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Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral Macau China

One day in Macau: The Venetian, Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Date: 2nd July 2012

I woke up early in order to catch a ferry to get to Macau by around 10am.

Hong Kong MTR subway trains
What the trains look like at 8am 🙂

To get to the ferry terminal for boats going to Macau, I got off at Sheung Wan station and just walked up, through a mall, to get to Turbo Jet’s ticketing counter (Cotai Jet is here as well). The ticket to Macau cost HK$163 (Rs. 1150/$21/€15) and I was hoping to get a seat for the ferry leaving at 8:45am, but as my bad luck would have it, the one guy in front of me at the counter wanted god-knows-how-many tickets and was arguing about change with the man behind the counter! Grrh, don’t you just hate it when this happens to you while waiting in line?! I stood there frustrated as not only did the 8:45am ferry fill up, so did the 9am one as well! I got one for 9:15am and then I waited at the departures ‘lounge’.

Passengers waiting ferry terminal
The terminal was filled with tourists from mainland China
Turbo Jet counter Hong Kong
I knew it would be well past 10am by the time I reached Macau
Inside Turbojet Macau boat Hong Kong ferry
This was the standard ‘class’ which was comfy enough and air-conditioned
Hong Kong Macau ferry terminal
I bid farewell to Hong Kong — for now

Tug boat ferry terminal Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline from ferry
I asked for a window seat (as usual)

I kept praying I would get to Macau and clear immigration in time so I could head to the airport to see SNSD arrive. Ferry to Macau Hong KongBut that wouldn’t be the case.

Macau bridge from ferry
I only reached Macau at around 10:30am. I already knew by now that my chances of making it to the airport in time were slim.
Macau casinos from ferry
The casinos greet you as soon as you near the Macau ferry terminal

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