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Photos from the 2012 Lal Bagh Republic Day Flower Show, Bangalore

Date: 23rd January, 2012

After how well-received my last flower show post was, I decided to cover this year’s Republic Day Flower show at Bangalore’s Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens.

I initially planned on waking up really early to avoid the crowds that would be thronging Lal Bagh in the days leading up to 26th January (India’s Republic Day), but given the cold weather, throwing aside my cozy blanket and getting out of bed early morning seemed near impossible.

So post lunch, I set off.

Lal Bagh towards glasshouse Bangalore India

I parked my bike inside, paid the Rs. 30 entry fee and walked towards the glasshouse

Lal Bagh glasshouse Republic Day flower show crowd Bangalore

It was 3pm -- and crowded!

Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore India

I walked around the glasshouse to get to the starting point

Buddhist temple stupa flower design Lal Bagh show Bengaluru

Every year the organizers have one major attraction that's the signature showpiece

Buddhist stupa design Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore

This flower show's main attraction was a Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist Stupa

Korean buddha stupa flower design Lal Bagh Republic day show Bangalore

This one was modelled on the Buddha Sharira Stupa in Jeju Island, South Korea

Korean buddhist temple stupa flower design Lal Bagh display

Group of annuals Lal Bagh glasshouse corner panorama

Group of Annuals at the corner

Group of Annuals flowers Lal Bagh botanical gardens

Geranium flowers Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore

Recognized some of the flowers from my last visit

Dahlia flowers Lal Bagh botanical gardens Bangalore India

Right next to the Geraniums were the Dahlias

Dahlia flower macro closeup Lal Bagh Bangalore India

They - were - pretty

Dahlia pink flower Lal Bagh Bangalore IndiaDahlia flower Lal Bagh Republic day show BangaloreDahlia red flower Lal Bagh show Bangalore India

Dahlia flower petals Lal Bagh Bangalore India

These flowers were quite the hit among the public

Dahlia peach coloured flower petals Lal Bagh BangaloreDahlia flower macro photograph Lal Bagh Bangalore Dahlia pink flower petal Lal Bagh show

Dhalia Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore


Antirrhinum flowers Lal Bagh glasshouse show Bangalore

Orchids Art of Life exhibit Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore

They had a section for orchids

Orchid exotic plant Lal Bagh flower show BangaloreOrchid section Lal Bagh glasshouse flower showOrchids section Anthura Florance Flora Lal Bagh showLal Bagh glasshouse orchid display republic day flower showOrchids section Lal Bagh republic day flower show panoramaOrchid exotic plants Lal Bagh Bangalore Needless to say the orchids on display were nowhere near the orchid collection I saw in Singapore’s Orchid Garden.White flower design Lal Bagh Republic day showAnthurium plants Lal Bagh flower show BangaloreGH Krumbigal bust Lal Bagh glasshouse flower show

Pot flowing flowers display Lal Bagh Republic Day show Bangalore

This was the other part of the main attraction

Flower wave out of pot Lal Bagh Bangalore floral show

I don't know what the inspiration behind this piece of work was

Swan made of flowers Lal Bagh show Republic Day Bangalore

Look, a flower swan too

Pink field of flowers crane Lal Bagh floral displayPot flowing flowers Lal Bagh Republic day show

Flowers flowing design Lal Bagh Republic day show panorama

Wonder what flowers they used

Lal Bagh Republic day flower show design panoramaLal Bagh Republic day flower show panorama

Lal Bagh glasshouse Republic day flower show main attraction Bangalore

I would say the big attraction was quite impressive his year

Mandhara school of floral arts section Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore

This section was being arranged by a floral arts school

Fruits design display Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore

It wasn't just flowers they were using

Kamsale flower arrangement Lal Bagh show Republic day

They had floral arrangements inspired by select Indian states and their respective cultural contributions

Bamboo dance flower arrangement Lal Bagh show BangaloreMysore iron works pillar Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore

