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Philippines 2014: Philippine Eagle Center, Davao

Date: May 5, 2014

After an eventful day at Eden Nature Park yesterday, I realized I had to make yet another long journey today to get to the Philippine Eagle Center. Using public transportation, you first need to get to Calinan and then to Malagos.

After breakfast, I walked from Green Windows Dormitel to Calinan Transit Terminal near Bankerohan Public Market.

Durian jeepney Davao Philippines

They had to offload quite a few durians at the market before the jeepney could set off for Calinan :-)

Davao highway Philippines

The jeepney ride to Calinan costs ₱45 and it took an hour or so

Once I reached Calinan, bike taxis approached me asking if I wanted to go to the Philippine Eagle Center. It cost ₱20, so I hopped on one and I was on my way.

Davao town Philippines

It wasn’t a short ride to Malagos but it only costs ₱20

I was dropped at the entrance to a park, for which the entry fee was ₱5. The Philippine Eagle Center is housed inside this park.

Water reservoir Davao Philippines

Some water reservoir

Philippine Eagle Center Malagos

This was the entrance to the Philippine Eagle Center

The entry ticket for the Philippine Eagle Center costs ₱50 (₹69/$1/€0.8).

Philippines Eagle Center walk

The park didn’t seem very big

Visitor steps Philippines Eagle Center

As a fund-rasing scheme, visitors can pay to have their names on concrete slabs and leave a memorabilia behind. As long as you don’t mind being stepped on.

Barn owl Davao Philippines

Although the place is called Philippine Eagle Center, they have other birds and a few animals too. These are grass owls.

Philippine eagle Davao

The Philippine eagle, one of many on display here

Philippine eagle facts Davao

Some facts about the national bird of Philippines

Brahmin kites Philippine Eagle Center

Brahminy kites

White bellied sea eagle Davao

White bellied sea eagle

Hawk eagle Philippines Eagle Center

Hawk eagle

Animals endemic to Philippines

Some species endemic (indigenous) to Philippines

Philippines brown deer Davao

Philippine brown deer

Philippine eagle tree Davao

This Philippine eagle got a rather big cage all to himself

Philippine eagle closeup Davao

I tried hard to capture its massive wingspan, but this Philippine eagle wasn’t flying around much

Philippine eagle center cages

It wasn’t very long before I found myself turning around and heading back the other way

Eagle Philippine center Davao

More Philippine Eagles

Philippine eagle center Davao

Caged Philippines eagle Davao park

Come on, spread your wings

Eagle cages Davao Philippines

More eagles

Bamboo trees garden Philippine eagle center

The Philippine Eagle Center feels more like a lush garden with a few bird cages

Monkey section Philippine eagle center

This was a small Philippine monkey section

Baby monkey Davao Philippines

Spotting them proved to be a bit of a challenge as they were quite small

Monkeys Philippine eagle center

But there are a few here

Garden plants Philippine eagle center

I moved on

Philippine eagle center pond Davao

And that was it really

Lake fish Philippine eagle center

Crocodile cage little Filipino girl

On my way out, I stopped by the crocodile cage. (Psst, cute girl, look at the big croc… I’m not scary)

Big croc Davao Philippines

The crocodile was freaking huge… and stayed completely still

Crocodile Philippine eagle center Davao

One last pic

Malagos road Davao Philippines

It took me a while to get a bike taxi going back, but I managed to get one

AC van taxi Davao Philippines

I was dropped at a taxi station from where I boarded an air-conditioned van taxi going to Davao City

Although it was already past 1pm, and I hadn’t had lunch yet, I just wanted to get back to Davao City as I didn’t want to risk coming back late like I did yesterday. I slept through much of the journey anyway.

Kebab roll Davao Philippines

I got down and found myself walking down J. Rizal Street. That’s where I spotted Majid’s Persian Kabab. Needless to say, I sat down and had some kebabs and rice for my late lunch.

Honestly, today was a bore. I spent more time just getting to Philippine Eagle Center than I did once inside! Complete waste of time if you ask me. But alas, not much else to see or do in Davao. At least tomorrow — my last full day in Davao — I would be trying something I have never tried before: scuba diving!

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Aug 14

Philippines 2014: Attractions at Eden Nature Park… and getting lost

Date: May 4, 2014

The first half of my day was spent at the SkyCycle and zipline area. Now it was time for lunch.

