Rainbow – ‘A’: Great K-pop song ruined by a terrible video

Last week, while reading allkpop.com, I was introduced to another K-pop girl group hitting the scene called Rainbow.

Korean pop girl group Rainbow A single cover promo white

The girls were making their comeback with a single called ‘A’. Their first release was a track released in 2009 called “Gossip Girl“…. which was “meh”. But ‘A’…


Very Girls Aloud and Sugarbabes-like. And after hearing it like a hundred times in the past few days, I was waiting to see what the video was going to be like, the dance choreography, the visuals etc. I expected it to be retro, swank and mature, especially after the teaser images of the girls were published online.

Rainbow A single cover promo red

But when the full video was eventually unveiled…


The dance choreography is unnecessarily sexy, the outfits suck and the camera cuts are irritating. Funny how such a good song can be ruined by such a poor video. I’m sure the track will do well on it’s own, just that I was expecting a classier video from the group’s record company.

Korean pop or not, some people just need to learn, sex isn’t always necessary to sell something — especially when that something is good enough.

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  • Bria


    I understand what you’re saying, but I actually liked the “A” MV. The dance isn’t as “sexified” as some other K-Pop videos that I’ve seen. The only thing “sexified” that I saw was the shirt lifting part, which still wasn’t SO bad…

    Anyways, I think the MV IS retro and pretty cool. The song is much better (than the MV that is), but watching the dance along with it (and practicing sans shirt lifting) is really fun! For me at least, it sets the retro vibe.

    “Korean pop or not, some people just need to learn, sex isn’t always necessary to sell something — especially when that something is good enough.”
    –That was a great point to make and it’s also something that I dearly WISH that K-Pop producers will realize soon, but with the way that things are turning out in K-Pop lately, unfortunately, “sexy” and good looks are really beginning to dominate over actual talent. I guess DSP took advantage of that to combine the two–because this song is AMAZING! It seems like each girl in Rainbow has real talent and I’d like to see their live performances soon.

    I really want Rainbow and they sold me with this song. I have high hopes for them and I hope that they wont have a ton of antis (like another extremely well recognized K-Pop Idol group who uses the “sexy” concept very often…you can guess).

    레인보우, 화이팅!!!!!

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    I wasn’t implying every bit of the video was “sexy,” but yeah that shirt lifting part was unnecessary and their outfits do suck in this video, you have to admit. It’s just that I was expecting something retro-chic like how they appeared in that first photo.

    Rainbow’s vocals are pretty good so far (based on their appearances on Music Bank and other shows) so even I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.

    “like another extremely well recognized K-Pop Idol group who uses the “sexy” concept very often…you can guess”
    Hey, I LOVE SNSD! 🙂 They’re all very talented, funny and yes, lovely on the eyes too (I am a guy after all) — but I don’t think they have pushed the ‘sex’ angle too much.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Being in India, my K-pop posts don’t get a lot of attention so thanks for the comment.

  • Bria


    I think I just have high hopes for Rainbow–I really do like the video and the song is addictive! (\(^-^=)/)

    I’m an SNSD fan too! 🙂 (Not a Sone though…they bash the Wondergirls so much that it depresses me. Maybe when things are less hostile. And ya–they are all so pretty! Who are your faves?)

    But I meant After School…no offense to them, but from what I’ve seen, they have many haters and their videos are really “sexed up”. And the comments under the MVs are kinda gross sometimes…I feel bad for them because they do have talent, esp. in dancing and when they’re onstage, they’re pretty good.

    I find it so awesome how K-Pop can spread all around the world! That’s K-Pop power!

    I think I’ll visit your blog now! It’s always great to see an honest opinion! 😀

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    My faves? Sigh… how do I go about this…

    Okay, out of all of them, based on the qualities and personalities I’ve seen of each of the members — it would be Fany, Fany, Tiffany! 😛 I think Hyoyeon is the sexiest. Yoona and Taeyeon (love her dorky nature) come next. I love Yuri’s long black hair and she’s a great dancer too. Jessica is pretty but I don’t really like her voice. Love Sooyoung’s tomboyish nature and Seohyun is cute. I guess the only member I could care less about is Sunny. Who are your faves? 🙂

    I don’t know much about After School. I saw their debut single and that’s about it.

