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Gokarna 2010: Day 3 – Where to stay on Kudle and Om Beach

Date: 1st March, 2010

Since this was my last day in Gokarna, and since I was all by myself, I decided to do things at my own pace.

Woke up at around 10am, did my business in the common restrooms, paid for my room/hut and then checked out. Stocked up on water and said my goodbyes to the staff at Sunset Cafe.

My second post has photos of Sunset Cafe but if you want to call for reservations, the numbers mentioned on the card they gave me are: (0) 94485 26270 & (0) 93410 79315. They have huts and rooms with prices starting from Rs. 250 onwards.

I thought I’d be of service to my readers and friends by checking out a few other hotel options that looked like decent places to stay on Kudle beach.

By far the most expensive hotel on Kudle Beach is Hotel Gokarna International.

Kudle beach Gokarna International hotel
Hotel Gokarna International, Kudle Beach

And by ‘expensive,’ I mean this is the only proper hotel on Kudle beach. Just about everything else offers simple huts and small bricked rooms. Rates here range from Rs. 1200 ($26/€19) to Rs. 1500 ($33/€24) for double rooms. Not all rooms face the sea — so you can imagine which ones cost more. Hotel Gokarna International has a bar and a restaurant serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. And don’t worry, no shared bathrooms here.

Kudle beach sign dogs

Kudle beach Sangria cafe guesthouse
Sangria Guesthouse, Ph: 08386329266 (Rate: Rs. 200 – Rs. 800)
Kudle beach pineapple pieces
Pineapple trash on beach (free)

Next up is a funky little place called Jazzmin Cafe & German Bakery. They were fairly accommodating and asked me to take as many photos as I wanted. So I did.

Kudle beach Jazzmin cafeKudle beach Jazzmin cafe Shiva

Kudle beach Jazzmin cafe rooms
The two huts right in front have attached toilets

When I questioned them on prices, they told me it’s best I e-mail them with my “requirements” (e-mail:

Kudle beach Shivprasad guesthouse
This is right next to Jazzmin and the first ‘hotel’ you’ll come across on Kudle

At the other extreme end of Kudle beach is Ganga Cafe, which looked like a pretty decent place too but I couldn’t have been bothered to walk all the way there with all my bags in the hot sun. Sorry.

UPDATE: A reader who visited in December 2017 was kind enough to share some numbers of places to stay on Kudle beach:

  • Sangrila Cafe – 9611846251, 9535214217
  • Sun Shine Cafe – 9686730995
  • Sea View – 8884397213
  • Shree Umamaheshwara Cottage – 8884073066, 9343596569
  • Sea Rock Cafe – 9916729466, 7829814881
  • Goutami Prasad Restaurant & Guesthouse – 9886897597, 9741397597

So with all my bags in tow, I made my way up the rabbit hole for the last time.

Path down to Kudle beachI took it slow as with a laptop on my back, a camera bag on the left shoulder and a tripod on the other — it was literally back-breaking.

I then took the same path over the hill to Om Beach, which is where I decided I’d spend the day before heading back to town. The reason I opted to stay back one more day was to take a lot of videos on my camera (Canon 7D). Of course, I did take photos in between.

Om beach rocks panorama
A panorama comprised of 5 shots

It was already past noon by the time I reached Om Beach so I decided to have an early lunch. I walked into Namaste Cafe, by far the most popular joint on Om Beach and a preferred stay for many who tend to book rooms in advance.

Their restaurant was quite busy as well.

Om beach seafood tandoor platter
Seafood tandoor platter, Rs. 200. Very good!
Om beach Namaste Cafe kitten
And wherever Mithun eats seafood, comes thy kitten
Om beach sleeping puppy
…. and sleeping pups.

Namaste Cafe has a variety of rooms from basic huts to air-conditioned rooms and prices start from Rs. 200 upwards. For more information, call (08386) 257141/ (0) 94481 53643.

Om Beach attracted bus loads of people that day, guessing because some people got holidays for the festival of Holi.

After a long & lazy lunch, I decided to walk up Om Beach and climb up the path to Half-Moon beach. So I asked my waiter if I could leave my laptop bag at a safe location at the restaurant itself. After doing so, with my tripod and camera bag, I set off once again.

I had to wear socks this time as my feet were getting blisters and scratches from my floaters and from walking barefoot on the sand.

Om beach 3 stray dogs
Everyone gets lazy in Gokarna

Om beach Gokarna fisherman boat

Om beach Gokarna kayak rental
Kayak rentals on Om beach

Om beach Dolphin bay cafe

Om beach boat taxisOm beach Hotel GaneshOm beach Lee 3rd rockI took the same path we took the day before.

Om beach water streamOm beach rock divideOm beach view panoramaI stopped at the point from where if you were to take a left turn, you would be on the path to Half-Moon beach.

Gokarna Om to Half-Moon beach

Om tree point panorama
I decided to walk up all the way to that tree point…
Me tree Om beach hill
… and just sit there for some time

Gokarna view Arabian seaGokarna lighthouseGokarna fishing boats

Om beach eagle soaring
Lucky eagle

As it was nearing 5pm, I decided to head back to Om beach.

Om beach distance
Om beach

Om beach Gokarna hillOm beach sunsetOm beach rock boysOm beach boat taxis anchored

Om beach fat woman bikini
The large one is a woman by the way

Back at Namaste Cafe, I collected my laptop bag, washed up, cooled off with a lime soda and then made my way up to the auto stand.

Got into one, and saw the beautiful coastlines of Gokarna one last time while I made my way back into town.

Since I had some time to kill before my boarding the bus, I went to the Gokarna beach area for some photographs.

Gokarna beach camel ride

Gokarna beach Appu tattoo well ad
“Appu Tattoo: You won’t BELIEVE where all we can give you a tattoo!”

Gokarna beach bookstoreGokarna town pigeonsGokarna town music instrument storeGokarna town float pandal

Gokarna Shree Venkataraman temple
Shree Venkataraman temple: Sending your messages to god — and parcels for your uncle too!
Hotel Gokarna International town
Hotel Gokarna International in town

By this point, my camera battery was dying from all the video I recorded during the day. But I couldn’t help but click these posters.

Gokarna town theatre poster sideGokarna town theatre stageI don’t know what the play was about but I would’ve loved to have found out. Going by their faces I’m guessing it involves killing the make-up artist.

Gokarna town theatre posterAfter this, I switched off my camera and made my way to bus. The VRL buses begin at the same spot they drop you in the morning coming from Bangalore. By 6:45pm, it makes it’s way to the town office where it picks up the remaining passengers.

I took this opportunity to go out and grab some grub. I had a sudden yearning to have some ice cream but some stores ran out. Others pointed me to an old rustic coffee shop up the road.

As I patiently waited for the old man at the counter to finish tabulating his bills, I asked for “ice cream”. And then he ran down the list of flavours he had. Going by what he listed, I realized this was home-made ice cream and not the usual mass-produced artificially-flavoured stuff.

I opted for a scoop of mango and he packed one up in a generic ice cream cup with a lid and spoon. All this for how much? Rs. 6 ($0.13).

Gokarna homemade ice cream
It was yum!

In many ways, Gokarna feels like it’s stuck in time. A time and a place where you can get a cup of ice cream for just Rs. 6, where ATMs aren’t available in every nook & corner and amenities are basic at best.

The very same reasons I seemed to love Gokarna. It may not remain like this forever, that’s for sure, but I’m sure about one thing — I’m definitely coming back!

Book Gokarna hotels at

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