Forest path Eden Nature park Davao

I crossed the road and walked to the cafe where my lunch coupon was valid

Restaurant Eden Nature park Davao

This is the main restaurant at Eden Nature Park

Buffet Eden Nature Park Davao

They have buffet lunch too, but that costs extra

Cafe Eden Nature park Davao

This is the cafe where I was going to get my ‘lunch’ as included in the ticket

Spaghetti tomato sauce Eden Nature park

A glass of soft drink, a cupcake and a plate of spaghetti with meat sauce, and garlic bread

If you are wondering where the meat in the sauce is… yeah I wondered that too. I only got mushroom bits, and when I asked the server where the beef bits where, he looked at the plate and poured more of the same sauce.

So after a sloppy, lousy spaghetti meal, I began to explore the rest of the park.

Family Village Eden Nature Park Davao

I walked to the Family Village

Philippines monkey Eden Park Davao

More of a mini-zoo really. This the Philippines Monkey.

Cockatoo Eden Nature park Davao


Peacock Eden Nature park Davao


There were a few more animals and birds but it was all things I had seen at many other zoos or bird parks. Plus the condition the cages were in were pretty poor. So I felt guilty standing there taking photos of these animals.

Way to butterfly park Eden Nature Park Davao

I walked to the Butterfly Garden next

Butterfly garden Davao Philippines

I swapped my wide angle for the 70-200mm

Black white butterfly flower Davao

I don’t know the names of the various species of butterflies…

Butterfly wings Davao Philippines

… because there were so many of them

Black white butterfly Eden Nature park

Still, I just enjoyed taking these close up photos

Black green teal butterfly Davao Philippines

The many wonderful creations of mother nature

Black pattern butterfly Eden Park Davao

Exotic butterfly Eden Park Davao

Feeding butterfly watermelon Davao Philippines

They sure do love water melon

Butterfly mating Eden Park Davao

Didn’t mean to intrude on their private moment (butterflies mating)

Black butterfly flower nectar Davao

Stick insect Eden Park Davao Philippines

Not a butterfly, but stick insects amaze me!

Fishing village Eden Nature Park Davao

I left the butterfly garden and walked next to the Fishing Village

Fishing village pond Eden Park Davao

You can pay to feed fish here. Boring. So I left.

Eden Nature Deer Park Davao

I walked past the deer park

Philippines deer Eden Davao

The Philippines deer

Eden Nature park trek path

To the right was Eden Nature Park’s offices. I walked down the road on the left.

Eden Nature Park trekking road

It was a downhill trekking path and the bricked path gives way to unpaved stretches

Tana-Tanaman village Eden Nature park

There are attractions along the trekking path. This is the Tana-Tanaman village.

Tana-Tanaman village Eden Nature park Davao

This place was dedicated to showcasing the culture of the indigenous people of Southern Philippines

Eden Nature park viewpoint Davao

This was Lola’s Garden (‘lola’ = grandmother in Filipino)

Eden Nature park hillview Davao

Lot of agriculture in and around Eden Nature Park

Hut Eden Nature park hillview

You can just sit here and enjoy the view

Fruit tree collection Eden Nature park Davao

This is a collection of a variety of fruit trees they grow in the park

Vegetable growing Eden Nature park

Dragonfruit plantation?

Log cabin house Eden Nature park

One of the few log cabins you can rent. Eden Nature Park offers several different types of guest accommodation.

Log cabin house Eden Nature park

These are shared, but cheaper

Hanging bridge Eden Nature park Davao Philippines

This is a hanging bridge you pass along the trekking path

Hanging bridge Eden park Davao

And I walked on it (it’s sturdy)

Forest trek Eden Nature park

This stretch has a mini waterfall… but more like a small stream

Waterfall stream Eden Nature park Davao Philippines

Maybe it looks better after heavy rains

Truth be told, from here on I got a bit lost. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended near a forest area where a few visitors were zip-lining and setting up camp for the night (which Eden provides for). I went around in circles before getting really frustrated and ran towards a staff member whenever I crossed paths with one.

I asked for directions and how to get back because there were no arrows pointing back to the main reception area.

Bizarre flower Eden Park Davao

This was the last photo I took as I didn’t care much for photography anymore. It was nearing 5pm and I didn’t want to get lost in the dark!

