When selling your old laptops isn’t as easy as you think

Ahh electronics. A necessity in today’s world but a new source of “junk” for many. Also, probably the only category of valuable goods we get rid off and replace in the shortest of time. Not many sell their vehicles or jewelry as frequently as they (try) to sell old electronics. Be it exchanging your old phone for a new one or seeing if you can get anything for your old TV so you can get the latest LED TV.

It’s only when you try to sell your electronics you realize it’s a lot harder than you think. When you go to an online marketplace or classifieds, you find out very quickly you are not the only one trying get rid of your outdated piece of tech. You create a listing, add photos, details about the product and finally the price you hope to get. You think it’s a fair price but you soon find out your listing gets buried rather quickly as many other users are trying to sell their unwanted electronics too, sometimes at prices even less than yours. Will someone see the listing? You hope so.

When I tried to get rid of two old laptops (one mine and one dad’s) I experienced this first hand. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot for them as my dad’s laptop in particular was so old and slow that people are better off dismantling it and selling the internal components one by one. None the less, I slowly started to get inquiries.

“How much?” was one inquiry. I was tempted to ask the guy if he could read as the price was already listed in the ad I created. But alas, you soon realize no matter how detailed you create a listing, there will inevitably be some buyers who are expecting to be spoon-fed information and ultimately, after all that spoon-feeding, will only quote a figure less than half of what you were hoping to earn from the sale.

One buyer wanted to know if the laptop can run games. I asked: “Which games? The very latest? No. The original Road Rash from 1991, yes”. He replied: “FIFA 2017”. Erm… now how do I reply to such an inquiry when trying to sell a laptop brand like Compaq when no new model even exists under that brand in 2017!

That’s when you wonder if there was a way to get rid of your unwanted electronics without having to deal with such annoying buyers one by one. Well, good to know Cashify.in now exists. They don’t work the same as an online classifieds or marketplace for buyers and sellers. Cashify themselves play the role of the buyer.

From the homepage, you can select the category of products you wish to sell. So for example, after you select laptops, you then get a second option to choose the brand of your laptop.

The next step is to define the specifications of the laptop (processor type, RAM available, storage size of your hard drink, etc) and then honestly state what the condition and age of of the laptop is along with any problems it may have. Once you do, then you offered a price quote. If you think the price is reasonable, you can click the ‘SELL NOW’ button.

So what happens next? Well, that’s the best part. Instead of you the seller making all the arrangements to ship the laptop, Cashify will arrange a free pick up from your address. Then hand you the money in cash or pre-chosen payment mode of your choice. Great or what!

Currently Cashify offers its services in nearly 30 cities across India. Although not all products may be offered for pick-up in your city. It’s high time India got such a service as I’ve seen similar websites in the US.

Use coupon code CLEANCASH and get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets. So what are you waiting for. This Diwali, #CleanUpCashOut!

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