Mar 12

Second Goa Trip: The drive, the beaches (Baga, Ozran) and some more

Date: March, 2008

Three years after my first trip to Goa, here I was another visit, but this time with a different group of people. We took another route from Bangalore to Goa, different from the route I was on in 2005. This time around we went from Bangalore -> Tumkur -> Kadur -> Shimoga -> Honavar -> Kumta -> Karwar -> Goa.

Loiyumba Dalmation dog

This was at our breakfast stop. That’s my friend Loi, the dalmatian wasn’t part of the tour group.

Ramesh driving to Goa

As was the case those days, we were in my friend Ramesh’s car

Road to Goa Karnataka India

We stopped along the way whenever we saw sights we never clicked before

Karnataka forest trees India

Sorry, but I don’t remember names of the places. It was a long time ago.

Twig branch Karnataka forest

I was using a Nikon D70S, borrowed from a colleague at work

Phadake Loiyumba Mithun Goa drive

Photograph by Ramesh

Tree house Karnataka drive

If my photos look a bit off, it’s because it was the first time using a Nikon and remember, these were days I was still learning how to use a DSLR camera (and Photoshop)

Road to Goa Karnataka

The roads we were on hardly saw much traffic

Ramesh car Goa trip

This was somewhere just outside Jog Falls

We decided to check out Jog Falls, but considering this was March (the start of summer in most of India) the waterfalls were not up to Jog Falls repute. During the rainy season, Jog Falls flows with so much force that it’s quite a sight. But all we saw was water trickling down, looked quite disappointing. Continue reading “Second Goa Trip: The drive, the beaches (Baga, Ozran) and some more” »

Mar 12

First Goa trip (Colva beach, Se Cathedral, Bom Jesus Basilica) and Murudeshwara

Date: October 2005

Yes, 2005 🙂 I’m going all the way back in my travel archives! This was the first time I went to Goa, one of the most popular (and much hyped) tourist spots in India. It was group of two cars, all of whom were my friends and co-workers at the time.

Sunflower field highway Karnataka India

We left Bangalore very early in the morning

Continue reading “First Goa trip (Colva beach, Se Cathedral, Bom Jesus Basilica) and Murudeshwara” »

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