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Cambodia: Ta Prohm temple – the one famous for the tree roots

Date: 13 May 2018

After Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Keo temples, we were now at our fourth stop on our trike tour around the Angkor archeological park.

Ta Prohm tree Siem Reap
Seeing such tall trees as you walk toward Ta Prohm should give you a hint to the role trees play here
Ta Prohm India funding restoration
After seeing so many of the temples being renovated with the financial support of Germany, Japan, China and France, finally I came across one that is being funded by India (since 2010)!
Ta Prohm entrance Siem Reap
We entered Ta Prohm through here
Ta Prohm wedding shoot Siem Reap
Cambodians make use of these heritage ruins as backdrops for wedding photoshoots
Ta Prohm temple Siem Reap
Ta Prohm is yet another temple made on the orders of one of the Jayavarman kings but what really sets it apart from the other structures…
Ta Prohm tree roots
… is seeing these gigantic tree roots that have grown over the stones over the decades

Ta Prohm (or “Old Brahma”) was initially called Rajavihara. Whatever it was called then or now, Ta Prohm is more famous for being the temple in Angkor archeological park which has many trees whose roots have extended themselves around and through the gaps of the structures.

Ta Prohm temple Cambodia
It’s what sets Ta Prohm apart from the rest
Ta Prohm tree roots growing
It’s really impressive a sight
Ta Prohm roots size woman
Just to show you the scale
Ta Prohm corridor Cambodia
You can walk through some of the structures
Ta Prohm inner structure
Ventilation in the olden days
Ta Prohm ruins Angkor Cambodia
But large parts of Ta Prohm still remain in ruins
Ta Prohm renovation Cambodia
And you can see the renovation work happening. Happy to know Archeological Society of India is helping out with the efforts.
Ta Prohm forest Siem Reap
We made our way back out
Ta Prohm ruins tree Cambodia
Without the role the trees play, Ta Prohm would be just like the other structures in Angkor park

Angkor Wat is impressive, sure, but that’s just down to its sheer size. I honestly liked Ta Prohm the most thus far on our tour. But we still had one more temple to visit and that would be our last stop for the day.

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Ta Keo temple Siem Reap

Cambodia: Ta Keo temple

Date: 13 May 2018

After Angkor Wat and Bayon, we were headed to the third stop on our tour around the Angkor archeological park.

Angkor park road Cambodia
We were getting around in a tricycle taxi that we hired for $15
Bayon entry gate Cambodia
Along the way we would stop to take photos
Stones Ta Keo Angkor park
As mentioned in previous posts, in between the major temples and structures of the Angkor park are other ruins
Ta Keo temple Siem Reap
This is Ta Keo temple

Ta Keo is one of the tallest monuments of the Angkor empire. Built to resemble a mountain, it was commissioned by Jayavarman V in early 11th century but the work was never finished. No one really knows why construction stopped.

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Bayon temple tower face

Cambodia: Bayon temple – the one famous for stone faces

Date: 13 May 2018

We began our day with a visit to Cambodia’s national monument, Angkor Wat. After spending around two hours there, our motor tricycle (“tuk tuk”) driver took us to the next stop on our tour of Angkor Archeological Park.

Balustrade bridge Siem Reap
This was a bridge en route
Balustrade Angkor Siem Reap
More headless statues here, some stolen or lost
Balustrade head statues Cambodia
Now, many of these heads are getting replaced
Bayon gate Cambodia
If you haven’t noticed it, these faces are a prominent feature of Bayon. This is just one of the gates surrounding Bayon temple.
Bayon temple Angkor Cambodia
That’s Bayon

Our driver dropped us off outside the temple. We had a quick lunch, sitting under an eatery’s umbrella, as it had started to rain.

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