My ideal Yatra – A luxurious flight to NYC followed by sightseeing on foot

If I had to plan a dream trip, it would be a mix of luxury and a trip itinerary that most follows the way I go about sightseeing — by foot. A city I have always wanted to visit is New York City. It’s a cliche by now, given how much it has been featured in Hollywood movies — especially romantic comedies. But still, I’m sure it would impress me and live up to the hype. The skyscrapers, Central Park, the choice when it comes to eateries — the whole world lives in New York City!

But how would I get there? Well, I’d first hop on over to Yatra to book my Bangalore to Dubai flight and Dubai to New York flight. My airline of choice is obviously going to be Emirates Airlines. I’d fly their award-winning First Class, or their Suite class, if available. (Hey, it’s a dream trip). The Dubai to New York journey is a long one — 16 hours long — so I would like to travel in absolute comfort. Not to mention eat and drink to my hearts content.

Emirates First Class experience is one of a kind
Emirates First Class experience is one of a kind

After a good night’s sleep, I wake up to the view of NYC’s impressive skyline as seen from my window seat. After I exit JFK airport, I would get into my hotel limousine and check in at the Ritz Carlton Hotel overlooking Central Park. My room would be the King Room with Park View, because as much as I love skyscrapers, I don’t want to wake up every morning looking at steel and concrete!

Despite the all the luxury so far, when it comes to how I do my sightseeing, I prefer to do most of it by foot and using public transportation. I don’t usually take a taxi unless it is really required or very late at night. First stop: the Empire State Building, followed by the Chrysler building, just to capture its Gothic architecture on camera. In the evening, I’d go to Times Square and spend the entire night there. After all, the city never sleeps here. There’s plenty of flagship stores here, from Toys ‘R’ US to the fashion brands. For dinner, it would be a classic New York pizza from an Italian-owned joint.

The following morning, I would visit the 9/11 Memorial and check out the new One World Trade Center building — now the tallest in America. After that, I’d take the train and get to Grand Central Terminal — another long-standing architectural marvel. In the evening, I would head to Rockefeller Center and maybe get a tour of NBC studios. Who knows, even try and get a ticket to be part of the studio audience for Saturday Night Live! The next morning, I’d take the boat ride to Ellis Island to learn more about the history of migration to United States. After that, another boat ride to Liberty Island to see France’s gift to the United states — the iconic Statue of Liberty. Back in the city, I’d take walk through Chinatown, Broadway and catch a game or a concert at Madison Square Garden.

Of course, there is so much to see and do (and eat) in New York, but this dream trip would be a good enough start.

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