Amphawa floating market boats Thailand

Thailand: Amphawa Floating Market in Samut Songkhram

Date: 03 April 2015

After seeing the oddity that was the Maeklong Railway Market, the next stop on our tour was Amphawa Floating market. I had been to the more popular Damnoen Saduak floating market back in 2010 but I heard that Amphawa was the floating market that more Thais visit.

It’s also a lot bigger.

After we got out of our tour van, we were told by the guide that we could roam freely for up to an hour or so. We would then meet back to go for a boat ride to see fireflies.

Amphawa floating market fruit vendor
At first glance it didn’t appear as too touristy as Damnoen Saduak
Aamphawapanich eatery Thailand
But you realize soon enough that there is no shortage of cafes, eateries and stores largely catering to tourists. There’s a good number of Thai visitors too.
Amphawa floating market stalls Thailand
You also had shopping centres like this one which sold knick-knacks, souvenirs…
Dunk Thai girl Amphawa market
… and games like ‘dunk tank a girl’
Boat ride Amphawa floating market
We could pay extra to have a boat take us around the river. I don’t remember how much it was cost per person but it wasn’t too high.
Amphawa floating market canal Thailand
The boat cruises along very slowly through these canals

Amphawa floating market boat tour
All the shops have step ladders by the water. I’m guessing the shops get their supplies by boat.
Chicken mascot looking at girl Thailand
Had to the click the second the girl turned her head towards the chicken

Wat Temple Amphawa floating market

Shanty house Amphawa Thailand
There are houses on either side of the river
House Amphawa floating market Thailand
From simple looking houses…
Resort house Amphawa river Thailand
…to some nice looking…
Beautiful Thai house by river Amphawa
… to some really amazing houses!
Bridge Samut Songkhram Thailand
We were now on Mae Klong river
Amphawa river motorboat Thailand
Mae Klong River flows out into the Gulf of Thailand
Walls ice cream boat vendor Amphawa
If at all you needed ice cream in the middle of the river
Wat large Thai temple Samut Songkhram
I could see some large temples alongside the river
Black Buddha statue Amphawa Thailand
Including this one… which I do not know the name of
Amphawa floating market weed river
After 15mins or so we were back at the market
Boat food vendors Amphawa floating market
Back on land, we walked around some more. The many food vendors selling from their boats.
Boat vendors selling seafood Amphawa Thailand
It was mostly all char grilled sea food
Amphawa floating market crowds Thailand
Amphawa is just as crowded but I didn’t see as many Western tourists as I did at Damnoen Saduak

Amphawa floating market boats Thailand

Stall shops Amphawa floating market Thailand
Tried best to avoid the crowds

Hat lights Amphawa shop Thailand

Resorts Amphawa floating market Thailand
If you wish to stay so close to Amphawa, here are two resort options
Fried seafood Amphawa floating market Thailand
Lots of food to snack on at Amphawa
Egg tarts vendor Amphawa floating market
Had an egg tart
Amphawa floating village Thailand
I wonder what this place is like during monsoon season
Straw tree Amphawa floating market
Creative use of used straws
Grilled seafood Amphawa boat vendor
Had some grilled clams and squid
Amphawa floating market sunset Thailand
We re-grouped and waited for our turn to go for the firefly sighting
Amphawa floating market evening shops
When it was time, we were divided into two boats and cruised along Amphawa market at sunset
Evening sky Samut Songkhram Thailand
Took this on my phone as I wasn’t getting any steady shots on my DSLR

As for the fireflies, well, we were slowly cruising along a canal which has trees with fireflies in them. Not as many as you would think. Just a handful in each tree, not even a hundred. It was nothing special. I tried capturing some photos.

Shaky cam shot at night Thailand
But as I wasn’t carrying my tripod, this is how my shots turned out
Amphawa floating market at night
Half an hour later, we were back at the market

We returned to our tour vans and headed back to Bangkok. This was a long tour, even though we only visited two places, it used up the entire day. By the time we arrived back in Bangkok, it was well past 8PM. Still, this combination of the Maeklong Train market and Amphawa Floating market is one I highly recommend if you are looking for some unique day tours from Bangkok.

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