Hong Kong city skyline view from peak

Hong Kong: Views from Victoria Peak, day to night

Date: June 28th, 2012

Day 2 in Hong Kong began feeling fresh. I slept for more than 10 hours and the jet lag had nearly worn off. I repacked my bag and left the hostel to begin my photography for today.

Causeway Bay Paterson Building Hong Kong
A whole lot of luxury brands in the mall to the right
IKEA store Causeway Bay Hong Kong
The IKEA store was only a minute walk away from where I was staying
Windsor house mall Hong Kong
Plenty of malls and shopping centers all around. This was Windsor House
Maxmara store Causeway Bay Hong Kong
I walked towards the MTR station
Sogo Causeway Bay panorama Hong Kong
SOGO is a popular Japanese department store chain
Causeway Bay station Exit E Hong Kong
This is the entrance/Exit E of Causeway Bay station
Central station Hong Kong
I got off at Central
Central station exit J MTR Hong Kong
Took the long walk to Exit J2 (Yup, Central is so big that the Exits are from A to J)

Bank of China tower park
You come out to Charter Garden, a public open space
Bank of China tower panorama
Bank of China building on the left, and Cheung Kong Centre to the right
Bank of America building Hong Kong
Bank headquarters are all around
Chater garden towards The Peak tram station
I noted down instructions from the website on how to get to Victoria Peak tram station
Road crossing Hong Kong
And I followed it accordingly
Citibank building Hong Kong
That’s the Citibank building
St. Johns cathedral Hong Kong
You pass by St. John’s cathedral
Hong Kong island residential apartments
It’s a very uphill climb pretty much everywhere
Signal crossing The Peak tram station Hong Kong
Across the road and right is where the tram station is
The Peak tram station history Hong Kong
I bought my Peak Tower return ticket, costs HK$65 (Rs. 467/$8/€6)
Victoria Peak tram history Hong Kong
The history of the peak and other trivia are on either walls
Waiting for tram Victoria peak Hong Kong
I waited for the tram to arrive
Victoria peak tram Hong Kong
It was amazing to see people living all the way up this hill
Victoria peak tram ride Hong Kong
The angle at which this tram climbs is amazing!
Inside Victoria peak tram Hong Kong
If you want a view of the harbour, sit on the right hand side
Victoria peak tram station at the top Hong Kong
The ride to the top takes less than 5 minutes

As soon as you enter the Peak Tower you pass through a souvenir store. There’s a Madame Tussaud’s up here, but was it crowded!

Madame Tussauds peak Hong Kong
There wasn’t a second this wax figure of Pierce Brosnan was left alone. I can’t imagine how it must be inside the wax museum then.

I decided to have lunch from a restaurant on the same floor. I ordered a beef fried rice, but what I got tasted more like beef burned rice. It was terrible, and I just couldn’t finish eating it. Complete waste of HK$50!

Inside Peak Tower Hong Kong
I made my way up to the observation deck

You don’t need to pay HK$65 if you don’t want to go up to the observation deck on the Peak Tower, but I wanted the highest view possible.

Hong Kong city skyline view from peak
Because this is what you get to see from up here

I know an image this small may not “W-O-W” you but the skyline of Hong Kong truly is amazing!

Peak tower observation deck Hong Kong
This is 428 metres above sea level
The Peak hill panorama
Panorama comprised of 5 shots
Homes Victoria peak hill Hong Kong
And to think people live up here
Apartment houses atop Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Up here are some of the most expensive (and exclusive) real estate properties
Hong Kong city skyline buildings
Hong Kong has 112 buildings higher than 591 ft!
The Peak Galleria mall Hong Kong
The Peak Galleria mall behind the Peak Tower

Peak galleria mall Hong Kong

Ships hill islands Hong Kong sea
I switched to my 70-200mm lens
Hong Kong island power station
Some power station?
Kowloon hill development Hong Kong
Hong Kong is trying to make space for further urban development
Boats ships Hong Kong bay
The ever so busy Hong Kong bay

Hong Kong bay CCB AIA buildingHong Kong bay from peak tower

IFC tower top Hong Kong
At 88-storeys, the International Finance Centre used to be the tallest building in Hong Kong
ICC tower full building Kowloon Hong Kong
But in 2010, the 118-storey International Commerce Centre took the title away from it
Hong Kong Cultural Centre as seen from from Victoria peak
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Hong Kong apartments buildings
I remember taking a photo from Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands and thinking what a concrete jungle Singapore is. I take it back.
Apartment towers Hong Kong island
I counted how many floors each high rise had as I shot multiple time-lapse sequences
Terrace 428 peak tower Hong Kong
I went to the other side
Sea view from Peak tower Hong Kong
The grey skies were clearing up a bit

Ships Hong Kong island sea

Victoria peak tower history display Hong Kong
There’s history for you to read up here
Peak tower observation deck heart messages
That big heart is where you can leave personal messages

I shot some more time-lapse sequences before deciding to leave.

