Paradise Garden resort convention center Boracay

Beachfront hotels and resorts on White Beach, Boracay

This is a list of hotels I took photos of after I was dropped at (the beginning of?) station 3 at the end of my island tour of Boracay. I figured since I had to walk all the way back to station 1, where I was staying at Frendz Resort, I might as well do my readers a favour and take photos of all the properties (hotels and restaurants) right from where I was standing till the very end of White Beach.

Boracay map with hotels crop
I believe I was at the start of station 3

You can find a bigger version of this map here. This is by no means is a comprehensive list of every hotel on White Beach, because I walked towards the north end, and not back towards Station 3 and beyond — where one finds cheaper accommodation on White Beach. Still, there are more than 50 hotels listed below, most of which are situated along station 1 and station 2. Station 1 is generally expensive (both hotels and restaurants), while station 2 is around the mid-range prices, and then you have more resorts at the south end of White Beach. The first half of the photos were taken on an underwater camera I had with me, so if the latter half of the photos look better, that’s because those photos were taken on my Canon 7D.

Morning Star Boracay diving center
WaterColors Dive Resort ( is both a resort and dive center. Their resort though is near Willy’s Rock (station 1) – this was just their diving center; Morning Star Beach Resort is behind
Queens beach resort Boracay Philippines
Queens Beach Resort (
Crown Regency Beach Resort La Isla Bonita Boracay
Crown Regency Beach Resort (; La Isla Bonita Boracay (
Golden Phoenix Resort Boracay
Golden Phoenix Resort Boracay (
Boracay Pito Huts Philippines
Boracay Pito Huts ( which is right next to the Yellow Cab Pizza outlet
Casa Pilar Beach resort Boracay
Casa Pilar Beach resort (
Paradise Garden resort convention center Boracay
Paradise Garden Resort & Convention Center (
Lechon whole roast pig Boracay Philippines
And this is how they do ‘lechon’ πŸ™‚

Bamboo resort Andoks Boracay Philippines
Bamboo Resort (, right next to Andok’s
Alla Luna Rossa beach resort Boracay
Alla Luna Rossa Hotel Resort (
PADI dive center GoPro Boracay
This was a PADI diving school and an authorized GoPro vendor

From here onwards it’s Station 2.

Alice Boracay hotel White Beach
Alice (in Wonderland?) Boracay hotel
La Carmela de Boracay resort hotel
La Carmela de Boracay (, where they have fire dances at night
Villa de Oro beach resort Boracay
Villa de Oro beach resort (
Villa de Oro beach restaurants Boracay
Their restaurant was one of the cheapest on White Beach
Boracay Beach Chalets White beach
Boracay Beach Chalets
Nigi Nigi Nu Noos station 2 Boracay resort
Nigi Nigi Nu Noos resort (
Eclipse Resort White beach Boracay.
Eclipse Resort (
El Centro island beach resort Boracay
El Centro Island Beach Resort
Boracay Regency Beach Resort Philippines
Boracay Regency Beach Resort (; the McDonald’s is here as well — it had the longest lines in all of Boracay πŸ™‚ Only because the food is cheap compared to how much every other restaurants cost
Boracay Regency Beach resort steps Philippines
These steps were popular photo backgrounds
Boracay Peninsula resort White beach
Boracay Peninsula Resort
Boracay Garden Henann resort White beach
Boracay Garden Resort ( — this resort looks pretty impressive from the inside
Boracay Mandarin island hotel Philippines
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel (
Deparis Beach Resort Boracay Philippines
Deparis Beach Resort (
Le Soleil de Boracay hotel
Le Soleil de Boracay hotel (
Sea World Padi dive center Boracay
Sea World dive center (
Tans Guesthouse Boracay Villa Simprosa resort
Tans Guesthouse Boracay (; Villa Simprosa resort next to it
Mango Ray resort Boracay White Beach
Mango Ray Resort (Update: apparently this is called Lishui Beach Resort now)
True Indian restaurant Boracay
True Indian, one among the very few Indian restaurants in Boracay
Jammers restaurant Boracay
Jammers restaurant, another value-for-money joint
Bamboo bungalows Boracay tattoo
Bamboo Bungalows Boracay Resort (
Crystal Sands Resort Boracay
Crystal Sands Resort Boracay (
The Boracay Beach Resort White beach
The Boracay Beach Resort (

