(This is a guest post by a reader)

Dubai is a land of richness and larger than life living that has many tourist destinations and incredible architecture. This region of United Arab Emirates is also famous for its merchandise and other shopping elements. More than one third of the tourists visiting Dubai have a sole purpose of shopping and this notion gave birth to “Dubai Shopping Festival”.

There are many Dubai Shopping Festival packages available in the market today, with which you can easily travel and save a lot of money. After its launch on 16 February 1995, this massive retail event is than considered and promoted as a tourist destination. Considering these facts in my mind, I decided to visit this one of its kind carnival and I instantly booked my package.

After my arrival in Dubai, my curiosity reached a new level when I saw millions of people excited and thrilled to visit this festival. Tourists from every corner of the world were waiting eagerly for the festivity to start and were ready to fill their bags with some incredible merchandise and other items. This is an yearly event and is conducted during the first quarter of the year and have many other attractive features besides shopping.

Once the opening of the festival was announced, I entered the Dubai shopping festival and the view of hundreds of shops and amazing food took my breath away. I started scrolling and browsing through the shops that contained different varieties of clothes, house decorating items and other electronic equipments. Every shop offered a unique discount and the price of most of the products were kept reasonable and affordable by most of the population. I began my shopping spree by buying Arabic styled clothings, scarfs and stalls, which were available in great quality and amazing designs.

As I continued my search for new things to buy, I came across a home decorating items shop that had some of the most unique and different items, to style your home with. Besides shopping, there were some incredible food stalls, where authentic Arabic cuisine was served for the hungry shoppers. Up till now, everything about this festival was attractive and every step I took introduced me to a new thing.

After a long and astonishing day of shopping the festival is ended with a firework display, which takes over the sky in the most magnificent way. This program lasts for up to half an hour and makes hard for you to look at anything else. This part of the festival is just a cherry on top and makes you realise that there is much more to life than regular human struggles.

Dubai shopping festival is every woman’s dream come true and holds a lot of other features for every member of your family. If you are planning an all inclusive holiday that excites everyone and fits your budget, then visit Dubai this year and enjoy its out of this world shopping festival.

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