoPro
Even though I was primarily using my phone to shoot photographs, I carried my GoPro with me to take some photos too
Way to Pyramid Valley Kanakpura road
The drive barely took an hour

You have to get off Kanakapura Road when you see the sign pointing left to where Pyramid Valley International is located. Once you get on to the small road, it’s pretty bad. You pass through a village with poor roads before you reach the gates at Pyramid Valley.

There is an open ground for parking and there is no fee for the same. We parked under a big tree as it was quite sunny.

Pyramid Valley map Bangalore
Like many spiritual centers in India, they are spread across many acres

Pyramid Valley International claims to be a “new age meditation” and “spiritual science” center (if there ever is such a thing as spiritual science).

Mahatma Gandhi statue Pyramid valley
Much of the space inside looks like there is still a lot of work to be done

But why is it called Pyramid Valley?

Pyramid valley international Bangalore
Because there really is a pyramid in here!

They claim meditation done inside a pyramid channels cosmic energy and is three times more powerful than regular meditation.

As soon as you enter, visitors are instructed to step into the orientation/briefing room where an instructor briefs us on how to meditate. After a 10-minute introduction, then we are allowed to enter the pyramid.

In the hall were sparsely spread out chairs and it was very humid inside. No air-conditioning or cool air flowing through. In the middle, was a tower with a spiral staircase.

We could go up

So we all did.

Meditation cushions pyramid valley
Up here were some meditation cushions and few people were sitting here and meditating
Pyramid cone inside
It seems they carefully placed gem stones under the spire to better channel the cosmic energy down to the people below

We didn’t sit and meditate much because the heat was uncomfortable.

Pyramid power
This is what they say about the healing powers of the pyramid
Be a vegetarian Pyramid Valley
We left the main hall and went down to the exit lobby
Bamboo bridge Pyramid valley
This is a bamboo bridge that was a recent construction
Pyramid valley dining hall
We then headed for vegetarian lunch (which was free) as the kitchen closes by 2pm

Before leaving, we went to the ‘view point’ from where we get could get a good look at the pyramid’s exterior.

Pyramid valley design
Looks kinda cool, doesn’t it?
Pyramid valley view point
And that’s it. That’s what you see from the view point.

We left Pyramid Valley soon after and I was back home in 45 minutes. Pyramid Valley International clearly still has a few years of work left for the place to look its potential best, but I’m sure it will get there. Still, if you are looking for a short day trip in Bangalore, Pyramid Valley isn’t too bad.

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  • vijay


    thanks looks cool, nice place to visit for 1 day.

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    But I suggest going on a cool day. I can get very hot inside.

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