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Breathe – The Floyd Sound, (Pink Floyd tribute concert) Live in Bangalore (India)

Date: 26/01/2011

After the introductory gig by Led Zepplica held by Gigbox at UB City last month, next up was a tribute to another legendary band in the world of music — Pink Floyd.

The band doing the honours was British act Breathe – The Floyd Sound. Apparently, this wasn’t their first time in India. Looking at their past gigs, Breathe – The Floyd Sound has toured India every year since 2008 — mostly doing college festivals and clubs. Hey, you got to start somewhere right?

The concert venue was the same,Β  the UB City Amphitheatre.

Breathe the Floyd Sound Bangalore concert crowds
There was quite a crowd (Photograph by Loiyumba)
Breathe Pink Floyd concert flying pig Bangalore
I love that they had this pig up in the sky (Check out the album cover of 'Animals' if you don't get the referance)
Breathe the Floyd Sound UB city amphitheatre crowds
Given the popularity of Pink Floyd in India, I wasn't surprised to see a lot more people turn up for this gig (Photograph by Loiyumba)
Gigbox concert Ducati bikes display
Ducati were one of the sponsors (Photograph by Loiyumba)
Dark Side of the Moon laptop wallpaper
The sound engineer was in the right frame of mind

UB City Bangalore towerPrestige UB City tree plant

Breathe Pink Floyd concert backdrop UB city
With the sun set, it was time to set the stage & check the lights

Breathe Pink Floyd Dark Side concert backdrop

The show began with the opening act — rajeev’s Wolfpack.

Rajeev's Wolfpack rock band Bangalore
The lead singer is Rajeev... so I guess that makes the rest his Wolfpack
Rajeev's Wolfpack opening act Bangalore
They performed at the Led Zepplica gig as well. Doing mostly covers of U2 songs.
Rajeev's Wolfpack UB City Bangalore concert
They did play a few of their own compositions this time though
Rajeevs Wolfpack UB city Bangalore
Before ending their set with The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)"

As it neared 8pm,Β  Breathe – The Floyd Sound finally hit the stage.

Breathe the Floyd Sound Bangalore concert entering stage
And they kicked off with...

Then followed it up with:


I didn’t record every song in full and I don’t remember the exact sequence, but here are some of the songs myself & Loiyumba did record:

“Hey You”

Breathe the Floyd Sound tree night visual backdrop

“Brain Damage”


After going through classics from ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ they performed tracks from the Syd Barrett-era.

Syd Barrett Bangalore Pink Floyd tribute concert backdrop
The late Syd Barrett, former front man of Pink Floyd
Breathe the Floyd Sound Syd Barrett tribute
They even performed "Arnold Layne," Pink Floyd's very first single

“Sorrow” (the only song they played from Momentary Lapse of Reason)

Breathe the Floyd Sound Bangalore concert Dave Gee
On drums, Dave Gee
Breathe the Floyd Sound band members
Keyboards: Joel Anderson

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

Breathe the Floyd Sound Bangalore concert lead vocalist
Lead vocals & guitar: Chris Barnes

“One of These Days”

Breathe the Floyd Sound Bangalore concert bassist
Bassist Peter Worley

The one song every Bangalorean was waiting to sing along to…

Breathe the Floyd Sound Bangalore concert lead guitarist
On lead guitars, Andy Fenton. He did an impeccable job recreating Pink Floyd's guitar sounds!

Band introductions and ‘thank you’s… and “Wish You Were Here”

“Run Like Hell”

Breathe the Floyd Sound ended the night with one of the greatest rock songs ever…

Unfortunately, my camera battery signalled that it was about to die. Which is why I ended up recording the final performance of the night on my phone.

Breathe the Floyd Sound Bangalore concert end
With that, the Pink Floyd tribute concert came to an end

As was the case with the Led Zepplica gig last month, I’ll never get to see the real Pink Floyd play live. Apart from old age, the relationship between David Gilmour and Roger Waters is still a strained one. Heck, and I’m a guy who can just do with David Gilmour! (Sorry Roger Waters fans, he sounds terrible now — and I rate David Gilmour to be the better guitarist)

None the less, this was another great tribute concert from Gigbox. The crowd was better — except for the idiots who expected everyone to sit down for a rock concert — and there were no sound issues this time around. I wonder who they plan on bringing next.

Might I make a recommendation?

Steel Panther rock band
These guys!

If you haven’t heard of Steel Panther, you should! They’re freakin’ AWESOME and bloody hilarious! Just read their bios! πŸ™‚

If you haven’t figured out from the spandex and hair,Β  Steel Panther plays tribute to 80’s rock.Β  From Bon Jovi, Poison, Van Halen, Def Leppard (mine & the lead vocalist’s favourite band) to Journey, Whitesnake, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and… Backstreet Boys?

