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Above & Beyond Live in Bangalore: Photos and videos from TATW 450

Date: November 10th, 2012

Finally! The last time Above & Beyond played in Bangalore, I missed it. I hoped they would return but I never expected my favorite trance outfit to return like this. I couldn’t believe Submerge managed to snag an epic event like this and bring the group down to Bangalore for it! Trance Around the World, my favourite trance podcast, episode 450 – which they announced at the end of episode 449 would be their last – was going to be transmitted live from Bangalore!

Six hours of amazing trance with other Anjunabeats artists such as Jody Wisternoff, Andrew Bayer, Norin & Rad, Mat Zo, and finally Above & Beyond taking the stage for a two-hour set. Since I knew I couldn’t dance for six hours straight, I only made it to the venue at around 5:30pm just as Andrew Bayer was on stage.

Andrew Bayer Tatw 450 Bangalore India
The stage setup, the sound, the impressive venue… it was all really well put together
Andrew Bayer Tatw 450 Bangalore
I really enjoyed Andrew Bayer’s set — pure trance at it’s finest
Norin and Rad TATW450 Bangalore India
Next up was American duo Norin & Rad
Norin & Rad Tatw450 Bangalore live
Didn’t dance a lot to their set, although they were great in getting the crowd pumped up
Norin Rad Tatw450 Bangalore concert
A good hour-long set none the less
Submerge says dance bucket Bangalore
Submerge says dance, and dance we did!
Above & Beyond TATW 450 live in Bangalore
I still couldn’t believe after all this time I waited to see Above & Beyond in concert, it would be for a live recording of the final episode of the trance podcast I’ve been listening to since 2006!
Mat Zo TATW 450 live in Bangalore
Mat Zo, the final ‘warm-up’ act took to the stage for his hour-long set
Mat Zo TATW 450 Bangalore
His set was much better!
Crowd Tatw450 Above & Beyond Bangalore concert
They had streams of colourful cloth spreading through the crowds. It was symbolic for it is the graphic that represents Group Therapy Radio – Above & Beyond’s new radio show
Above and Beyond stage group therapy
As the clock struck 8pm, it was now time for the main act. The crowd went wild as three men took to the stage.
Paavo Jono Tony Tatw 450 Bangalore India
(L-R) Paavo, Jono and Tony – or better known as the legendary Above & Beyond! I won’t mention their DJ Mag ranking… mostly because I don’t give a shit how high they rank!
Above & Beyond Tatw 450 Hello Bangalore
Needless to say all of us were going bonkers seeing all three of them on stage together (Usually two of them go on tour while one stays back in the studio)
Above & Beyond group therapy Bangalore concert
The end of Trance Around the World and the beginning of Group Therapy Radio episode 001
Above & Beyond stage Bangalore Tatw 450
The played classics from like “Liquid Love” and even some world-exclusive first listens. If it weren’t for ‘Tri-State,’ I wouldn’t have heard of Above & Beyond.
Above & Beyond live Bangalore India
But of course, there’s always that one moron who keeps shouting for “Sun and Moon” right from the start. Ugh. (They played it towards the end of course)
Above & Beyond confetti concert India
Epic six-hour long live broadcast ended with an epic shower of confetti!
Paavo hugging Tony end of TATW 450
Paavo and Tony seemed pleased
Above and Beyond members Bangalore concert
So were we
Above & Beyond Group Therapy Bangalore India
I began to leave the venue as they closed out with “Good For Me” (from ‘Tri-State again). I was kinda disappointed they didn’t play “Good Day” as it was the one song I was so looking forward to singing as loud as I could.
Above & Beyond Group Therapy radio Bangalore
But this being a ‘good night,’ play “Good Day” they did. Although it was the vocal mix. Still, it didn’t stop I or anyone else from singing along.
Jaymahal palace concert venue Bangalore
Nikhil Chinapa, who is one of the men behind Submerge, then took to the stage to thank his home crowd for an amazing night

This year marked the 10th anniversary of Submerge, an institution that started out as a platform for Indian DJs back in 2002 and which has since grown into a tour de force in the promotion of electronic dance music in India. You’ve really got to hand it to them. Even Nikhil Chinapa said he never expected they would get this far, but all the applause he got from the crowd was well deserved. Sunburn Festival, all the international DJs they bring to India, and the Submerge nights… Nikhil has done EDM in India a world of good!

As for videos from the night, here are a bunch of clips recorded on the Samsung Galaxy SII (also used for all the above photos). You might want to turn down the speakers as I was close to the stage, and so there’s a lot “brrrr brrr”. Also, if you’re epileptic, you have been warned!

You can listen to TATW 450/Group Therapy 001 in full here.

Photos from Comic Con Express Bangalore 2012

September 8th and 9th

I was quite excited when I heard there was going to be a Comic Con held in ‘Namma Bengaluru’. After all, a convention exclusive to all things geeky (other than electronics & IT) isn’t something we get a whole lot in the country. But the folks behind the expo are all coming from the right backgrounds. This was a comic convention run and managed by comic book lovers – so I my hopes were high.

To makes things even better, the two day event was free! Even better? It was held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, 5 minutes from where I live!

(Note: These photos are from both the days I attended, but I’m writing this post as one)

Comic Con poster Bengaluru
Comic Con Express Bangalore Koramangala
I got to the venue at noon with my younger brother
Bangalore Comic Con Koramangala indoor stadium
Day 1, and the turnout was already impressive
Stormtrooper helmet Comic Con Bangalore India
As soon as I entered, I was hit with cosplayers (Cosplay = ‘costume’ + ‘play’)

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Somanathapura temple front facing Karnataka

Day-trip from Bangalore: Visit to Chennakesava Temple, Somnathpur

Date: 30th May 2009

This was a one day drive to a town called Somanathapura, most famous its Kesava temple, located around 100kms from Bangalore and 35kms before Mysore city. Just off Mysore Road, it will probably take you 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours by car.

Hay outside Somnathpur temple Karnataka
It was past 10am when we arrived at the temple
Somnathpur temple entrance Karnataka
I don't remember, but I do believe there is an entry fee to the temple. It's not much.

Tree branches Somnathpura Continue reading “Day-trip from Bangalore: Visit to Chennakesava Temple, Somnathpur” »

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