Udaipur city palace Rajasthan

Second trip to Rajasthan: Udaipur City Palace, Lake Palace

This is a continuation of a journey that began in Jodhpur. En route to the “City of Lakes,” we stopped at Ranakpur which is famed for its Jain temple.

Seth Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi Ranakpur temple Rajasthan
Sadly, by the time we arrived at the temple, it was pretty late in the evening
Ranakpur temple panorama
But we still went in
Seth Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi Ranakpur temple entrance
Even though I couldn't get any photos from inside, take my word for it - it's very impressive!
Jain Temple Ranakpur temple at night
The most impressive aspect of this temple is inside you will see over 1,400 beautifully sculpted marble pillars
Jain temple Ranakpur at night Rajasthan
But do get here by daytime
Udaipur fountain at night Rajasthan
We reached Udaipur at night and went to Sukhadia Circle
Udaipur street food stalls Rajasthan India
This roundabout is a popular hangout and famous for its street food. We had some pav bhajji and kulfis. Yummy indeed.

Date:  29th December 2006

Paratha stall street food Udaipur Rajasthan
The next morning we had breakfast at a paratha food stall right in front of our hotel
Aloo paratha fresh dahi breakfast Udaipur Rajasthan
The aloo (potato) parathas were served with fresh homemade yoghurt
Aloo paratha butter Udaipur Rajasthan
But I couldn't believe they served each paratha with 50gms of butter!
Udaipur hall pillars Rajasthan
After our cholesterol-packed breakfast, we began our sightseeing of Udaipur
Udaipur city palace from afar Rajasthan
That's the Udaipur City Palace complex, today's main attraction
Udaipur lakes higher view Rajasthan India
Our driver first took us to this small lake

Udaipur city lake Rajasthan

Udaipur city palace Rajasthan
There's an entry ticket to the Udaipur City Palace Complex, which also houses the Shiv Niwaz Palace Hotel
Udaipur city palace entrance Rajasthan
We went in
Udaipur city palace horse stables Rajasthan
The first thing we saw were the royal stables

Udaipur city palace horses Rajasthan

View through window mesh Lake Pichola Rajasthan
We went out to the lake
Udaipur palace hotel lake steps
And took a boat ride on Lake Pichola
Lake Pichola boat ride Rajasthan
We really enjoyed the morning calm, it was very relaxing
Jag Mandir Lake Pichola Udaipur Rajasthan
That's Jag Mandir, a small palace, in the distance
Taj Lake Palace hotel Udaipur Rajasthan
And that's the famous Lake Palace hotel (by Taj) which was made world famous in the Bond film 'Octopussy'
Jag Mandir elephant statue Udaipur India
We made a short stop at Jag Mandir, which was booked that day for a lavish wedding (All of Rajasthan's palaces play host to weddings to those who can afford to rent out the space)
Jag Mandir boat Udaipur Rajasthan India
The palace was built on a natural island, one of two on Lake Pichola
Udaipur city palace complex from Lake Pichola Rajasthan
That's the Udaipur City Palace Complex from Jag Mandir
Udaipur Shiv Niwas palace complex from Lake Rajasthan
We headed back
Bridge over Lake Pichola Udaipur Rajasthan
Udaipur was once dubbed the "Venice of the East"
Palace hotel Udaipur Rajasthan
That's another palace turned hotel (forgot the name of it though)
Udaipur palace hotel complex Lake Pichola Rajasthan
A boat ride on Lake Pichola is highly recommended
Udaipur city palace tower Rajasthan India
We went back inside the palace
Udaipur city palace sunlight Rajasthan
It was 11:15am

Marble corridor Udaipur city palace Rajasthan

Corridor pillars Udaipur palace Rajasthan India
That's a guy playing the tabla

Inside Udaipur palace fountain RajasthanOpen garden courtyard Udaipur palace Rajasthan

View of city from Udaipur palace Rajasthan India
The houses that neighbour the palace

Inside Udaipur city palace window India

Inside courtyard Udaipur city palace Rajasthan
Of all the three major palaces, this one is the most exquisite
Peacock wall art inside Udaipur city palace Rajasthan
Probably the income from the hotel business helps in renovation and additional enhancements

Monkeys Udaipur palace walls Rajasthan

Udaipur city palace Royal hall Rajasthan
Some of these royal halls are available for rent
Udaipur palace darbar hall chandeliers Rajasthan
The entry ticket also includes a serving of tea at the darbar hall
Mithun Sumeet Naveen Udaipur palace hall
That's us
Udaipur palace darbar hall panorama
One attempt at a panorama inside the darbar hall

Here’s a video I took from inside the palace rooms:

Udaipur palace panorama
... and one outside the palace before leaving
Fateh Sagar lake Udaipur Rajasthan India
We left the palace and next went to a park facing Fateh Sagar lake
Maharana Pratap memorial statue Udaipur Rajasthan
The place is also famous for the Maharana Pratap memorial
Blue Rolls Royce Udaipur royal collection
After that, we checked out the Vintage and Classic Car Collection of the erstwhile royals of Udaipur
Black Rolls Royce classic Udaipur vintage collection
Which comprises of a lot of Rolls Royces
Udaipur Rolls Royce Rajasthan
So... they knew how to 'roll'. Get it?
Knob switch old Rolls Royce classic dashboard
A good chance to see a vintage Rolls Royce dashboard
Old Rolls Royce dashboard Udaipur collection Rajasthan
Another Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce description Udaipur royal collection Rajasthan
They have a brief description outside each car
Buick Eight Udaipur vintage car collection Rajasthan
The Buick Eight
Buick Eight interior dashboard Udaipur India
Its steering wheel
Classic Ford vintage car museum Udaipur Rajasthan
A classic Ford car

Back of Ford car classic collection Udaipur

Morris Tiger 1000 Udaipur classic car garage India
Morris Tiger & 1000
Rambler sedan car Udaipur classic car garage India
Some American car called the Rambler
Chevrolet vintage classic car museum Udaipur Rajasthan
A vintage Chevrolet
Classic jeep Udaipur royal collection India
A classic Jeep
Classic car Udaipur royal garage India
They had more cars in a garage
Old horse drawn carriage Udaipur royal garage
Along with some old horse-drawn carriages
Horse-drawn chariot cart Udaipur royal garage Rajasthan
This looks like its still in use
Old Shell petrol pump Udaipur Rajasthan
Now I know why it was called 'petrol pump'

With that, we were done with our tour of Udaipur – definitely the prettiest of the three major cities of Rajasthan, and well worth the visit.

Sun clouds from India flight
After the wedding in Jaipur, we flew back to Bangalore
From airplane window evening sunset clouds
I insisted on getting a window seat for this very reason

Above clouds evening sunlight India

Sunset light rays clouds from airplane India
Check out those light rays
Evening sunset from airplane above clouds India
It was time for the sun to set
Evening pink sky clouds aerial photograph India
Another good trip comes to an end
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