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Japanese monkey sleeping Arashiyama

Japan: Kyoto – Monkey Park in Arashiyama

Date: 24th March, 2015

After walking through the Bamboo Forest soon after arriving at Arashiyama, I walked to the Monkey Park, to see the Japanese macaques.

Arashiyama Monkey Park entrance Kyoto
The entry fee is ¥500 (₹270/$4/€3.7)
Arashiyama Monkey Park info
Some information about the park
Monkey Park steps hill Kyoto
But first, I had to climb steps. Lot’s of it. Ugh. I hate steps!
Monkey Park map Arashiyama hill
You are climbing up Iwatayama (yama is mountain in Japanese)
Monkey Park Arashiyama hill Kyoto
I was up the 109 metre high mark
Japanese Monkey Park Arashiyama
Some facts about Japanese monkeys
Climbing Monkey Park hill Arashiyama Kyoto
It was cold, my legs were aching and to make it worse, it began to drizzle.
Monkey Park Iwatayama eight
I was now as high as the Kyoto Tower
Japanese Monkey tourists Kyoto
But I finally began to see the monkeys

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Bamboo Forest Arashiyama Kyoto Japan

Japan: Kyoto – Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama

Date: 24th March, 2015

After an eventful day of activities yesterday, today was going to be just as hectic. I didn’t feel like leaving Kyoto without seeing some more attractions. And so I woke up early and set off for Arashiyama, a popular tourist town with lots to see and do.

Kyoto station morning rush Japan
Kyoto station was bustling
Kyoto station roof design Japan
I’ll have another post on Kyoto station’s unique architecture
Sagano line Kyoto station
To get to Arashiyama, I had to board a train on the Sagano line
JR train to Arashiyama from Kyoto station
That is the JR train I was going to board. Tickets cost ¥240 (₹120/$1.8/€1.7) for a one way trip to Arashiyama
Kyoto outskirts houses Japan
The journey from Kyoto city to Arashiyama by train takes about 20 minutes
Driving school training road Kyoto
This must be a driving school
Rail and piano museum Arashiyama Japan
Just outside Saga Arashiyama station is a museum showcasing rail memorabilia and pianos from the 19th century. Yes, you read that right 🙂
Arashiyama cycle map Kyoto Japan
Renting a bicycle is a popular way to get around Arashiyama
Bamboo forest sign Arasiyama Japan
I wanted to rent one but I knew I could only spend an afternoon in Arashiyama. So I decided to walk instead, not knowing how much I could cover by 2PM
Small house Arashiyama Japan
Love spotting these cute houses
Bamboo forest entrance Arashiyama Kyoto
The entrance to Bamboo Forest is a short 15 minute walk from Saga Arashiyama station. Just before entering, I felt like having a beef croquette which was being sold at a small stall (on the right).

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