Not only so they do awesome covers, in 2009 they released their own album called Feel the Steel. This was their first single off the album:

Other good songs are “Community Property” and my favourite, “Party All Day“. I’d love to see them live in Bangalore performing 80’s greatest rock hits! But I’m not sure their humour will appeal to everybody (conservative women, parents who thought it was a smart idea to bring their kids to a rock concert, guys who don’t get sarcasm, etc.)

These guys have balls… they went to Tokyo and performed a song called “Asian Hooker“!


Led Zepplica concert, Live in Bangalore (UB City)

Date: 23/01/2011

Organized by Gigbox, a relatively new player in the concert scene, the Led Zepplica concert was held at the UB City amphitheatre last month. I figured I’ll never see Led Zeppelin live in concert so what the heck, might as well see a tribute band. Got to love the name: Led Zeppelin + replica =Β Led Zepplica!

Clever πŸ™‚

There were two opening acts before Led Zepplica hit the stage. First up, a young Bangalore-based band called Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit opening act Led Zepplica UB city Bangalore
Fahrenheit take the stage
Fahrenheit Bangalore band Led Zepplica UB city
They mostly played their own original compositions...
Fahrenheit band Led Zepplica UB city Bangalore concert
... & they were quite good
Rajeev Wolfpack vocalist Led Zepplica Bangalore concert
Next up was this frustrated dude and his band
Rajeev Wolfpack Led Zepplica Bangalore concert
The band was called rajeev's Wolfpack -- and they mostly played U2 covers

Rajeev Wolfpack group Led Zepplica Bangalore concert

The lead vocalist did forget some of the words, but they get props from me for playing U2’s older hits such as “I Will Follow” & “‘Bullet the Blue Sky” before moving to more recent fare like “Vertigo“. I was happy to hear those songs but to keep the masses awake, they had to play the pub-staple “With or Without You“.

As it neared 8:30pm, Led Zepplica took to the stage.

Led Zepplica live in Bangalore concert UB city
They kicked things off with "Rock 'n' Roll"

Here’s a video of some of the first few songs Led Zepplica performed:

“Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Immigrant Song,” “Black Dog” & “Going to California”

Led Zepplica Joe Retta live Bangalore concert
Lead vocalist Joe Retta playing Robert Plant
Led Zepplica guitarist Lenny Mann Bangalore concert
On lead guitars, Lenny Mann, playing the role of legendary Jimmy Page
Led Zepplica bassist Johnny Bruhns Bangalore concert
Bassist Johnny Bruhns, playing Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones
Led Zepplica drummer Daryl Johnson Bangalore concert
And finally, playing the role of the late great John Bonham, Daryl Johnson on drums

Led Zepplica group Bangalore concertHere are some more videos:

“Dazed & Confused”

John Bonham’s greatest moment — “Moby Dick”

“Stairway to Heaven”

Their encore performance included:


“Whole Lotta Love”

Led Zepplica band members Bangalore concert
... and with that, the show came to an end

Though the gig was 2 hours long, Led Zepplica still didn’t play classics like “Since I’ve Been Loving You” or my favourite, “Trampled Under Foot”. But I figured it’s not possible to cram every Led Zep classic in a standard 2 hour show. Their catalogue of great rock requires at least half a day!

Led Zeppelin are the greatest hard rock band of all time. A band who were way ahead of their time — and legends in the world of rock. They broke up soon after John Bonham died and though Robert Plant & Jimmy Page did make music as a duo and even released an Unplugged album, the band never toured as Led Zeppelin for 19 years until 2007. That year, all three living members, along with John Bonham’s son Jason Bonham, got together for their reunion gig at London’s O2 Arena to pay tribute to Atlantic Records’ founder Ahmet Ertegun.

Since that show, there were persistent rumours of Led Zeppelin doing a world tour but rumours about Robert Plant’s unwillingness to do so, shot down the chances of that happening. So for me, seeing a decent tribute band was the next best thing.

The tickets were Rs. 500 for the ‘General’ seating but we got them for Rs. 300 via Come Feb 26th, Gigbox is holding another tribute concert. This time for another legendary British rock band:Β  Breathe – the Floyd Sound.

And I’m going for that too! πŸ™‚

Photos from the 2010 Lal Bagh Botanical Garden Flower Show, Bangalore

Date: August 08, 2010

In the 7 1/2 years I have been in Bangalore, I’ve never seen the annual flower show held at Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens leading up to August 15th (India’s Independence Day). So this time, I told myself I wasn’t going to miss it.

