Main entrance to Mysore Palace Karnataka

First trip to Mysore: The package day tour of Mysore’s popular attractions

Date: 23rd September 2006

This one is another old trip of mine. The first time I went to the famous city of Mysore was with my mother, when we opted for one of the (many) day tours by bus. After being picked up from our pick-up points, we set off by 7am. Leaving Bangalore, we were obviously taking Mysore Road and our first ‘stop’ was a quick one at Channapatna, a town famed for its traditional wooden toys.

After the stop at the toy store, we entered Srirangapatna, home to the scene of the last and decisive battle fought between the British and Tipu Sultan, the famed ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. The guide showed us Tipu Sultan’s damaged fortress and how he was sabotaged, as we drove around its now broken walls.

Ranganathaswamy temple Mysore Karnataka India
The tour bus stopped at Ranganathaswamy temple, which is quite famous in Srirangapatna

We reached Mysore city by lunch time and were dropped at a vegetarian restaurant. Post lunch, we were taken to Mysore’s most famous attraction – the grand Amba Vilas Palace – or Mysore Palace as it is more commonly known.

Main entrance to Mysore Palace Karnataka
The entrance
Mysore Palace Karnataka India panorama
Unfortunately this is the only photo I took, because no photography is allowed inside the palace. I don't know why. The palace is quite grand with very old paintings and ornate royal decor.

By the way, be prepared to walk barefoot as you have to leave your shoes at a counter outside as no footwear is allowed inside the palace floors.

Riding down Chamundi hill Mysore
Next up, we rode up to the top of Chamundi hill
Mahishasura demon king statue Chamundi hill Mysore India
Mahishasura, a demon king of the area that is currently Mysore. According to legend, he was killed by the Goddess Chamundeswari. The hills are named after the goddess.
Chamundeshwari temple Mysore hilltop Karnataka
Chamundeshwari temple

Chamundi hills massive cart Karnataka India

View from Chamundi hills Mysore Karnataka
You get a pretty good view of Mysore city at night from up here

Radio antenna Chamundi hills Mysore India

St. Philomenas church Mysore Karnataka India
Back down in Mysore city, we were taken to St. Philomena's church
St. Philomena's church achitecture Mysore
Built in 1936, very few churches in India have such gothic architecture
Inside St. Philomena's church architecture Mysore
Inside St. Philomena's church
St. Philomena's church architecture Mysore India
It was 5:30pm. We had our tea break nearby and moved on to our final stop on the tour.
Brindavan gardens at night Mysore
Which was Brindavan gardens
Brindavan gardens Krishnarajasagara dam Mysore
Completed in 1932, the gardens are adjoining the Krishnarajasagara dam
Vrindavan gardens fountain Mysore at night
Why would anyone come to a garden at night?
Brindavan gardens fountains at night Mysore
Because Brindavan gardens are more famous for its fountains light show after sunset
Brindavan gardens fountains light Mysore
Apologies if these photographs don't do the gardens justice. These were my 'early years' when I was still using my point-&-shoot camera and took far fewer photos.
Brindavan gardens fountain light show
The fountains show was alright

After this, we left for Bangalore city and reached home by around 11pm.

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  • Kusum


    Very nice blog. Me and my sister are also planning to hire a Kinetic scooter and visit Chamundi Hills. Was wondering if the hill roads were safe to ride there? Did you guys switch off the engine downhill on your way back? Need some tips, Regards, Kusum

    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Well, no harm in taking a bike up but you’ll need a slightly powerful bike as it can be steep going up. Riding down is fine but we didn’t switch off the engine or anything, just kept the foot on the brakes. Yes, it’s safe as there are many tourists, but just come back before nightfall.

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