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Apple store IFC mall Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Gurudwara, and walking around Wan Chai

Date: 29th June, 2012

Yesterday‘s typhoon brought with it quite a bit of rain, meaning I couldn’t go to Ocean Park today. So I stayed indoors, did some more research and only stepped out post lunch to begin ‘day 3’ in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong island roundabout
I decided to check out the tallest building on Hong Kong island

Pedestrian bridge Hong Kong

Art figure IFC mall Hong Kong
Walk straight and you enter IFC mall
IFC tower Hong Kong grey sky
The 88-storey International Financial Centre

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Hong Kong city skyline view from peak

Hong Kong: Views from Victoria Peak, day to night

Date: June 28th, 2012

Day 2 in Hong Kong began feeling fresh. I slept for more than 10 hours and the jet lag had nearly worn off. I repacked my bag and left the hostel to begin my photography for today.

Causeway Bay Paterson Building Hong Kong
A whole lot of luxury brands in the mall to the right
IKEA store Causeway Bay Hong Kong
The IKEA store was only a minute walk away from where I was staying
Windsor house mall Hong Kong
Plenty of malls and shopping centers all around. This was Windsor House
Maxmara store Causeway Bay Hong Kong
I walked towards the MTR station
Sogo Causeway Bay panorama Hong Kong
SOGO is a popular Japanese department store chain
Causeway Bay station Exit E Hong Kong
This is the entrance/Exit E of Causeway Bay station
Central station Hong Kong
I got off at Central
Central station exit J MTR Hong Kong
Took the long walk to Exit J2 (Yup, Central is so big that the Exits are from A to J)

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Hong Kong 2012: Getting there

After a span of 9 months, and after writing about all my past travels, I had the itch to see the world again. I had to. I had nothing else to write about for this website besides the usual K-pop reviews! The past few months I contemplated where to go next. I really wanted to be in Europe for the Euro Cup and the Olympics, but with the Indian Rupee getting clobbered in value against the British Pound and the Euro, I soon let go of that dream.

I then thought about Vietnam. I would fly to Singapore as my visa is yet to expire, then take Tiger Airways to Ho Chi Minh, ride all the way up to Hanoi and fly back to Singapore. But upon researching, I realized whatever I would see in Vietnam would not have been that much more ‘new’ having already been to Thailand and Philippines. Also, the truth about Halong Bay is that it looks amazing when you get an aerial view — which is not how most tourists see it when they get there.

So then I thought about China, a country I have wanted to explore for years. Just like India, China has an ancient and much revered history. It’s also a large country, with lots to see and amazing geography. But China also has a government hell bent on restricting your freedom within its boundaries. So when I read foreigners wouldn’t be allowed to visit Tibet unless they went with a guide, I changed my mind. Taking the Lhasa express ranked highly in my list of “to-do” things in China. And the way I travel, I don’t want someone telling me I can’t go there or don’t take photographs the government doesn’t want you taking.

I initially thought of using Hong Kong as an entry point to China, but in the end I decided to just visit Hong Kong and Macau for now. After all, I got a pretty sweet deal on the flight ticket from Cleartrip. For around Rs. 27k ($505/€407), I would be flying Thai Airways via Bangkok to Hong Kong. My return journey had a 22-hour layover in Bangkok too, meaning I had a day to spend in Bangkok as well.

I left Bangalore on June 27th and arrived at Suvarnabhumi around 6am.

Suvarnabhumi airport travelator Bangkok
Hello Suvarnabhumi! Haven’t seen you since 2010 🙂
Suvarnabhumi airport terminal
It was a bit of a ‘trek’ (as always with Suvarnabhumi) but I eventually found my transfer gate
Thai Airways plane to Hong Kong
My connecting flight to Hong Kong was scheduled to leave at 8:35am

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