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Rainbow – ‘A’: Great K-pop song ruined by a terrible video

Last week, while reading, I was introduced to another K-pop girl group hitting the scene called Rainbow.

Korean pop girl group Rainbow A single cover promo white

The girls were making their comeback with a single called ‘A’. Their first release was a track released in 2009 called “Gossip Girl“…. which was “meh”. But ‘A’…


Very Girls Aloud and Sugarbabes-like. And after hearing it like a hundred times in the past few days, I was waiting to see what the video was going to be like, the dance choreography, the visuals etc. I expected it to be retro, swank and mature, especially after the teaser images of the girls were published online.

Rainbow A single cover promo red

But when the full video was eventually unveiled…


The dance choreography is unnecessarily sexy, the outfits suck and the camera cuts are irritating. Funny how such a good song can be ruined by such a poor video. I’m sure the track will do well on it’s own, just that I was expecting a classier video from the group’s record company.

Korean pop or not, some people just need to learn, sex isn’t always necessary to sell something — especially when that something is good enough.

Girls’ Generation a.k.a SNSD — 9 girls in one group!

Okay, I know about Japan’s Morning Musume but from the guys who brought you Super Junior – the 13-member boy band(!), here’s K-pop’s biggest girl band: Girls’ Generation a.k.a So Nyuh Shi Dae.

If Nicole Schezhoweveryousayherlastname was in this group, she wouldn’t allow any of them to sing!

Disclaimer: Yes, I find this song catchy.

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