Mithun Divakaran at Victoria peak Hong Kong
The obligatory “See, I was there!” photograph
High rise buildings Hong Kong
This was taken inside the Peak Tower, behind the glass
Peak tower building design Hong Kong
This is what the Peak Tower looks like

I stepped inside the Galleria mall to soak up some air-conditioning. Also, that beef burned rice was a pointless meal, as I soon found myself hungry again. Fortunately, a McDonalds is never too far away, and had teriyaki sandwich meal. (Hey, if you’re going to eat at McDs in a foreign land, at least try something different on the menu)

Peak tower from Galleria rooftop Hong Kong
I went up to the rooftop to shoot some more timelapse sequences

Peak tower edge Hong Kong

Victoria peak Indian tourists Hong Kong
Since I was going to be here until sunset, I chose to walk around
Walkway Victoria peak hill Hong Kong
Because Victoria Peak is also a nice place to do just that
Lions Pavilion viewpoint Victoria peak Hong Kong
But before I went any further, I quickly went in here
Lions Pavilion Victoria peak Hong Kong
It’s another observation deck, called Lion’s Pavilion
Lion statue stone carving Hong Kong
The lion roars over this Asian mega-city
Hong Kong buildings house Victoria peak view
The view from up here is a bit lower, but still good

The Peak landmark attractions Hong Kong

Victoria peak walk Hong Kong
I moved on
Plants Victoria peak Hong Kong
But stopped every so once in a while to take photos of the impressive skyline
ICC IFC towers Hong Kong
The two competing towers
Victoria gap hill walk Hong Kong
I like how they made this a nice place to take a stroll

Victoria peak hill Hong Kong

Victoria peak hill walk panorama Hong Kong
You can go walk all the way down, but I didn’t want to
Victoria peak walking path Hong Kong
So I just walked back
Victoria peak trekking path Hong Kong
It’s a bit cooler out here too
Vandalism Victoria peak hill Hong Kong
Ugh, why do people do this!
Victoria peak trek walk
The sun was setting

I reserved myself a spot near the Lion’s Pavilion and set up my tripod.

Hong Kong buildings sunset
I shot a whole bunch of timelapse sequences
Peak tower observation deck at night Hong Kong
Everyone atop the Peak Tower was waiting for the Symphony of Lights show, which takes place daily at around 8pm
View from Victoria peak at night panorama
I figured watching the show from up here would be all the more epic
IFC tower Hong Kong at night
Not every building gets in on the action
ICC tower Hong Kong at night
Those that do are quite a sight
Hong Kong city at night
But overall, I was a bit underwhelmed by the Symphony of Lights show – it’s not all that it’s made out to be
Hong Kong skyscrapers at night panorama
Here’s a panorama of the entire skyline before me
Hong Kong skyline at night
I shot a few more timelapse sequences
Hong Kong harbour at night
Learnt the importance of white balance when shooting at night

Once I felt I had taken enough photos, I packed up and headed back to the tram station.

Line for tram ride back down Victoria peak
But there was quite a queue for the tram going back down
ICC tower light show pattern
The final shot of Hong Kong’s skyline from up here
Tram carriage Victoria peak Hong Kong
There was a mad rush for seats. I didn’t rush, I wanted to take it easy.

Peak tramways sign Hong Kong

My day was done anyway. I gave my friend Bikram a call and walked back to Central MTR station.

Cheung Kong center at night Hong Kong panoramaSt. Johns cathedral HSBC Standard Chartered bank Hong Kong

Cheung Kong center HSBC headquarters Hong Kong
HSBC’s headquarters. By the way, Hong Kong dollars are printed by HSBC 🙂
Bank of China tower at night
The iconic Bank of China tower
AIA IFC tower at night Hong Kong
The roads were quite silent
Causeway Bay at night Hong Kong
Back at Causeway Bay… wow, this place lights up at night!
MaxMara Causeway Bay Hong Kong
I picked up a pizza from the Wellcome supermarket next door and had that for dinner at the hostel

It was quite windy at night, which I later learnt from my hostel roommates was because there was a typhoon passing through Hong Kong. I hoped it wouldn’t wreak havoc or rain heavily tomorrow as I planned to go to Ocean Park.

Today was a good start to my sight-seeing. Although I only used 91 photos above, I actually shot 2359 photos! 🙂 You’ll see why when I put my time-lapse video together.

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