Aquarius Marina Boutique hotel Boracay

Alley to Frendz resort Boracay
Go down this alley to get to Frendz Resort and Club Ten Resort

From here on, it’s Station 1.

Tribal Adventures Boracay
Tribal Adventures Boracay
Boracay Cottage Beach Hut bar
Boracay Cottage
La Fiesta resort Boracay Philippines
La Fiesta Resort
Real Maris beach resort Zuzuni Boracay
Real Maris Beach Resort (; Zuzuni Boutique Hotel (
Nandana Boracay hotel White beach
Nandana Boracay (
Bans beach resort Boracay
Bans Beach Resort (
Casa Fiesta hotel White beach
Casa Fiesta hotel (
Gran Prix Boracay hideaway White beach
Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway (now called The Sitio by the Beach)
Royal Park resort hotel Boracay
Royal Park Hotel (
Jony's beach resort Boracay
Jony’s Beach Resort (
Diamond Water Edge resort Boracay
Diamond Water Edge Resort
Niu Ohana pizzeria Boracay
I had dinner from here the following night
Guilly's Island White beach Boracay
Guilly’s Island is a popular bar on Boracay island
Blue Lilly hotel Boracay white beach
Blue Lily Hotel (
Little Prairie Inn white beach Boracay
Little Prairie Inn
Tacos island Mexican restaurant Boracay
Tacos Island Mexican restaurant (Update: According to a local, this place is now closed)
Boracay Plaza hotel white beach Philippines
Boracay Plaza hotel (
Willy's beach club hotel Boracay
Willy’s Beach Club Hotel (
Willy's beach resort wedding Boracay white beach
They do weddings too
Nigi Nigi Too white beach resort Boracay hotel
Nigi Nigi Too beach resort (
Wedding on white beach Boracay Philippines
Another wedding where the girl was sobbing while reading her vows to melodramatic music playing in the background. It was corny.
Pearl of the Pacific hotel Boracay
Pearl of the Pacific Resort & Spa (
Sea Wind resort Boracay
Sea Wind resort (
White House hotel Boracay
White House Boracay (
Two Seasons Sur resort Boracay White beach
Sur Resort (; Two Seasons (
Las Brisas Boracay resort White beach
Las Brisas Boracay resort (
Residencia Boracay hotel white beach
Residencia Boracay (
Mr. Holidays One Azul Gloria's kitchen
Quite a few names here: Blue Waves beach house, Gloria’s Kitchen, Mr. Holidays Hotel, One Azul
Fridays Resort Boracay white beach hotel
Fridays Resort (
One White beach residence Boracay
This was some residences project called One
Villa Kaloo Boracay white beach
Villa Kaloo — the very north end of White beach has a few independent houses available for rent
Mayumi beach house Boracay
Mayumi beach house
Robinson beach house Boracay
Robinson beach house
Boracay Terraces resort white beach
Boracay Terraces resort (

What is beyond this point you can see at the end of this post. Please don’t ask me about costs and “which is a good hotel to stay”. For that there are several other dedicated websites and I have linked to the respective hotel’s websites wherever possible. And for everything else, there’s Google πŸ™‚ Boracay has excellent beaches, but please be aware of the ugly side to its development. I’m not saying don’t go — because you should — but I would suggest giving the natives their fair share of the tourist revenue, or at least be aware of their presence. There are several small bakeries and eateries not facing the beach, but on the main beach road itself. Drop by a few of those if you want more affordable, well, everything.

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