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7 Super Easy Tips for Saving Money on Your Travel

‘Travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer’- A lot of travel lovers live by such quotes in order to dull the pinch they feel every time they book a ticket. Many of them even give up on a number of travel plans in face of budget woes, rising inflation and currency drops. However, all it requires is a bit of flexibility, research in the right direction and some alertness, to travel more while spending less.

So, if lack of money is the only thing imprisoning the nomad in you, here are seven, super-saving tips for all your future holidays.

First book tickets, then plan your travel

This mantra is the best saving tip in this age of online booking. Various travel portals keep coming up with crazy travel offers now and then. Also, various airlines like SpiceJet, IndiGo et al sometimes give out exclusive offers on their tickets. Then there is the annual Great Indian Travel Festival, where all travel portals and online travel services come together to offer some mind-blowing travel deals to all travel addicts out there. You can also follow sites like which bring you special Diwali offers during various Indian festive seasons like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Holi etc. Grab the offers during such carnivals and then plan a holiday. After all, impromptu trips are a lot more fun.

Make sure you never miss a Great Travel Deal

Now, how do you do this without giving away your email address to 100 different travel portals? Simple, join DesiDime, an online shopping community, which not only brings you latest deals and offers but discussion forums where real, experienced online shoppers interact and share information. Then, go to this thread and set a deal alert. Select category as Travel and leave the keyword section blank. Now, you will get all the hottest travel deals, offers and information about every travel festival from all travel portals and other sites, directly in your inbox. You can also find good Goibibo coupons and deals from Vikatan for your travel.

Never Book Your Tickets/ Buy Vouchers Directly From the Travel Portal or Deal Site

While earning miles is one way of saving on travel, another way is by earning cashback on all your ticket bookings. After saving as much as possible through direct offers and coupons, never forget to save some extra money in form of cashback. Simply sign up with a cashback site like Zingoy and make all your travel booking: be it tickets, cabs, hotels, tours etc, via Zingoy and earn some percentage of your money back every single time. If you are buying travel vouchers from any site, you can earn cashback on them, too, by buying them via Zingoy. Now, that is how you not only save money but also earn money on your travel!

Compare Different Means of Travel

This can be a great money-saving trick especially for inter-city or inter-state travel. Don’t simply assume that flights are costlier than trains or that cabs are costlier than buses. Explore all the possible options, check out the fares, hunt out all the deals and compare prices before booking. Who knows you might be able to afford a lot more comfort while still travelling cheap?

Play Your Tourist Card

When travelling abroad, look out for special city tourist passes or cards, which usually offer numerous benefits like free entry in to various popular tourist spots like museums, unlimited access to public transport, reduced prices at restaurants and other concessions.What you pay individually for all of that usually works out less than what a pass may cost.

Also, a little bit of research will tell you about all the museum or theme park discounts available for students, young adults and senior citizens. A number of museums and palaces around the world also give you free access on certain time of the day or on particular days of the month. If you can, plan your itinerary accordingly, to save some extra bucks.

Save On Food

Carry some homemade and some ready-to-cook food with you. This will easily save you more than a couple of thousand rupees, especially when you are travelling out of the country. If not, then avoid eating at restaurants closest to a popular tourist spot. Here, the prices are likely to be much higher than elsewhere. Another way to save money on food while travelling is to use a mobile app like Crown It. This app gives you reward points for every restaurant or supermarket bill. You just have to click a picture of your food bills and upload it on Crown It, which gives you points called ‘Crowns’. You can then use these Crowns to shop online or transfer it to your bank account.

Save on Currency Exchange

Many exchange centres have very high rates; so, check and compare the exchange rates online. Normally, airports and ATMs have the best exchange rates. Get an ATM card of a bank which is a member of the Global ATM Alliance. These banks have ATMs all around the world and they allow free international ATM withdrawals. In India, Deutsche is one such bank. You can also get an HSBC card, which has low or no charge for international withdrawals. If you are a travel addict, having an account with either of these banks is totally worth it.

So, have a happy and more affordable journey!

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