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How to Transfer Files from Macbook to OnePlus 5

I am writing this on the same day I received my brand new OnePlus 5. If you are reading this, chances are when you plugged in your OnePlus 5 using the USB cable to your laptop — be it a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro — nothing happened. Well, it does charge the phone but you probably expected to see a file folder appear on your desktop just like it does when you insert a USB drive. Turns out, that doesn’t happen.

Firstly, you need to change a setting on your phone to make it so that you can enable file transfer when you plug in your device via USB. If you do not get a prompt the first time you plug in your device via the USB cable, then follow the instructions as outlined in this video to find Developer Options under the System settings.

OnePlus 5 disc icon on mac
Double click this icon

Once you have done that, you will now see an icon appear that looks like a compact disc (CD). It will have some numbers underneath it. When you double click the disc icon, you will see a few files in a folder like the one below. But you will not be able to copy files into it.

Android file transfer dmg file icon

Instead, double click on the AndroidFileTransfer(OSX).dmg and install the Android File Transfer software into your Applications folder (by dragging and dropping it). Once installed, open Android File Transfer and you should see the below screen…

Android file transfer mac
You don’t really have to press Get Started

… and the folder containing all the sub folders on your OnePlus 5 should appear in a window behind it.

One Plus 5 file folders on Mac
Look familiar, right?

Now you can copy files into the respective folders!

The process also works on Windows laptops if the device does not show up as a USB device when plugged in.

This is how I copied over my mp3 collection into the Music folder of the OnePlus 5 and some of the photos I had taken on my previous phone.

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How being #MoreIndianThanYouThink helped me avoid getting scammed

India is a great country, no doubt. But it’s no lie that it’s a very challenging country — be it for locals or foreigners making their first visit here. One thing that can be very annoying is people trying to rip you off (*cough* auto drivers *cough*). Scam artists are aplenty in India. So if there’s one thing I have grown accustomed to is not becoming easy prey for such scammers. Religious worker knocking on my door seeking donation for his “charity” in a state so far away? Yeah, not going to fall for that. Caller telling me I have won a big prize but I have to pay a “delivery fee” to get my prize. No thanks, you can keep it. Continue reading “How being #MoreIndianThanYouThink helped me avoid getting scammed” »

Visiting Kerala for the summer holiday — why you should

It’s summer season here in India. The school holidays have kicked off for kids. Goa feeling too commercialized and crowded for your liking? Then consider the greener pastures and the far less crowded beaches of Kerala for your family holiday. Being a Keralite, I may come off as a bit biased but the facts are out there — Kerala is one of India’s most popular states for tourism for a reason. From its famous backwaters, unspoiled beaches, great seafood to the hill stations of Munnar, national parks such as Periyar… you have a lot to do in Kerala if you are willing to get around a bit.

Kumarakom houseboat small boat
The famous houseboats of Kumarakom

Flights to Kerala are aplenty and both Cochin and the state capital Trivandrum are well connected to India’s major cities. Flight booking should be a breeze but you may wish to consider which city to begin your journey from. If you fly into Cochin, then you have several attractions like Fort Kochi, Alappuzha (a.k.a Alleppy) and Kumarakom all within easy reach from Ernakulum city. Cochin is also a great hub to visit the hill station hubs of Munnar and Thekkady. Continue reading “Visiting Kerala for the summer holiday — why you should” »

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