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Thailand 2012: Far end of Jomtien Beach; back to Bangkok

Date: 16th November 2012 (Part 2)

After leaving the Sanctuary of Truth, I rode my rented bike back to the main road.

T Six 5 hotel Pattaya Thailand
If you want a quieter side to Pattaya, stay on this side (TSix 5 Hotel)
Pattaya traffic signal
I placed the camera around my neck and would take photos whenever traffic stopped
Pattaya beach road Thailand
… or whenever I felt like taking a photo, I would stop on the side of the road and click
Amari Holiday Inn hotel Pattaya
You got a lot of major hotel brands on the north Pattaya side, like Amari and Holiday Inn
Thai Airways Pattaya office
Thai Airways’ Pattaya office is on the north end as well
Pattaya beach road
I didn’t really stop to take photos on Beach Road, because it’s hella busy
Road to Jomtien beach
I had been to Jomtien Beach in 2010, but I took a songthaew back then

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Sanctuary of Truth temple Pattaya

Thailand: The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya

Date: 16th November 2012

Today’s plan was to rent a bike and drive to the Sanctuary of Truth, and later, to the far end of Jomtien beach.

Chaba Hut resort restaurant
I had my breakfast at the hotel itself
ChabaHut resort Pattaya pool
The pool faces the posher rooms

After breakfast, I inquired about bike rentals at the hotel reception.

Rental bikes Pattaya Thailand
Chaba Hut Resort themselves had several bikes for rent. But NONE of them would start, or had some problem or the other.
Honda Click rental bike Pattaya
Tired of waiting, I ended up renting a Honda Click from a restaurant just outside the hotel
Mooks Pattaya road
I carried a map with me and highlighted the route
Tourist vans pattaya
I had to get on a small road just off Pattaya Naklua Road
Pattaya apartment building
I did get lost at times, but I always stopped and asked around for directions
Road to Sanctuary of Truth
Most locals don’t know about the ‘Sanctuary of Truth,’ so you need to ask for Wat Prasat Mai or Wang Boran instead.
Sanctuary of Truth entrance Pattaya
This is the entrance to the Sanctuary of Truth

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Go-go bars restaurants walking street Pattaya Thailand

Thailand 2012: Arriving in Pattaya

Date: 15th November 2012

Here I go again. My third official trip to Thailand (fourth according to my passport). This time though, I wasn’t going to be alone. Ramesh, a friend I have travelled extensively with, was going to join me this time. But since he is working, he could only take a week off. Whereas I would be in Thailand for nearly two weeks.

I’ve been meaning to return to Thailand ever since my disappointment of 2010, when I first tried to capture the Yi Peng Lanna festival. I was still bitter about missing the big lantern release and vowed I would go back to do it right.

So it was good fortune when I landed a return ticket from Bangalore to Bangkok on Thai Airways for just Rs.14,558 ($266/€204)! How? Well, Cleartrip to the rescue again! I have been keeping a check on prices since January. For the first few months of 2012, the price was around Rs. 25k! Same airline and about the same travel period. Which was quite shocking, considering I paid Rs. 15k and Rs. 16k in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Then in early September, I was served an ad banner from Cleartrip promoting a discount coupon where by I could save some money on international flights.

This time the same Thai Airways flight cost Rs. 16k, a far more reasonable fare. I used the coupon code and got a further Rs.1600 discount. At Rs.14,558, this was the lowest I had ever paid for a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok. I immediately told Ramesh and he booked his ticket as well.

Bangalore International Airport extension
My flight left Bangalore without delay
Thai Airways inflight meal Bangalore
Thai Airways chicken curry meal – 4/5

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