Kuchipudi flower arrangement Lal Bagh show Bangalore

This arrangement inspired by Indian classical dance

Manipuri floral arrangement Lal Bagh show republic dayFloral arrangements Lal Bagh flower show glasshouseViolet roses Lal Bagh flower show Republic dayDandiyaras flower arrangement design Lal Bagh show

Kathakali inspired floral arrangement Bangalore

Inspired by Kerala's symbolic kathakali dance

Kathakali mask flower show Lal Bagh Bangalore India Group of annuals Lal Bagh glasshouse corner BengaluruLal Bagh flower show pot main attraction panorama

Brassica flower Fern Hill garden Lal Bagh show

These rose-like flowers looked really nice

Brassica flower Lal Bagh Bangalore

What the flower is actually called

Brassica flowers macro Lal Bagh Bangalore flower showBrassica flower macro closeup Lal Bagh flower showFloral attraction Lal Bagh Republic day flower show BangaloreFlowers Lal Bagh Republic Day show BangaloreCelosia plants Lal Bagh glasshouse flower showCelosia plants close-up Lal Bagh glasshouse flower showCelosia plants red green Lal Bagh Bangalore India

Cockscomb plant Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore

The ever so interesting cockscomb plant

Big attraction Republic Day flower show Lal BaghGroup of annuals pebble display Lal Bagh glasshouse

Indian flag national anthem rice mustard Lal Bagh display

The Indian flag made using coloured rice grains and our national anthem written using mustard seeds

Taj Mahal made using rice grains Lal Bagh display

A portrait of the Taj Mahal made using rice grains

Group of annuals flower pots Lal Bagh Bangalore

Group of annuals flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore IndiaGroup of annuals line of colours Lal Bagh displayGroup of annuals variant flowers colours Lal Bagh BangaloreGroup of annuals violet flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore India

Group of annuals color flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore India

Buddhist stupa made of flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore

It was time to leave

I actually did two rounds — first with my wide angle lens mounted on the camera, and then a second round with my Tamron 28-75mm macro lens.

Honeybee flying around flower Lal Bagh Bangalore

This is why I need the Tamron lens for such occasions

Bee flower macro photography Lal Bagh Bangalore India

I love taking such shots

Buddhist stupa floral temple Lal Bagh Republic day show panorama

Took the final few shots of the main attraction at this year's flower show

Buddha statue atop flowers Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore India

Lal Bagh glasshouse roof buddha stupa floral design

I had spent well over an hour inside the glasshouse

Lal Bagh glasshouse structure design Bangalore IndiaThere weren’t many new flower varieties on display inside, many of which I had seen in the last flower show I attended. Still, I got my money’s worth of photographs.

Lal Bagh glasshouse iron design pigeon Bangalore

Soap bubble floating Lal Bagh Bangalore

Saw a kid outside blowing soap bubbles and I had the spontaneous instinct to just click this bubble

Lal Bagh reflection in bubble Bangalore

I'm glad I did -- check out that reflection!

Bubble floating in the sky Bangalore India

Followed the bubble as the wind lifted it up in the sky -- until it burst

Lal Bagh glasshouse crystal palace history Bangalore India

History of the glasshouse at Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh fountain Bengaluru

