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When selling your old laptops isn’t as easy as you think

Ahh electronics. A necessity in today’s world but a new source of “junk” for many. Also, probably the only category of valuable goods we get rid off and replace in the shortest of time. Not many sell their vehicles or jewelry as frequently as they (try) to sell old electronics. Be it exchanging your old phone for a new one or seeing if you can get anything for your old TV so you can get the latest LED TV. Continue reading “When selling your old laptops isn’t as easy as you think” »

Setting up a hostel with furniture bought online

I’ve always dreamt of running my own trendy hostel. I’ve stayed in many hostels during by travels across Asia. From Singapore to Japan, from Bangkok to Manila — hostels are a great way to save money on your stay especially when in a big city where hotel costs are often high. Hostels aren’t all drab or basic in their appearance. Nowadays, they are very trendy, with all the essential amenities like internet, laundry services, TV room, a kitchen and good bathrooms. Continue reading “Setting up a hostel with furniture bought online” »

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