Photos from the 2012 Lal Bagh Republic Day Flower Show, Bangalore

Date: 23rd January, 2012

After how well-received my last flower show post was, I decided to cover this year’s Republic Day Flower show at Bangalore’s Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens.

I initially planned on waking up really early to avoid the crowds that would be thronging Lal Bagh in the days leading up to 26th January (India’s Republic Day), but given the cold weather, throwing aside my cozy blanket and getting out of bed early morning seemed near impossible.

So post lunch, I set off.

Lal Bagh towards glasshouse Bangalore India
I parked my bike inside, paid the Rs. 30 entry fee and walked towards the glasshouse
Lal Bagh glasshouse Republic Day flower show crowd Bangalore
It was 3pm -- and crowded!
Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore India
I walked around the glasshouse to get to the starting point
Buddhist temple stupa flower design Lal Bagh show Bengaluru
Every year the organizers have one major attraction that's the signature showpiece
Buddhist stupa design Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore
This flower show's main attraction was a Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist Stupa
Korean buddha stupa flower design Lal Bagh Republic day show Bangalore
This one was modelled on the Buddha Sharira Stupa in Jeju Island, South Korea

Korean buddhist temple stupa flower design Lal Bagh display

Group of annuals Lal Bagh glasshouse corner panorama
Group of Annuals at the corner

Group of Annuals flowers Lal Bagh botanical gardens

Geranium flowers Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore
Recognized some of the flowers from my last visit
Dahlia flowers Lal Bagh botanical gardens Bangalore India
Right next to the Geraniums were the Dahlias
Dahlia flower macro closeup Lal Bagh Bangalore India
They - were - pretty

Dahlia pink flower Lal Bagh Bangalore IndiaDahlia flower Lal Bagh Republic day show BangaloreDahlia red flower Lal Bagh show Bangalore India

Dahlia flower petals Lal Bagh Bangalore India
These flowers were quite the hit among the public

Dahlia peach coloured flower petals Lal Bagh BangaloreDahlia flower macro photograph Lal Bagh Bangalore Dahlia pink flower petal Lal Bagh show

Dhalia Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore

Antirrhinum flowers Lal Bagh glasshouse show Bangalore

Orchids Art of Life exhibit Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore
They had a section for orchids

Orchid exotic plant Lal Bagh flower show BangaloreOrchid section Lal Bagh glasshouse flower showOrchids section Anthura Florance Flora Lal Bagh showLal Bagh glasshouse orchid display republic day flower showOrchids section Lal Bagh republic day flower show panoramaOrchid exotic plants Lal Bagh Bangalore Needless to say the orchids on display were nowhere near the orchid collection I saw in Singapore’s Orchid Garden.White flower design Lal Bagh Republic day showAnthurium plants Lal Bagh flower show BangaloreGH Krumbigal bust Lal Bagh glasshouse flower show

Pot flowing flowers display Lal Bagh Republic Day show Bangalore
This was the other part of the main attraction
Flower wave out of pot Lal Bagh Bangalore floral show
I don't know what the inspiration behind this piece of work was
Swan made of flowers Lal Bagh show Republic Day Bangalore
Look, a flower swan too

Pink field of flowers crane Lal Bagh floral displayPot flowing flowers Lal Bagh Republic day show

Flowers flowing design Lal Bagh Republic day show panorama
Wonder what flowers they used

Lal Bagh Republic day flower show design panoramaLal Bagh Republic day flower show panorama

Lal Bagh glasshouse Republic day flower show main attraction Bangalore
I would say the big attraction was quite impressive his year
Mandhara school of floral arts section Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore
This section was being arranged by a floral arts school
Fruits design display Lal Bagh flower show Bangalore
It wasn't just flowers they were using
Kamsale flower arrangement Lal Bagh show Republic day
They had floral arrangements inspired by select Indian states and their respective cultural contributions

Bamboo dance flower arrangement Lal Bagh show BangaloreMysore iron works pillar Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore

Kuchipudi flower arrangement Lal Bagh show Bangalore
This arrangement inspired by Indian classical dance

Manipuri floral arrangement Lal Bagh show republic dayFloral arrangements Lal Bagh flower show glasshouseViolet roses Lal Bagh flower show Republic dayDandiyaras flower arrangement design Lal Bagh show

Kathakali inspired floral arrangement Bangalore
Inspired by Kerala's symbolic kathakali dance