Went up to the fountain

Lal Bagh fountain afternoon Bangalore panorama

Fountain water droplets fast shutter speed

Played around with shutter speeds

Lal Bagh fountain slow shutter speed Bangalore

Slow shutter speed

Lal Bagh fountain fast shutter speed Bangalore

Fast shutter speed

Fountain figure slow shutter water effect Bangalore India

I was quite enjoying this

Lal Bagh fountain figure water droplets slow shutter effect

Okay fine, I'll stop

Lal Bagh fountain glasshouse Bangalore India

I stepped away from the fountain

Lal Bagh botanical gardens Bangalore India

Lal Bagh glasshouse structure sunlight shadow

It was nearing 5pm

Lal Bagh botanical gardens tall trees Bangalore

I walked back

Japanese garden entrance Lal Bagh Bangalore

Made a quick visit in here before leaving

Lal Bagh monkey Bangalore India

Monkey Lal Bagh gardens Bangalore India

What's a visit to an attraction in India without the presence of these guys

Peacock flower creation Lal Bagh show Bangalore

Inside here, this was drawing a lot near

Mahabharath sand artwork creation Lal Bagh Bangalore

So was this sand sculpture paying homage to one of India's greatest epics

Mahabharath sand castle Lal Bagh garden Bangalore IndiaLal Bagh circular gardens Bangalore IndiaTree flower Lal Bagh Japanese garden

Tree branches white flower Lal Bagh

The branches look like reindeer antlers

Kempegowda tower temple rock Lal Bagh garden Bangalore India

All in all, a good photo session

I wonder what the organizers have in store for this year’s Independence Day Flower Show.

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Apr 11

Coldplayer – Live in Bangalore, India (Coldplay tribute concert)

Date: 03/04/2011

After concerts by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd tribute acts, it was a time for another tribute concert organized by Gigbox. But this time, it was for a far more recent band — Coldplay.

If you are wondering “why Coldplay?,” well then, you probably aren’t aware of the slew of hits the British Band have produced since 2000. Coldplay (and Linkin Park) are undoubtedly two of the biggest bands to come out of the 2000s, and both are still going strong. Sales in excess of 50 million worldwide and hit singles from four studio albums — that is enough material for a tribute band to play in Coldplay’s honour.

Coldplayer Gigbox concert stage instruments

I wasn’t expecting as many people as there were for the Breathe – The Floyd Sound concert, simply because Coldplay’s fanbase isn’t as big as a legendary band as Pink Floyd. Plus, April 2nd was the Cricket World Cup finals which India won, so most of the city was still reeling in the joy (and hangover) of last night’s match.

But being a massive Coldplay fan, there was no way I was going to miss this show.

The opening act was American solo artist Thom Chackon.

Thom Chackon singer concert Bangalore India

His music was mostly acoustic fare with a country vibe

Here’s a video of some songs he performed:

Thom Chackon performing Bangalore India

Thom Chackon performed a good 6 to 7 songs

Once Thom Chackon left, it wasn’t a long wait before Coldplayer hit the stage.

Coldplayer Gigbox concert sponsors

And they kicked things off with…

After “Politik,” the opening track from A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), next came:

I didn’t record “Violet Hill” in full because I needed to conserve space on my camera memory card.

Coldplayer band performing Bangalore

The band were dressed similar to how Coldplay dressed for the Viva La Vida tour

One of Coldpay’s greatest songs – “Clocks”

More songs from A Rush of Blood to the Head (“In My Place” & “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face”)

Coldplayer Seth Reuben lead vocalist Bangalore concert

Lead vocalist Seth Reuben, who does a really good Chris Martin

“Trouble” and “Strawberry Swing”

(“Strawberry Swing” was performed two tracks later actually)

Coldplayer Gareth Whiteside guitarist Craig Johnson bassist Bangalore India concert

Gareth Whiteside on guitars; bassist Craig Johnson

Coldplayer drummer Jacob King Bangalore India concert UB city

Jacob King

Moving on to my favourite Coldplay album, X & Y (2005)…

Coldplayer Gigbox concert band membersColdplayer Bangalore India concert UB City

Coldplay’s epic “Fix You” (followed by “Talk”)

Coldplayer Seth Reuben Chris Martin lookalike lead vocalist hand

Coldplayer Seth Reuben lead vocalist Chris Martin wink

Seth doing his best Thom Yorke impression

Coldplayer Seth Reuben doppelganger look alikeColdplayer Gigbox concert Bangalore UB City concert

And then, the song everybody knew (most of) the words to…

My card got full halfway through the song and had to swap the second one in, thus the break in recording. No worries… as you’ll see down below 🙂

The band then left the stage after “Yellow,” which didn’t imply the show was over. There was no way a Coldplay tribute act was going to end a show in 2011 without playing “Viva La Vida“.

