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Hotel Green plaza onsen view

Japan: Hakone ropeway; onsen at Hotel Green Plaza

Date: 31 March 2015

After the cruise across Lake Ashi on a pirate-themed ship, next I was going to take the Hakone Ropeway (cable car) to get to Ubako Station.

Hakone Ropeway Togendaiko station Japan
The ropeway is one of Hakone’s main attractions
Hakone Ropeway queue Japan
The Hakone Pass I was holding covered the ticket fares for the ropeway

If you would like to know how much the one-way and round trip fares for Hakone Ropeway are, click here.

Cable car Hakone ropeway Japan
This would be be my 3rd cable car experience, after Langkawi and Hong Kong
Inside cable car Hakone Ropeway Japan
It’s definitely not as impressive an experience as the one in Langkawi or Lantau Island (Hong Kong), but I guess maybe it’s because the ‘wow factor’ has been lessened after being on other cable car rides now
Hakone ropeway cable car Japan
The views are alright
Views from Hakone ropeway Japan
You get decent views of Mount Fuji along the way up
Hakone machi ropeway tower station
My stop was the very next one
Green Plaza Hotel Fuji view Japan
I walked to Hotel Green Plaza which is very close to Ubako Station

The lady who sold me her half-used Hakone pass recommended the onsen at Hotel Green Plaza, for its splendid views of Mount Fuji as you bathe in the hot springs. Continue reading “Japan: Hakone ropeway; onsen at Hotel Green Plaza” »

Mount Fuji Lake Ashi Hakone Japan

Japan: Getting to Hakone; Lake Ashi sightseeing cruise

Date: 31 March 2015

The second to last day on Japan soil. I had to make the most of it and accomplish a few more things. Experience a proper, natural outdoor onsen (hot spring), see Mount Fuji from closer up, — and eat sushi at a proper sushi restaurant.

Today I was going to be spending the whole day at Hakone, a popular getaway for Tokyo’s residents. Famous for offering great views of Mount Fuji, many hiking trails, resorts and many natural hot springs.

Yesterday, I bought a Hakone pass off a hostel mate who had purchased a two-day pass but only used the benefits of the pass yesterday. I could make use of the pass to avail buses and local trains within Hakone today. But first I had to get to Hakone from Tokyo station.

Tokyo station Odawara platforms
At Tokyo station, platforms 9 and 10 have trains going to Odawara (Tokaido Line)
Tokaido line Okachimachi eki Japan
I forget exactly which stations I had to get down at and transfer trains, but eventually I had to stick to the Tokaido line to get to Odawara station
View from train to Odawara
It was time leave the urban sights of Tokyo
Shinagawa station platform Japan
I think this was Shinagawa station, the second station I had to switch trains from
Odawara station Japan
It took just over an hour because of all the transfers
Bus depot Odawara station Japan
But from Odawara station, I now had to take a bus to get to the docks at Lake Ashi from where the sightseeing cruise departs
Odawara river stream Japan
You could see right away why city-dwellers come here

Continue reading “Japan: Getting to Hakone; Lake Ashi sightseeing cruise” »

Little girl on shoulder Ueno park

Japan: Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Ueno Park

Date: 30th March 2015

After I visited Akihabara for the second time, I then decided to head to Ueno Park. I had been there a few days ago, but I was disappointed to see that the cherry blossom trees weren’t fully in bloom. I worried I wouldn’t see it fully bloomed before leaving Japan.

Ueno park pathway Japan
At first glance, I assumed things hadn’t improved
Sakura trees Ueno park Tokyo
But as I walked closer, I could see some trees certainly had more flowers this time around
Ueno park shrine evening sun Tokyo
The evening sunlight was quite nice so I went up to the shrine to take some photos
Funny tree shape Ueno park
I wonder if they wrapped this tree’s trunks so that it stays in this shape
Ueno park in the evening
I love the sunlight between 4PM-6 PM, it’s great for photography
Sakura in full bloom Ueno park
As I walked further, the trees here were much bigger and thicker in cherry blossom flowers

Continue reading “Japan: Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Ueno Park” »

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