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SHINee – “Lucifer”… goddammit, I LOVE this song!

I discovered a lot of K-pop the last few months. From 13-member boy bands to 9-member *adorable* girl-groups, I’ve been to hooked to some of their catchy tunes, well-produced videos with often great choreography.

And now, this track, SHINee’s latest single from their new album is no. 1 in my mp3 playlist. And no. 2, and no. 3….

…. actually I haven’t listened to anything else since I saw this video day before yesterday. Since then it’s already cracked a million views and continues to rack up thousands of views by the minute. It’s a thumpin’ track!

I have no idea why the song is named after Thor‘s evil brother and yes, when I saw the fashion and the WTF hairstyles… I did go “wuuuhhh?”. But who cares, none of that would matter when the music and choreography is just pure awesome!

The last song I liked from SHINee was “Replay“. I absolutely hated “Ring Ding Dong“… ‘cos it just sounds stupid. (If you want a female group equivalent of stupid, listen to  T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep“)

Anyway, it would be so cool to hear “Lucifer” in some club but I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon in India.

P.S: What I thought was “roboholic” and “robotronic” is actually their attempt to say “love-aholic” and  “lovatronic”… not that I have any clue what either mean! Oh Engrish…

EDIT: I watch this more now than the actual music video

Love the choreography by Jaewon of Blackbeat and the awesome Rino Nakasone (now with PCD)!

Super Junior – A 13-member boy band!

There have been 2-piece boy bands (Bros.), 3-piece boy bands (911), 4-piece boy bands (98 Degrees) and 5-piece boy bands (*N Sync, Backstreet Boys, etc.) — but a 13-piece boy band?!

It’s a catchy song, but still — 13 guys! And they all get a chance at vocals! Nicole Schezwhateverherlastname wouldn’t even allow that in the 5-piece Pussycat Dolls!

Super Junior also has “spin-off” groups:  Super Junior M (‘M’ meaning Mandarin) & Super Junior-Happy. Wow, talk about manufactured.

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