    Yeah, K-pop is pretty cool. I was into J-pop in the 90s but I guess now the Koreans have learned about Idol groups from the Japanese and out done them! Great productions, great choreography and awesome pop!

    Bria Reply:

    I don’t actually have a fave in SNSD. They’re all really awesome to me. But I liked how you described each of them! 😀

    But I think Fany is really cool too!! She’s very quirky and she’s hilarious! She’s really lively–and I feel terrible because she gets criticized so much. She doesn’t smile as much (lately)…
    And Hyoyeon is awesome! She’s gorgeous–and she’s the Dancing Queen!!!
    I think Yoona’s quite pretty–she gets picked on a lot too…
    Taeyeon is adorkable–she’s really funny in her Chin Chin radio show. Besides that, she’s personally very kind to her fans~
    Jessica is soooo pretty!!!! I like when she speaks English. Her voice is high pitched, but she sounds very shy.

    I know Yuri the most–mainly because of “Invincible Youth”. She’s a dork too! I think she has the most pairings in SNSD (YulTi, HyoRi, YoonYul, etc.). 😀
    Soo Young is really funny and pretty–I wish she’d get more TV time. She and Hyo need to be on more shows. As a pair, they’re really amazing gag women.
    Seohyun is soooooo kind and innocent!! She’s really honest and has a lot of determination, esp. in “We Got Married”. She’s a really sweet maknae~
    And Sunny is the “best mom” from the show “Hello Baby”. She’s also really strong and extremely smart. I’ve watched a few shows and she’s becoming funnier and funnier.

    I’m not really an A.S. fan either and don’t know much, but the comments under their MVs are perverted…because some videos are quite racy…

    I love both K-Pop and J-Pop (K-Pop much more though) and J-Rock is a-maz-ing! I love FT Island’s J-Rock songs sooo much! Anyhoo, I wouldn’t say “outdone”–AKB48’s new single sold 340,000 copies on the day it was released (blame the overuse of fanservice in the PV)!!!

    I think K-Pop and J-Pop have really different styles (excluding Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, and Orange Caramel…). But K-Pop is jjang!!!!!

  • wackomania


    k-pop is all about sex sale anyway. what’s the point of not making it sexy? they won’t be selling anything! oh well, i mean, the sale will be less. but whatever, i enjoy looking at these young girls’ skins here and there. oh yeah, why would i bother listening to all these craps anyway? ofcourse, to see them revealing their skins! it’s a little exciting to see them like this than watching porn. different level of excitement, but same arousing experience. my fav: kara!

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    “k-pop is all about sex sale anyway”

    No it isn’t. It’s music, the way k-pop is packaging it is in no way different from how mainstream music is marketed throughout the world. Of course, the degree of exposure varies from country to country. Europe is far more open about nudity than the US is and its vice versa for violence. K-pop’s success is not purely sex appeal. Pretty girls exist throughout Asia. You can’t just package long legs and expect to sell music. Looking good helps, but ultimately it comes down to the music. KARA’s “Mister” may have the so-called “butt dance” but it’s still a catchy song! The butt dance only helped.

    “i enjoy looking at these young girls’ skins here and there. oh yeah, why would i bother listening to all these craps anyway? ofcourse, to see them revealing their skins!”

    That’s you. Most of the girls in female idol groups are cute and sexy but I actually *listen* to k-pop, so appearance means squat if the song wasn’t good. If you’re that desperate, just google for ‘Korean porn’. I’m sure there’s some out there.

  • wackomania


    wow, you actually “listen” to k-pop. that’s one of the saddest hobby i’ve heard. no, it’s not entirely about sex sale; i was being sarcastic. but it does have a fair amount of sex sale across music industry, while k-pop is selling plastic (and sex appeal). i won’t need excuse to “listen” to their music to admit to their sexuality. it’s normal. you’re no different than those “otaku” (or pervert). the only difference is that, they are man enough to admit.

  • wackomania


    btw sorry to intrude your blog. i’m out. have fun!



    SNSD is better than any other kpop groups.They are the best of all and the most TALENTED group.



    Now KPOP is the most hots in music and seem to be very famous in their look and songs.Even the north america seem to like KPOP

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