Also, I haven’t clicked in a while.

So on a bright Sunday morning, I actually forced myself to get up at 7:30am and made my way to Lal Bagh with my Canon 7D and Tamron 28-75 f2.8 lens in tow.

Lal Bagh entrance tunnel joggersLal Bagh had it’s usual early morning joggers but I wanted to make it here early before it got too crowded.

Lal Bagh Botanical gardens entrance
Lal Bagh on a rather calm Sunday morning

I paid the entrance fee of Rs. 40 (it’s Rs. 30 on weekdays and I didn’t qualify for the Rs. 10 ticket for children either). As I made my way in, first up was a vegetables.

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show vegetablesBoring. Then I realized the main flower show was inside the glasshouse.

Lal Bagh glasshouse from steps
The Lal Bagh glasshouse

Every year, the organizers put up one big show piece all done up using flowers. Last year’s big attraction was a dinosaur but this year, the organizers paid tribute to our soldiers.

Lal Bagh flower show India Gate vertical
India Gate

And with that, I began clicking…

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show purple chrysanthemumLal Bagh flower show bee pollen closeupLal Bagh flower show red white macroLal Bagh flower show red flower dew dropsLal Bagh flower show light orange BangaloreLal Bagh flower show flower potsBangalore Lal Bagh flower show white chrysanthemumBangalore Lal Bagh flower show petals antBangalore Lal Bagh flower show rasberry budBangalore Lal Bagh flower show purple yellowBangalore Lal Bagh flower show red strandsBangalore Lal Bagh flower show marigoldBangalore Lal Bagh flower show paper petalsBangalore Lal Bagh flower show paper buds

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show HAL first prize
There were a lot of 1st prize signs, so I'm not sure who the clear winner was

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show GerberaLal Bagh flower show India Gate rosesBangalore Lal Bagh flower show Petunia pots

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show Petunias
From a distance, these looked like sushi rolls to me
Lal Bagh flower show India Gate water sprinkling
India Gate was sprinkled with water internally from time to time

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show carnationBangalore Lal Bagh flower show annual chrysanthemumBangalore Lal Bagh flower show rud beckiaBangalore Lal Bagh flower show ferns

Lal Bagh flower show India Gate panorama
This is a panorama comprised of 7 shots

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show flower pots

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show salvia
With the dripping paint, more like 'Saliva'

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show salvia red violet

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show plastic
I don't think this was real

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show perwinkleBangalore Lal Bagh flower show ant leaves

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower china astor
If only sharpening pencils produced such beauty

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show corner plantsBangalore Lal Bagh flower show purple leavesBangalore Lal Bagh flower small petalsBangalore Lal Bagh glasshouse center row

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show BDA linaria
Not to be confused with Bangalore Muncipality's 'malaria'

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show gladiolusBangalore Lal Bagh flower show tube roseBangalore Lal Bagh flower show sniffing dogBangalore Lal Bagh glasshouse corner

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show cockscomb red
This was the most interesting looking flower they had at the show -- called the Cockscomb
Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show cockscomb pink
Everybody wanted to touch it

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show cockscomb

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show cockscomb flower
From a distance, this looked like cauliflower flower(?)*

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show celosia wool flowerBangalore Lal Bagh flower show celosia wool flower brightBangalore Lal Bagh flower show zinniaBangalore Lal Bagh flower show cockscomb yellowBangalore Lal Bagh flower show back focusBangalore Lal Bagh flower show depth of fieldBangalore Lal Bagh flower show red rose blur

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show pink rose dew
The good old fashioned rose

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show rose beetleBangalore Lal Bagh flower show pink roseLal Bagh flower show honeybee nectarLal bagh flower show honeybee flying

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower honeybee flying away
Spent a long time shooting this bee

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show pink petuniaBangalore Lal Bagh flower show pink petunia violet

Lal Bagh flower show India Gate side
There were a LOT of photographers...
Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show macro photographer
... and I wasn't the only one enjoying macro photography πŸ™‚
Lal Bagh glasshouse panorama
If I had my Canon 10-22, I could have got this photo in just one frame -- but this is comprised of 8 shots

All in all, I was very happy with the photos I took. I don’t usually shoot macro, simply because before I bought the Tamron 28-75mm, I couldn’t have been bothered. But now, I’m hooked!

Bangalore Lal Bagh flower show sleeping dog
Man's best friend couldn't be bothered. Sunday after all...

*if you are wondering whether I often have food on my mind, the answer is ‘yes’

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