Kathakali mask flower show Lal Bagh Bangalore India Group of annuals Lal Bagh glasshouse corner BengaluruLal Bagh flower show pot main attraction panorama

Brassica flower Fern Hill garden Lal Bagh show
These rose-like flowers looked really nice
Brassica flower Lal Bagh Bangalore
What the flower is actually called

Brassica flowers macro Lal Bagh Bangalore flower showBrassica flower macro closeup Lal Bagh flower showFloral attraction Lal Bagh Republic day flower show BangaloreFlowers Lal Bagh Republic Day show BangaloreCelosia plants Lal Bagh glasshouse flower showCelosia plants close-up Lal Bagh glasshouse flower showCelosia plants red green Lal Bagh Bangalore India

Cockscomb plant Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore
The ever so interesting cockscomb plant

Big attraction Republic Day flower show Lal BaghGroup of annuals pebble display Lal Bagh glasshouse

Indian flag national anthem rice mustard Lal Bagh display
The Indian flag made using coloured rice grains and our national anthem written using mustard seeds
Taj Mahal made using rice grains Lal Bagh display
A portrait of the Taj Mahal made using rice grains

Group of annuals flower pots Lal Bagh Bangalore

Group of annuals flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore IndiaGroup of annuals line of colours Lal Bagh displayGroup of annuals variant flowers colours Lal Bagh BangaloreGroup of annuals violet flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore India

Group of annuals color flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore India

Buddhist stupa made of flowers Lal Bagh Bangalore
It was time to leave

I actually did two rounds — first with my wide angle lens mounted on the camera, and then a second round with my Tamron 28-75mm macro lens.

Honeybee flying around flower Lal Bagh Bangalore
This is why I need the Tamron lens for such occasions
Bee flower macro photography Lal Bagh Bangalore India
I love taking such shots
Buddhist stupa floral temple Lal Bagh Republic day show panorama
Took the final few shots of the main attraction at this year's flower show

Buddha statue atop flowers Lal Bagh glasshouse Bangalore India

Lal Bagh glasshouse roof buddha stupa floral design
I had spent well over an hour inside the glasshouse

Lal Bagh glasshouse structure design Bangalore IndiaThere weren’t many new flower varieties on display inside, many of which I had seen in the last flower show I attended. Still, I got my money’s worth of photographs.

Lal Bagh glasshouse iron design pigeon Bangalore

Soap bubble floating Lal Bagh Bangalore
Saw a kid outside blowing soap bubbles and I had the spontaneous instinct to just click this bubble
Lal Bagh reflection in bubble Bangalore
I'm glad I did -- check out that reflection!
Bubble floating in the sky Bangalore India
Followed the bubble as the wind lifted it up in the sky -- until it burst
Lal Bagh glasshouse crystal palace history Bangalore India
History of the glasshouse at Lal Bagh
Lal Bagh fountain Bengaluru
Went up to the fountain

Lal Bagh fountain afternoon Bangalore panorama

Fountain water droplets fast shutter speed
Played around with shutter speeds
Lal Bagh fountain slow shutter speed Bangalore
Slow shutter speed
Lal Bagh fountain fast shutter speed Bangalore
Fast shutter speed
Fountain figure slow shutter water effect Bangalore India
I was quite enjoying this
Lal Bagh fountain figure water droplets slow shutter effect
Okay fine, I'll stop
Lal Bagh fountain glasshouse Bangalore India
I stepped away from the fountain

Lal Bagh botanical gardens Bangalore India

Lal Bagh glasshouse structure sunlight shadow
It was nearing 5pm
Lal Bagh botanical gardens tall trees Bangalore
I walked back
Japanese garden entrance Lal Bagh Bangalore
Made a quick visit in here before leaving

Lal Bagh monkey Bangalore India

Monkey Lal Bagh gardens Bangalore India
What's a visit to an attraction in India without the presence of these guys
Peacock flower creation Lal Bagh show Bangalore
Inside here, this was drawing a lot near
Mahabharath sand artwork creation Lal Bagh Bangalore
So was this sand sculpture paying homage to one of India's greatest epics

Mahabharath sand castle Lal Bagh garden Bangalore IndiaLal Bagh circular gardens Bangalore IndiaTree flower Lal Bagh Japanese garden

Tree branches white flower Lal Bagh
The branches look like reindeer antlers
Kempegowda tower temple rock Lal Bagh garden Bangalore India
All in all, a good photo session

I wonder what the organizers have in store for this year’s Independence Day Flower Show.

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