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Gundam RG 1/1 RX 78-2 version life-size model

Japan: Boat ride to Odaiba; giant Gundam statue at DiverCity Mall

Date: 28th March 2015

After enjoying the relaxing walk along Sumida river and capturing the cherry blossom trees in bloom, I was now going to get on a boat to Odaiba — a major shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo Bay.

Sumida river boat ticket number card
I paid ¥1310 (₹750/$11.5/€10) for my one way journey to Odaiba
Sumida river boat
My boat had arrived
Inside Sumida tour boat Tokyo
I sat inside for a while
Asahi golden building Tokyo Japan
That golden building belonging to Asahi breweries is meant to resemble a beer mug
Asahi building Sumida river Tokyo
Asahi Beer Hall with the “golden turd” on top
Sumida river boat tour Tokyo
It didn’t take me long to go up to the top of the boat
Tourists boat tour Sumida river Tokyo
Seemed like the majority of the passengers chose not to sit down below
Office building Sumida river Tokyo
Passed many interesting looking buildings along the way

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Sumida-gawa from sakura bashi bridge

Japan: Cherry blossom celebrations by Sumida River

Date: 28th March 2015

After checking out Denboin Garden near Sensoji temple, I walked towards Sumida River next.

Skytree gold building Asahi Sumida
I was here to check out the sakura festivities on either side of the Sumida River
Tokyo Cruise building Sumida river
Plenty of boat tours from this station
Tokyo cruise map Sumida river
Here’s a map of the waterway service
Sumida river tour boat Tokyo
I would take one of these boats later
Sumida river two sides panorama
A wide panorama of both banks
Tokyo sky tree panorama Japan
The Tokyo Skytree, shot using my 70-200 mm lens
Asahi beer hall golden building Tokyo
I decided to check out this side of the river bank first

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Denboin garden pagoda Tokyo Japan

Japan: Denboin garden, near Sensoji Temple

Date: 28th March 2015

Yesterday was all Shinjuku, from the skyscrapers to the nightlife of Kabukicho. Today was going to be a packed day. I walked to the Seiyu supermarket nearby just to see what it was like inside a Japanese supermarket.

Meat section supermarket Japan
Seeing all the meat on offer made me wish I had a proper kitchen to cook
Ice cream section supermarket Japan
The ice creams I saw made me wish it wasn’t freezing cold outside :-/
Pastry section Japanese supermarket
I decided to come back at night to pick up some baked goods
Croquet section Japanese supermarket
There were plenty of croquets available too
Asakusa shopping street Tokyo Japan
Plenty of shops and eateries in Asakusa
Asakusa Don Quijote Tokyo Japan
I quickly checked out the Don Quijote here
Chocolates Don Quijote Asakusa
The ground floor was all food and snacks
Fetish costumes Don Quijote Tokyo Japan
The upper floors are electronics, fashion, sex toys… and all sorts of fetish costumes — French maid outfits to school uniforms
Asakusa shopping streets Tokyo
I left Don Quijote and walked towards Sensoji Temple

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