Come back on stage they did. Now, it was time for a break in pace and some acoustic fare.
Coldplayer acoustic performance Bangalore

Besides “Don’t Panic,” they also sang “Green Eyes” and one other song which I wasn’t too familiar with.

Coldplayer Seth Reuben lead vocalist Chris Martin look alike

“The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away” and that song which is now a Coldplay anthem…

Coldplayer stage light fog machine BangaloreColdplayer Mam agencyFrom Vida or Death and All His Friends, they played “Lost,” “Strawberry Swing” and this:

Coldplayer Gigbox concert inspection


Coldplayer Gareth guitarist Craig bassist concert performanceColdplayer Gareth Craig Seth performance Bangalore concertColdplayer band singing Bangalore concert IndiaColdplayer then performed the final song in their setlist…


But since the awesome crowd asked for more…

Coldplayer Gigbox concert band members talking

The band decide which tracks to perform (either that or they wondered what was for dinner)

“Life in Technicolor II” (from the Prospekt’s March EP)

“Shivers” (from Parachutes)

For the final song of the night, since the reception this song got the first time was so good, Coldplayer ended their gig with an encore performance of Coldplay’s first hit single:

With that, Coldplayer bowed to the audience and finally left the stage — this time for real.

Coldplayer Bangalore India concert endColdplayer band bowing concert end

Coldplayer band Gigbox concert leaving stage

Seth: “Smell my armpit before you go, will ya mate?”

Gigbox’s third concert was yet another stellar show. Sure, the UB City amphitheatre wasn’t as packed as it was for Breathe – The Floyd Sound, but you really can’t compare the fanbase Pink Floyd has in the city to Coldplay. The crowd was a lot younger this time and as you heard from the videos, they were very receptive.

Coldplayer concert crowd Nithin Divakaran

My brother (extreme right) and his friends surely enjoyed it

Coldplayer concert Gigbox crew

The folks at Gigbox who put on the show

So after tribute acts for Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Coldplay… who is next?

Ireland’s biggest musical export — U2, played tribute by U2UK. May 7th, see you there 🙂

Apr 11

Malaysia 2010: Day 8 — Kuala Lumpur (Batu Caves, Petaling Street/China Town)

Date: 2nd October 2010

Today we needed to be out and early as we had to head far out to reach Batu Caves, a famous Hindu temple site — and one of Kuala Lumpur’s must-see sights. Since I was up and ready first, I decided to take a few photos of the place where we were staying.

Irsia, according to the Iranians who run the place, is a fairly new hostel/bed-n-breakfast/budget guesthouse.

Irsia hostel shoes Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

You have to leave your shoes downstairs as no shoes are allowed into rooms

Irsia hostel ground floor rooms Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The place is quite clean though. These are the rooms downstairs.

Irsia hostel dining room Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The dining room is downstairs

Irsia hostel kitchen Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The kitchen is where you can make yourself toast and coffee/tea

As was the norm everywhere we stayed on this trip, once you are done with breakfast, you wash the dishes yourself and keep it back from where you took them.

Irsia hostel bed & breakfast lobby Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The lobby/reception/living area has books, a TV and two computers with free internet service

Irsia BnB lobby KL Revive Isotonik

They sell bottled water lower than what the 7-Elevens charge

Irsia hostel verandah Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This is the sit-out area. Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms.

Irsia hostel sit out area Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This is where we sat yesterday night and had our dinner

Irsia hostel rainbow stairs Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

No elevator. You have take these stairs to go up.

