Photos from Comic Con Express Bangalore 2012

September 8th and 9th

I was quite excited when I heard there was going to be a Comic Con held in ‘Namma Bengaluru’. After all, a convention exclusive to all things geeky (other than electronics & IT) isn’t something we get a whole lot in the country. But the folks behind the expo are all coming from the right backgrounds. This was a comic convention run and managed by comic book lovers – so I my hopes were high.

To makes things even better, the two day event was free! Even better? It was held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, 5 minutes from where I live!

(Note: These photos are from both the days I attended, but I’m writing this post as one)

Comic Con poster Bengaluru


Comic Con Express Bangalore Koramangala

I got to the venue at noon with my younger brother

Bangalore Comic Con Koramangala indoor stadium

Day 1, and the turnout was already impressive

Stormtrooper helmet Comic Con Bangalore India

As soon as I entered, I was hit with cosplayers (Cosplay = ‘costume’ + ‘play’)

Naruto Pokemon Ash Comic-Con Bangalore

Naruto’s universe meets Ash from ‘Pokemon’

Six paths of pain Naruto cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

More ‘Six paths of pain’ from Naruto

Level 10 entertainment stall Comic Con Bangalore

There were a lot of homegrown comic publishers in attendance

Hand drawn sketches Level 10 entertainment

The one thing I was keen on seeing was the amazing Indian talent on display

Brainwave booth Comic-Con Bangalore

I don’t know what these guys were up to though

Readwhere stall Comic Con Bangalore

Could have presented themselves better, but having visited their website, Readwhere is an e-publishing platform. Pretty neat, check them out! stall Comic Con Bangalore

Anything and everything to do with visual arts was also present, including some educational institutes.

Letraset booth Comic Con Bangalore

Letraset‘s stall

Xquisites mimobot booth Comic Con Bangalore

Expensive USB sticks

Wacom booth Comic Con Bangalore

Wacom, the modern-day sketch pad

Wacom tablet sketch Comic Con Bangalore

Pop culture bobble-heads Comic Con Bangalore

There were many vendors dealing in pop-culture figurines and other merchandise. They were doing brisk business!

Joker Modern Warfare soldier Comic con Bangalore

(L) One of the better Joker cosplayers I saw; (R) I initially thought he was a soldier from Metal Gear Solid, but he told me it was from Modern Warfare instead

Two-Face cosplay Comic Con Bangalore India

One of the best cosplay that I saw at the Con: “Two Face”!

For some god forsaken reason, they switched off the lights inside the hall for a while.

Pipedream comics at Comic Con Bangalore

Pipedream Labs, another Indian brand

Holy Cow comics Bangalore

Holy Cow! comics, loved their art work

Cupcakes Comic Con Bangalore

Ms. K Cupcakes (+99167 90969) were selling creamy sweet goodness topped with edible superhero logos. I tried Wonder Woman. Wait…

Wolverine blades cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

This guy had a Wolverine-Batman crossover going on

Monkey.D Luffy cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

Luffy from the insanely popular ‘One Piece’. Sure, longer hands and huge eyes would have completed the look, but not a bad attempt.

Velma Daphne cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

These cute girls dressed up as Velma and Daphne from ‘Scooby-Doo’

Tony Stark Jr. Iron Man cosplay

This guy attempted ‘Iron Man’ Tony Stark

Joker cosplayers Comic Con Bangalore India

Joker was hands down the most popular cosplay character here

Chariot comics Aakash arts stalls Comic Con

Chariot ( – another Indian comic group

Graphicurry paintings Comic Con Bangalore

Absolutely loved Graphicurry‘s works – we bought two of their portraits

Graphicurry pop-art portraits Comic Con

We’re gonna be framing that ‘Pulp Fiction’ caricature

Graphicurry artist brother Comic Con Bangalore

(L) Prasad Bhat, the founder of Graphicurry; (R) his brother… who works at Valve Software. Seriously. And yes, I asked him about ‘Half Life 3’. And no, he kept his mouth shut.

Rare vintage comics booth Comic Con Bangalore

A lot of retro comics on display

Flash Gordon comic display Indrajal

Ahh, Indrajal comics. I remember reading ‘Phantom’ and ‘Mandrake the Magician’ when I was a young kid. My uncle collected so many, all thanks to the India-published issues by Indrajal.

Old Indrajal comics on display Comic-Con

They seem to have rich history of publishing several famous stories – both Indian and foreign

Harry Potter cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

Harry Potter, pretty good; Ghost Rider… erm, that’s a tough character to cosplay – for obvious fire hazard reasons!

Naruto Comic Con Bangalore stage demo

They had a stage which was used for presentations and book launches

Dora Ninja Hattori Comic Con Bangalore

Nickelodeon brought down Dora and Ninja Hattori for the (much) younger crowd

Art for sale Comic Con Bangalore

Plenty of independent artists had their work on display

Nithin Kumblekar paintings Comic Con Bangalore

Nithin Kumblekar, another amazing artist!

