How to Combat Indoor Pollutants Using the Right Type of Paint

While it’s true that we Indians ensure our indoors are always a lot cleaner than our outdoors, we must be mindful to know that some pollutants inside our homes can be hidden dangers in the long run. The rise of dust pollution — caused by excess traffic, poor quality roads and shoddy construction — has made the air quality in Indian cities quite bad to breathe. Even if you stay indoors a lot, doesn’t mean you are always safe.

After all, you have to open the windows every once in a while to let the “fresh air” in. Pollutants can often make their way in then and settle in on your bed…

Curtains wall couch
… curtains, walls and sofa

Think you are safe if you don’t open your windows at all? Then you probably haven’t heard of a substance called formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring organic compound most commonly used in wood polish and other building materials. Formaldehyde can make you feel sick if you breathe a lot of it, making it a classic example of an indoor pollutant. Symptoms are sore throat, cough, scratchy eyes and nosebleeds if inhaled in excess.

Would you want to endanger your young ones to such indoor pollutants?

Cute eh? Okay now back to the problem at hand and how to solve it.

One way to combat it is by using special paints that can absorb formaldehyde. To solve this problem, Asian Paints has introduced the Royale Atmos range.

The Royale Atmos range is an Air Purifying Paint that reduces the pollution levels in your home by neutralizing formaldehyde. Its’ “Activated Carbon” technology reduces harmful pollutants from the air. Additionally, Royale Atmos can absorb select household foul smells to make the air fresher. How? Because Royale Atmos is the first Asian Paints product to have a fragrance, instead of the normal chemical smell of paints. Not bad, huh?

Besides the pollutant-fighting features of Royale Atmos, it also comes with Teflon™ surface protector that fortifies your walls against tough stains, increases durability and reinforces the strength of the paint film. Comparable to the best interior emulsions across the world, it protects your walls against household and water based stains. Finally,  Royale Atmos paints come in a rich matte finish.

Not saying Royale Atmos will make you want to smell your walls daily

What paints like Royale Atmos cannot help you with are combat the pollutants that can’t be solved by a fresh coat of special paint. Like the noise pollution that comes out of your TV speakers in the form of our news “debates” a.k.a the 9PM shouting contests.  Also, your pet dog and cat are also prone to indoor pollutants too. Especially lice and dust.

White cat held up
BUT DO NOT APPLY PAINT ON YOUR CAT! It will try to lick itself and won’t like what he/she tastes!

But for your home or office, Royale Atmos can help. Also remember, no matter which paint you use on your walls, remember to hire professionals. Just because Royal Atmos comes with added fragrance does not mean you should attempt to paint yourself…

… or try some crazy new technique to prvent your hands from getting dity

Instead, Asian Paints themselves offer trained painting professionals you can book for the job.

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