Sep 15

Japan 2015: Tokyo – Walking around Akihabara and Ginza

Date: March 21, 2015

After spending way too much time at Yodobashi Akiba, I moved further into the heart of Akihabara district.

Akihabara underbridge Tokyo Japan

Ahh, wide footpaths

Gundam Cafe Akb48 shop Akihabara Tokyo

Yup, that’s a Gundam Cafe and next to it the official AKB48 Cafe & Shop 🙂 For the uninitiated, Gundam is a popular mecha manga/anime/videogame franchise and AKB48 is the biggest (literally) girl group (literally) in Japan. And both cafes had long lines outside.

Akihabara building Tokyo Japan

Akihabara maybe the home to otaku/nerd/geek culture, but there are plenty of offices around

Akihabara Road Tokyo panorama

When I reached the main road, I just stood there with a smile 🙂 An area with so many videogames, anime, gadgets… couldn’t believe such a place exists, but hey, I’m finally in Akihabara!

Club Sega Sofmap Akihabara Tokyo

I was tempted to enter Club Sega, but I turned around instead

Akihabara electronics store Tokyo

This was a complex of stores selling spare parts, electrical components and retro gadgets

Electronic components market Akihabara Tokyo

Definitely a place for electronics hobbyists

Wires spare parts Akihabara Tokyo

I just wonder how many still build stuff from scratch in the days of easy consumption

Cosplayers Akihabara Tokyo Japan

I crossed over to the main hub of Akihabara district

Akky One Gigo Sega Akihabara Tokyo

There were so many enticing buildings, but I had to get around quickly

Doner kebab Akihabara Tokyo Japan

I knew it was time for lunch, but I somehow thought I’d finish walking around Akihabara first

Hirose game Akihabara Japan

Lot’s of girls trying to entice men (mostly) to enter maid cafes

Street sale Akihabara Tokyo

A few stores had street sales but I didn’t find all the prices as low as they were claiming it to be

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Sep 12

Photos from Comic Con Express Bangalore 2012

September 8th and 9th

I was quite excited when I heard there was going to be a Comic Con held in ‘Namma Bengaluru’. After all, a convention exclusive to all things geeky (other than electronics & IT) isn’t something we get a whole lot in the country. But the folks behind the expo are all coming from the right backgrounds. This was a comic convention run and managed by comic book lovers – so I my hopes were high.

To makes things even better, the two day event was free! Even better? It was held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, 5 minutes from where I live!

(Note: These photos are from both the days I attended, but I’m writing this post as one)

Comic Con poster Bengaluru


Comic Con Express Bangalore Koramangala

I got to the venue at noon with my younger brother

Bangalore Comic Con Koramangala indoor stadium

Day 1, and the turnout was already impressive

Stormtrooper helmet Comic Con Bangalore India

As soon as I entered, I was hit with cosplayers (Cosplay = ‘costume’ + ‘play’)

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