Cocoman Comic Con Bangalore

Probably the one group that left me the most impressed was the LiberaArtisti/Dragon Mill Media folk

Libera Artisti Dragonmill Media artists Comic Con Bangalore

They had some amazing work on display (

Auto Pilot Dragonmill studio characters Comic Con

These two characters are from their own comic book titled ‘Auto Pilot’

Poison Ivy Riddler cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

More awesome cosplay: Poison Ivy and The Riddler team up

Batman joker Comic Con Bangalore

But Batman was busy chasing (okay, posing) with the Joker

Mugen Jin Bleach cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

From one of my favourite anime series ‘Samurai Champloo’ – Mugen and Jin posing with a female character from ‘Bleach’

Cosplay pose Comic Con Bangalore

Cosplayers (and random attendees) pose

Chandresh Mithun Comic Con app

Taken on Sunday with my friend Chandresh. This was some nifty AR app on demo.

Chumbak booth Comic Con Bangalore

A lot of artsy merchandise on sale

Bombaymerch stall Comic Con BangaloreBobble heads Comic Con Bengaluru

Marvel graphic novels Comic Con Bengaluru

Special editions and graphic novels available for sale

Graphic novels Comic Con BengaluruGraphic novels Comic Con Bangalore

Pandavas5 Comic Con Bengaluru

‘P5’ – An updated take on the ‘Mahabharatha’ mythology, published by Rudra Matsa Entertainment

Muthu comics Comic Con Bengaluru

Muthu comics, a Tamil publisher

Blaft tamil pulp fiction Comic Con Bengaluru

Blaft‘s Tamil pulp fiction

Sanjukta arts Pruthvi 3D Comic Con Bangalore

Sanjukta Arts’ “Pruthvi” – India’s first 3D comic

Rovolt entertainment Aveon 9 Comic Con Bangalore

Rovolt entertainment‘s booth. ‘Aveon 9’ is one of their many creations.

For a first year, Comic Con Express Bangalore 2012 was a really good show, and quite a success judging by the crowds. Although the cosplay was cool and a lot of great merchandise available for sale, the big takeaway for me from this show was the sheer amazing talent available in India! I know studios like Dreamworks Animation and several special effects houses get a lot of work done in India, and the animation industry is grows quite strong year after year – but you don’t see a whole lot of cool, funky, original content that’s intrinsically Indian.

Mainstream animation plays it safe the world over, mostly because of monetary returns (cute talking animals vs. violent storylines), but it was really cool to see independent animators and artists come up with great original work for the love of it. I wish I had enough money to buy every Indian comic creation on offer, or the resources to turn the ones I liked into animated features, but for now, all I can do is applaud their passion and support their craft in any (free) way I can.

The organizers have already confirmed they will be back next year with a three-day event, which I’m sure will be bigger and better. And mind you, there were many other vendors who set up stalls, I only showcased the ones I paid attention to.

Still, hats off to the organizers for bringing the Con to Bangalore. To end this post, here are a few more cosplayers my brother photographed using his phone at the end of Sunday.

Agent Smith Matrix cosplay Comic Con Bangalore

(L) The guy really has the facial structure of agent Smith, doesn’t he? (R) I don’t know which characters they were cosplaying but they were one of the finalists on Sunday

Logan Wolverine Indiana Jones cosplay Comic Con India

Logan (a.k.a Wolverine) and Indian(a) Jones :)

Hulk cosplay Sharat comic con Bangalore

Big Hulk meets tiny Hulk

So until next year… “Excelsior!

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  1. Picture 9 – showing off non-newtonian fluid dynamics using cornstarch – pretty keen from a company called brain-wave 🙂


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  3. Great stuff….Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. awesome pics!!


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Thanks man! 🙂


  5. Excellent pics man 🙂


  6. Arun Prasad

    Awsome Pictorial Essay on the event… Do a pictorial write up on Vintage Comics… i can help u out on that … 🙂


  7. what was the name of the stall in the back ground of the indiana jones( penultimate pic) picture?? help pls!


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Some independent artist who went by The Kuru Chronicles. Here’s his Facebook page:


  8. Manoj Sreekumar

    You didn’t catch DUALITY’s performance at the Con?


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Don’t think so. I went in the mornings.


  9. Loved the pics. Wooohhh!


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  11. I got here coz your blog was linked on

    I can’t believe I didn’t hear about a Comic Con till after 2 months!! I would have a leave from just to have attended. Sigh.

    Neat blog, dude.


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Thanks dude! 🙂


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  13. Was Naagraj and Super Commando Doga also there?


  14. Can’t believe i missed it! Was hoping to finally get my hands on some long lost comics 😛

    Hoping for this year *fingers crossed*
    These are some great pictures! Kudos!


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Thanks, and do go if you get the chance. It’s a fun event!


  15. (R) is Ikaku from of my favs in that anime..:D


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