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Avantree Audition Pro headphone box

Avantree Audition Pro Wireless Headphone Review: After using it for 3 months

I have been looking for a wireless headphone for quite some time. I got tired of my laptop getting dragged accidentally when my headphones were plugged in and I got tired of headphones slipping down. I didn’t want on-the-ear Bluetooth headphones, as they are aplenty. What I wanted were a good pair of over-the-ear headphones without spending upwards of Rs. 10,000 — preferably less than Rs. 5000.

I looked at the Sony MDR-XB650BT and the Sennheiser RS 120 II but digging around on, I came across a model call the Audition Pro from a brand called Avantree. Looking online, I found out it was a Chinese brand. Not too many reviews could be found on the Amazon India page but Amazon US had the same headphone listed. Much of the user reviews there seemed positive and that gave me the confidence to think about buying it. I checked YouTube, watched a few video reviews about it and felt that it met my requirements. Continue reading “Avantree Audition Pro Wireless Headphone Review: After using it for 3 months” »

Jill Castle GSK presentation Indiblogger

The Horlicks #Immunity4Health Indiblogger Meet in Bengaluru

Date: 8 May 2016

Time for another blogger’s meet organized by the fine folks at Indiblogger! This time it was hosted by Horlicks, at Taj Vivanta, near Trinity Circle. The theme was #Immunity4Health, part of their marketing pitch for the new Horlicks, now with twice the content of micro-nutrients. Today being Mother’s Day, Horlicks were especially honouring the efforts mothers play in raising children. So needless to say, there were no shortage of ‘mommy bloggers’ who also made their presence felt at this event.
Continue reading “The Horlicks #Immunity4Health Indiblogger Meet in Bengaluru” »

Tech Armor powerbanks boxes

Tech Armor powerbank reviews: ActivePower 3000mAh and 6000mAh

Last year, I was approached by an American brand of mobile accessories called Tech Armor, who asked me if I would like to review their powerbank. I said, “sure” and after looking through their product range, I asked them to send any one of the dual USB powerbanks as those are the ones I would find useful, especially when travelling.

Unfortunately, when the package was shipped from the US just before Christmas, the description stated that what was being dispatched was the single USB 3000mAh powerbank. To make things worse, the package was stuck at Indian customs for over a month!

I eventually got the package delivered after calling up the Bengaluru Customs office, sending emails and asking what the hold up us. Just two days ago, the door bell rang and the postman had arrived with the package! I was told I needed to pay Rs. 249 in customs duty. I didn’t hesitate to pay up as what I really wanted to was to finally receive the package in my hands.

To my surprise, when I opened it up, I found not just the 3000mAh powerbank but also the dual USB 6000mAh powerbank!

I mounted the lens attachments for my mobile phone camera and began taking photos right away!

Tech Armor powerbanks boxes
The packaging for Tech Armor powerbanks is neat and presentable
Tech Armor 6000 mAh powerbank
Ted Armor sub-brands its powerbank range under the ‘ActivePower’ name
Tech Armor 2 year warranty
Tech Armor prides itself on offering 2 year warranty on all its powerbanks

Time to un-box!

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