After nearly an hour wasted, I ended up back-tracking and walked across the hanging bridge and made it all the way back.

Fern trees Eden Nature park Davao

By the time I made it back to the starting point, other visitors were barely visible

I rushed back out just as the last few cars were leaving Eden Nature Park. At this point, after an hour of getting lost, I didn’t care about visiting Mt. Apo or anything. I just wanted to get back to Davao City!

Downhill road from Eden nature park

I hired a bike taxi which took me all the way back to Toril (cost ₱100 this time)

Road to Toril from Eden Nature park Davao

The amazing part was that for much of the journey downhill, the bike’s engine wasn’t even running!

Here’s a video I took:

All the more reason to question why these bike taxi guys charge ₱100 for a ride that doesn’t consume as much fuel as the ride going up to Eden Nature Park!

Toril market Davao Philippines

I reached Toril market and just then two things happened. 1) The strap of my slippers broke, 2) electricity went!

Toril market trike jam Davao

The citizens just expressed a loud, collective sigh when the power went :-)

Toril barbershop shoe repair Davao

Conveniently enough I found a shoe repair boy (in front of a barber shop) who stitched the strap all for just ₱10

Jeepney ride Toril Davao evening

I waited by the highway and managed to get a jeepney going to SM Davao

The sun had set by the time I got down at SM Davao. I decided to have an early dinner from here itself before taking another jeepney back to town.

Curacha red crab Davao Philippines

It’s called a Curacha, a type of crab quite common in South Philippines

It cost ₱105 for the curacha with some rice — and it wasn’t worth it. Hardly any meat inside, and by the end of the meal, I still felt hungry. So I went and had two slices of Pizza Hut pizza (₱55). After checking out a few stores, I left SM Davao and hopped on a van taxi going to Davao City.

Once I reached my stop, I walked back to Green Windows Dormitel after picking up some baked goodies for tomorrow’s breakfast. Tomorrow, I would visit Philippines Eagle Center… which is another long drive from the city.

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Aug 14

Philippines 2014: Sky Cycle at Eden Nature Park, Davao

Date: May 4th, 2014

Today I wondered what to check out first. I came to Davao with two main activity highlights: 1) Go sky cycling at Eden Nature Park, 2) Get a shot of Mount Apo. But despite residing at a dormitel situated on Mt. Apo street, the famed mountain — the largest in Philippines — was nowhere near me. Heck, Mount Apo, wasn’t even visible from Davao City! It seems Mount Apo is so huge that most people just go there as part of a multi-day trek.

I couldn’t do that since I only had two more days in Davao so I figured I’ll go check out Eden Nature Park. I followed the instructions on their website on how to get to Eden Nature Park and boarded a jeepney going to Toril (₱20). The landmark given to get down at was a Mercury Drug Store in Toril.

River side houses Davao City

I sat up front beside the driver

SM mall Davao City

Saw where the SM Davao mall is located. We were driving down McArthur Highway

McArthur Highway Davao city Philippines

It was a looooong ride to Toril

Toril Chowking Davao Philippines

Nearly an hour later, I got down at a junction at Toril where you have a Chowking to your left

Toril junction way to Eden

This was taken while I was standing on the left side. Across the road is the Mercury Drug Store. From here there were many bike taxis offering to take you to Eden Nature Park

Road to Eden Nature Park Davao

On Eden Nature Park’s website, they mentioned bike taxis would charge ₱80 for the ride from the junction at Toril to the entrance of the park. But the bike taxis guys here were pushing for ₱200! I told them about ₱80 and they scoffed claiming that was more than a year ago. I bargained as much as I could but eventually settled for ₱150. I couldn’t delay myself anymore.

Road to Eden Nature Park Philippines

It was a 20 minute bike ride up to the park’s entrance

Bad road to Eden Nature Park Davao

The good roads for much of the journey gave way to a bad, pot-holed stretch

Pot holes road to Eden Nature Park

But the park was close now

It was along this road I saw signs pointing to Mount Apo. Excited about seeing Mt. Apo after my time at Eden Nature Park, I asked the bike taxi driver if he could take me to Mt. Apo National Park so that I could just take a photo of the mountain. But the driver told me it’s still many kilometres further from Eden Nature Park. Continue reading “Philippines 2014: Sky Cycle at Eden Nature Park, Davao” »

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