Irsia hostel upstairs rooms Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Upstairs, where our triple room was (Photograph by Loiyumba, taken yesterday)

Irsia BnB F1 triple room Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

How appropriate our room number was ‘F1’ for this ‘F1 trip’ of ours

Irsia hostel upstairs bathrooms Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

These are the bathrooms upstairs

That concludes our tour of Irsia hostel/Bed-n-Breakfast/guesthouse/budget hotel 🙂

Given that our triple room cost us around Rs. 4300 (RM297/$96/€68) for 3 nights, we couldn’t have been more happier with Irsia, given the location. Yes, the walls are a little thin and ventilation isn’t great, but if you are going to be spending more time inside hotel rooms, you best look at proper hotels. By the way, that is Rs. 4300 for all three of us — Rs. 1400 per person, for 3 nights in KL!

Once all three of us were ready and done with breakfast, we stepped out. We decided to take the monorail to get to KL Sentral.

Imbi station monorail Kuala Lumpur

The monorail station in front of Berjaya Times Square is called Imbi

Imbi monorail station Kuala Lumpur morning

At 9:30am, the station wasn’t all that crowded

Monorail view to KL Sentral

KL monorail view city river stream

The ride takes around 15-20 minutes with all the stops

Once at KL Sentral, we asked the information desk how to get to Batu Caves and were instructed to head downstairs to the train platforms.  We bought our tickets (RM2/Rs. 30/$0.60) and headed down.

KL Sentral train station platforms

KL Sentral train station Batu Caves

There are frequent trains to Batu Caves

Unfortunately, in the confusion of which train to get on, I accidentally stepped into the wrong train but was too late to step out as the doors closed with Ramesh and Loi still on the platform.

Kuala Lumpur city train station

I got down at the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, which was the next stop

But by then, Ramesh and Loiyumba were in the right train and already ahead of me.

Kuala Lumpur train station

I soon got the next train and was on my way

Kuala Lumpur houses on outskirtsKuala Lumpur outskirts by trainThe ride took nearly 30 minutes and by the time I arrived at the station (which by the way is the last stop), Ramesh and Loiyumba were already at the temple.

Getting to Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

There is no entry fee for Batu Caves

Batu Caves Hanuman green statue

Hanumanji’s presence isn’t the biggest here

Batu caves Venkatachalapathi temple Kualu Lumpur

Sri Venkatachalapathi temple

Batu Caves Venkatachalapathi temple no shoes

Batu caves Sri Venkatachalapathi temple devoteesBatu Caves temple diyas KL MalaysiaBatu Caves landscape KL MalaysiaBatu Caves Sri Venkatachalapathi temple stepsBatu caves murku mixture shop Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Batu Caves Chinese garden Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This is a Chinese garden; I believe entry wasn’t free

Batu Caves pigeons Murugan statue KL MalaysiaBatu Caves kids scaring pigeons KL Malaysia

Batu Caves pigeons kid Malaysia

Pigeons must hate kids

Batu Caves adult scaring pigeons KL Malaysia

Scratch that. Pigeons hate humans.

Batu Caves hindu temple Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Batu Caves Murugan statue steps Malaysia

It was time for me go up, Ramesh and Loi were already in the cave

Batu Caves Hindu gods pigeonsBatu Caves base temple hall no shoes

Batu Caves steps Murugan statue height

This statue of Lord Murugan is the biggest of its kind in the world

Batu Caves 272 steps hill climb KL Malaysia

272 steps to climb

Batu Caves monkey stair pillar KL Malaysia

Along the way (as was the norm on this trip), you’ll encounter plenty of monkeys

Batu Caves monkey grabbing banana from tourist

And as usual, monkeys will try and grab stuff from you

Batu Caves monkey by steps looking KL Malaysia

Batu Caves monkey silent KL Malaysia

But they are generally well behaved here

Batu Caves monkey steps Brazil touristBatu Caves monkey on steps shoesBatu Caves Gua Gelap dark cave entranceBatu Caves monkey looking Kuala Lumpur cityBatu Caves entrance to highest templeOnce I reached the top, I met up with Ramesh and Loiyumba who were done and were ready to head back down. They said they would wait for me down below and so, I went in for my photography.

