Railay East restaurants bars

Thailand 2009: Day 7 (Part 2) – Exploring Railay, Krabi

Date: Dec 19th, 2009

Having decided I wasn’t going to end my Krabi trip in further disappointment, I got down from my tour boat at Railay instead of Ao Nang, which is where my hotel was. I wanted to see as much as possible of what I had intended to in Krabi.

Railay West beach
Railay West

Railay West beachI was on the Railay West side and I  made my way through a narrow ‘street’ in between resorts on either side. It was one short walk to get to Railay East.

Railay Krabi Thailand trees
You just need to walk this small stretch to get to Railay East

Railay Thailand monkeysRailay Thailand treesRailay Thailand villageRailay Thailand villageRailay East Joy barRailay is essentially for backpackers. And if you are into reggae. Seriously.

It was funny to see Thai Rastafarians but the place had loads of them. Bob Marley, Jamaica and ‘weed’ art pretty much painted Railay East’s bar scene. Accommodation is mostly budget and the parties go on until late.

Railay East restaurants bars
But don’t expect to see ATMs and other ammenties here
Railay Rapala hotel restaurant
There’s even an Indian restaurant on Railay East (taken on E72)

Railay was hit by the 2004 tsunami too — but compared to Koh Phi Phi and Phuket — not as badly.

Railay East beach
Railay East ‘beach’

You have to walk a bit to get to the shore.

Railay East beach tractor
Or take a tractor.

Railay East treesRailay East beachRailay East was, well, different from all other coastlines I saw in South Thailand. It’s still a cool place to be if you just want to party and smoke up — because just about everyone who chose to stay in Railay looked like they didn’t want to be among the ‘other’ tourists.

As it neared 5pm, I walked back through the hotels and resorts back to Railay West.

Railay West beach

Railay West beach sunsetThere is a boat taxi counter on the beach itself. A ticket back to Ao Nang costs 80 baht (Rs. 110). That’s fairly steep considering the journey takes less than 5 minutes. On top of that, you have to wait for the boat to get enough passengers before it can leave.

But wow — the ride as short as it is — is beautiful!

Railay Thailand longtail boatRailay sailboatsGetting to see the enormous rocks from up close was an awesome experience.

Railay Krabi rock seaRailay Krabi rock seaRailay Krabi rock seaRailay Krabi rock seaKrabi resortHaving taken a longtail boat, I must say, the ride is a lot smoother than I thought.

Ao Nang Krabi rainbow
What a sight to end the evening
Ao Nang beach sunset
Sunset at Ao Nang beach

I went back to Ao Nang Grand Inn, freshened up and collected my bags. Since I had to catch a flight from Phuket back to Bangkok the next morning, I was contemplating spending the night at Krabi town.

But since I was still on the “don’t-want-it-to-end” mood, I instead sought a cheap room in Ao Nang itself and decided to leave early next morning. I found a decent room just a few shops down from Ao Grand Inn for 300 baht (Rs. 415) . I checked in, showered and went out in search of a bigger bag as I was tired of carrying around 4 small bags (including the tripod stand).

I found a 80 litre capacity bag for 1500 baht (Rs. 2,000), which I thought was a good deal as I had bargained it down from around 2000 baht most shops were selling it for. Of course, once I got back to Bangkok a day later, it wasn’t quite a bargain I thought it was.

Dinner was at Bernie’s Place, run by a Dane, who was offering an all-you-can-eat buffet for 250 baht (Rs. 340) that was attracting quite a crowd. And boy, was it a good deal or what! First you have option of whatever you want barbequed — chicken, fish or corn. Then there were breads, fries besides a decent selection of starters and main course items. Then ice cream for dessert. Highly recommended if you are hungry!

By the time I was stuffed and cleared the bill, it began to rain lightly in Ao Nang. As the streets cleared, and knowing there was little to do in such a scenario, I headed back to my room (after picking up an ice cream from a 7-11) and called it a night.

I had planned on seeing quite a lot in four days… and  I saw most of it in one. Not bad, I guess.

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