Coldplayer – Live in Bangalore, India (Coldplay tribute concert)

Date: 03/04/2011

After concerts by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd tribute acts, it was a time for another tribute concert organized by Gigbox. But this time, it was for a far more recent band — Coldplay.

If you are wondering “why Coldplay?,” well then, you probably aren’t aware of the slew of hits the British Band have produced since 2000. Coldplay (and Linkin Park) are undoubtedly two of the biggest bands to come out of the 2000s, and both are still going strong. Sales in excess of 50 million worldwide and hit singles from four studio albums — that is enough material for a tribute band to play in Coldplay’s honour.

Coldplayer Gigbox concert stage instruments

I wasn’t expecting as many people as there were for the Breathe – The Floyd Sound concert, simply because Coldplay’s fanbase isn’t as big as a legendary band as Pink Floyd. Plus, April 2nd was the Cricket World Cup finals which India won, so most of the city was still reeling in the joy (and hangover) of last night’s match.

But being a massive Coldplay fan, there was no way I was going to miss this show.

The opening act was American solo artist Thom Chackon.

Thom Chackon singer concert Bangalore India
His music was mostly acoustic fare with a country vibe

Here’s a video of some songs he performed:

Thom Chackon performing Bangalore India
Thom Chackon performed a good 6 to 7 songs

Once Thom Chackon left, it wasn’t a long wait before Coldplayer hit the stage.

Coldplayer Gigbox concert sponsors

And they kicked things off with…

After “Politik,” the opening track from A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), next came:

I didn’t record “Violet Hill” in full because I needed to conserve space on my camera memory card.

Coldplayer band performing Bangalore
The band were dressed similar to how Coldplay dressed for the Viva La Vida tour

One of Coldpay’s greatest songs – “Clocks”

More songs from A Rush of Blood to the Head (“In My Place” & “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face”)

Coldplayer Seth Reuben lead vocalist Bangalore concert
Lead vocalist Seth Reuben, who does a really good Chris Martin

“Trouble” and “Strawberry Swing”

(“Strawberry Swing” was performed two tracks later actually)

Coldplayer Gareth Whiteside guitarist Craig Johnson bassist Bangalore India concert
Gareth Whiteside on guitars; bassist Craig Johnson
Coldplayer drummer Jacob King Bangalore India concert UB city
Jacob King

Moving on to my favourite Coldplay album, X & Y (2005)…

Coldplayer Gigbox concert band membersColdplayer Bangalore India concert UB City

Coldplay’s epic “Fix You” (followed by “Talk”)

Coldplayer Seth Reuben Chris Martin lookalike lead vocalist hand

Coldplayer Seth Reuben lead vocalist Chris Martin wink
Seth doing his best Thom Yorke impression

Coldplayer Seth Reuben doppelganger look alikeColdplayer Gigbox concert Bangalore UB City concert

And then, the song everybody knew (most of) the words to…

My card got full halfway through the song and had to swap the second one in, thus the break in recording. No worries… as you’ll see down below πŸ™‚

The band then left the stage after “Yellow,” which didn’t imply the show was over. There was no way a Coldplay tribute act was going to end a show in 2011 without playing “Viva La Vida“.

Come back on stage they did. Now, it was time for a break in pace and some acoustic fare.
Coldplayer acoustic performance Bangalore

Besides “Don’t Panic,” they also sang “Green Eyes” and one other song which I wasn’t too familiar with.

Coldplayer Seth Reuben lead vocalist Chris Martin look alike

“The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away” and that song which is now a Coldplay anthem…

Coldplayer stage light fog machine BangaloreColdplayer Mam agencyFrom Vida or Death and All His Friends, they played “Lost,” “Strawberry Swing” and this:

Coldplayer Gigbox concert inspection

Coldplayer Gareth guitarist Craig bassist concert performanceColdplayer Gareth Craig Seth performance Bangalore concertColdplayer band singing Bangalore concert IndiaColdplayer then performed the final song in their setlist…


But since the awesome crowd asked for more…

Coldplayer Gigbox concert band members talking
The band decide which tracks to perform (either that or they wondered what was for dinner)

“Life in Technicolor II” (from the Prospekt’s March EP)

“Shivers” (from Parachutes)

For the final song of the night, since the reception this song got the first time was so good, Coldplayer ended their gig with an encore performance of Coldplay’s first hit single:

With that, Coldplayer bowed to the audience and finally left the stage — this time for real.

Coldplayer Bangalore India concert endColdplayer band bowing concert end

Coldplayer band Gigbox concert leaving stage
Seth: “Smell my armpit before you go, will ya mate?”

Gigbox’s third concert was yet another stellar show. Sure, the UB City amphitheatre wasn’t as packed as it was for Breathe – The Floyd Sound, but you really can’t compare the fanbase Pink Floyd has in the city to Coldplay. The crowd was a lot younger this time and as you heard from the videos, they were very receptive.

Coldplayer concert crowd Nithin Divakaran
My brother (extreme right) and his friends surely enjoyed it
Coldplayer concert Gigbox crew
The folks at Gigbox who put on the show

So after tribute acts for Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Coldplay… who is next?

Ireland’s biggest musical export — U2, played tribute by U2UK. May 7th, see you there πŸ™‚

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