Batu Caves view from top KL cityBatu Caves entrance god statueBatu Caves inside stalactitesBatu Caves inside pigeon stare

Batu Caves inside view

Batu Caves inside main cave area

It only got better once inside

Batu Caves roof gaps in rocks

There were gaps in the ceiling through which water was dripping down

Batu Caves inside steps to second temple

There are two temples in side the cave

Batu Caves inside main temple Swami Sannathi

This. apparently, is the ‘main temple’

Batu Caves inside steps to other temple Batu Caves inside monkey looking at people

Batu Caves inside cave open area water drippingBatu Caves inside monkey climbing stairs

Batu Caves inside monkey begging food

This monkey was a spoilt one. When this Indian couple gave hims some food, he dropped it and picked up a burger instead.

Batu Caves inside limestone rock

Batu Caves inside temple vertical shot

I was glad I had my wide angle lens with me

Batu Caves inside main cave open airBatu Caves inside limestone formationBatu Caves inside monkey eating coconutBatu Caves inside three monkeysBatu Caves inside templeBatu Caves inside Indian statues

Batu Caves inside temple writings on wall

Apparently they should have also mentioned ‘No Scribbling’

Batu Caves inside temple rock colours

I liked the photos I clicked in here

Batu Caves inside temple designBatu Caves inside monkeys on rocksBatu Caves inside staring monkeyBatu Caves inside monkeys on limestone rockBatu Caves inside monkey praying eyes closedBut even with a wide-angle lens, trying to capture the scale of the caves from the inside (without distortion) was near impossible, so I took a few multiple shots and merged them into one using Photoshop.

Batu Caves vertical panorama

Vertical panorama comprised of 10 shots

Batu Caves inside monkey on lightBatu Caves inside limestone rocksBatu Caves inside monkey on steps

Batu Caves steps dark inside vertical panorama

Vertical panorama comprised of 11 shots

Batu Caves worship temple

Batu Caves stairs inside lighting panorama

Vertical panorama comprised of 8 shots

Batu Caves opening light coming inBatu Caves limestone walls

Batu Caves water dropping on steps

I was trying to capture water dropping on to the steps

Batu Caves steps way out

After nearly 20 minutes inside the cave, it was time for me head down

Batu Caves tourists posing Indian godsBatu Caves stepping outBatu Caves steps down

Batu Caves view of Kuala Lumpur

It was a cloudy day, so I couldn’t see the Petronas Towers from here. Actually, I’m not even sure if they are visible from up here.

Batu Caves large Lord Murugan statue Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Vertical panorama comprised of 5 shots

Batu Caves entrance to steps

Once down, I caught up with Loi and Ramesh and we decided to have lunch from here itself.

Batu Caves Dhivya's Cafe jain food Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This is where we ate. There aren’t too many options actually.

Post lunch, we just sat outside for a while and observed the crowds. We were even approached by some PR team for Sony, and asked to pretend we were using Sony camcorders. In return for doing so, we asked them if we could keep them — but they said no. 🙂

Batu Caves wedding couple photography

Not sure if this couple were shooting for their wedding album or not

Batu Caves large Murugan statue steps Malaysia

I took one last look at Lord Murugan before leaving (This is a single shot)

Batu Caves Indian Swami Malal Thiru ThaniBatu Caves pigeons on top

Batu Caves train Komuter station

This is the Batu Caves train station

Batu Caves inside station

(Photograph by Loiyumba)

Batu Caves train station public sign Malaysia

In case you wanted to know the Malay words for public signs (Photograph by Loiyumba)

Batu Caves Tandas Lelaki

Tandas = toilet (Photograph by Loiyumba)

We bought our tickets (RM2) and boarded our train.

Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers from far Malaysia

It was a cloudy day, but we could still see the Petronas Towers from afar

Loiyumba sleeping in train Malaysian flag glass

Dynasty Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If you were looking for nasty hotel in KL. (J/k, it’s quite fancy: http://www.dynasty.com.my/)

Ramesh Mithun train Kuala Lumpur

(Photograph taken by Loi)

Once we got back to KL Sentral, we decided to head to the IKEA store as Ramesh was keen on picking up some stuff from there. The outlet was located in the area called Mutiara Damansara and we asked around on how to get there by bus. We waited at bus stop outside KL Sentral and hopped on to one that went that way.

