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My hometown of Kannur: The beaches, St. Angelo’s Fort, and more

This is the last post from my travel archives. After all the posts I’ve written about my travels within India and abroad, it’s only befitting I write about my hometown. Although I was raised in Bahrain (16 years) and worked in Bangalore (8 years), I am a native of Kannur (named Cannanore by the Colonial British) in Kerala.

And although it’s one of the largest districts in Kerala by area, Kannur does not offer too much in terms of sights or attractions compared to say, Cochin, with it’s more globally marketable Jew Town and easy access to Kerala’s other famous places. That said, I’m still going to showcase whatever I can from my past visits to Kannur. Or at least the places I’ve visited anyway.

First up, St. Angelo’s Fort.

St. Angelo's Fort Kannur Kerala India
Built in 1505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India (the Portuguese were the first Europeans in India)
St. Angelo's fort tree Kannur Kerala
By the way, these photos were taken in January 2007

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Calicut, Kerala: Beypore and Kappad beach

Date: January 2007

This trip was when I went one weekend to attend my friend Azhad’s wedding in Kozhikode (Calicut). He lived close to Beypore beach, so the day I arrived, we drove straight to the beach.

Beypore beach Calicut Kerala India
It's not the cleanest or the softest beach
Beypore beach lone tree Kozhikode Kerala
Then again, Beypore doesn't see a whole lot of people
Beypore beach stone pier Kerala India
Beypore beach does have one distinct feature though

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Udaipur city palace Rajasthan

Second trip to Rajasthan: Udaipur City Palace, Lake Palace

This is a continuation of a journey that began in Jodhpur. En route to the “City of Lakes,” we stopped at Ranakpur which is famed for its Jain temple.

Seth Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi Ranakpur temple Rajasthan
Sadly, by the time we arrived at the temple, it was pretty late in the evening
Ranakpur temple panorama
But we still went in
Seth Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi Ranakpur temple entrance
Even though I couldn't get any photos from inside, take my word for it - it's very impressive!
Jain Temple Ranakpur temple at night
The most impressive aspect of this temple is inside you will see over 1,400 beautifully sculpted marble pillars
Jain temple Ranakpur at night Rajasthan
But do get here by daytime
Udaipur fountain at night Rajasthan
We reached Udaipur at night and went to Sukhadia Circle
Udaipur street food stalls Rajasthan India
This roundabout is a popular hangout and famous for its street food. We had some pav bhajji and kulfis. Yummy indeed.

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