You gotta love restaurant menus in India!

While English misspellings are common throughout the world – especially in Asia – India sure has its fair share of hilariously bad English. Last week, my friend took me to an old restaurant in Jayanagar where he claimed the food was really good and reasonably priced. And when we talk food, we’re talking mostly non-vegetarian fare.

The restaurant is Amaravathi Bar & Restaurant in Jayanager 9th Block. Although it was my first time here, the joint looked like it’s been for around a decade or two. Very middle-class (symbolic of the locality), the waiter gave us our menus. Then we had a laugh!

Okay, let’s play ‘Spot the Funny’ 🙂

Chicken dishes Amaravathi bar restaurant Bangalore
I laughed at four in this!
Mutton dishes Amaravathi bar restaurant Bangalore
Need some mutton too
Fish dishes Amaravathi bar restaurant Bangalore
I have rarely seen people spell pomfret right! 🙂

As funny as it all sounds, the chicken liver we ordered was delicious to have with roti, and so was the mutton kheema balls. Well spiced and really well done! The biriyani here was really good (both mutton and chicken) but a tad too spicey for my liking.

Still, I think I’ll update this post with every funny menu I come across in India. After all, it’s not just restaurants that have hilarious English…

Hyderabad temple bad English
There are temples…
Indian truck lorry message avoid aids
… and our good-old lorries with their words of wisdom!
CSR bar restaurant
Oh, there’s this place in Bangalore too
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