Kuala Lumpur city highway flyoverThe journey took us through a lot of residential areas in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur residential area highway MalaysiaPapparich Livingportal Kuala Lumpur Malaysia(These were taken on my Nokia E72)

Kuala Lumpur houses MalaysiaKuala Lumpur residential area MalaysiaAn hour long journey later, we were in Petaling Jaya. Even though it was a long journey, it was quite a relaxing one for me as I got to see residential areas outside of the CBD (Central Business District), something I wouldn’t have seen given where we were staying.

Ikano Power Centre mall Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The IKEA store is right adjacent to this

Once we entered the IKEA store, we were hooked! There was soooooo much that we felt like picking up, but just couldn’t, because figuring out how to carry them home was something we couldn’t comprehend.

Regardless, we still picked up quite a bit of stuff and by the time were out, it was well past sunset.

Ikea store Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Technically, the IKEA store is not in Kuala Lumpur, it’s in neighbouring district

Since we had quite a lot of stuff with us to carry, we decided to just take a cab.

Kuala Lumpur tunnel underpass Malaysia

Though bus only cost us RM2.60 for 3, taxi was much required to save time

And save time it did, the taxi took the highway from the IKEA store into KL  and we were back in our rooms in just half-an-hour. (IKEA store directions)

For dinner, we decided to head to Kuala Lumpur’s China Town, which was also accessible via monorail.

Kuala Lumpur traffic at night carsFrom Imbi, the monorail stop for getting to China Town was only two stops away, at Maharajalela.

Chinese Guan Yin temple night Kuala LumpurPawn shop way to Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Jalan Petaling street China town entrance Kuala Lumpur

If you ask locals around for “Chinatown” and they don’t get it, just ask for Petaling street

Once inside, it was a just one street (probably covering two blocks) with a lot of stores and street shops. No vehicles allowed.

KL Petaling Street shopping handbags

You have the usual gamut of fake goods, pirated CD/DVDs and clothes

Petaling Street Chinatown crowds Kuala Lumpur

But I didn’t really find anything particularly interesting about this ‘Chinatown’

Petaling Street shops Chinatown KL Malaysia

Plus, the prices were quite high considering the stuff they sold weren’t what you would call “genuine”

A lot of the t-shirts were from Thailand and so, cost a lot more than what I saw them for in Bangkok. Yes, you have to haggle, but even when Loi did so for a backpack, the price they came down to was still too high. We soon left Petaling Street.

And just as we left, it began to rain all of a sudden.

Plaza Warisan bricked streets rain night Kuala Lumpur

Fortunately we had umbrellas

We saw an Malay Indian restaurant and jumped in for a quick dinner.

Roti parota beef curry Kuala Lumpur

The place was run by Malay Tamilians; food was simple and decent enough taste-wise

Ramesh didn’t find anything on the menu that was pure veg, so it was just myself & Loi. Once we were done, we headed back to Berjaya Times Square by taxi (cost RM5) as it was still raining.

Berjaya Times Square Krispy Kreme Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

It was dinner at Krispy Kreme for Ramesh

Loiyumba penchant pose Kuala Lumpur night

It stopped raining by midnight

We headed back to Irsia, calculated our daily expenses, sorted out who paid for what, and who owes whom how much — pretty much a daily routine for us on this trip, before hitting the sack.

I was quite happy with some of the photos I took inside Batu Caves and rate the caves highly as one of the “must see” sights in Kuala Lumpur. It only costs RM 2 for the one way journey to Batu Caves by train and is a nice break from the city.

Tomorrow morning, we planned to get up early (again) and head to Petronas Towers to try and get a ticket to visit the observation deck. We only had one more day left in the capital.

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