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Little girl on shoulder Ueno park

Japan: Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Ueno Park

Date: 30th March 2015

After I visited Akihabara for the second time, I then decided to head to Ueno Park. I had been there a few days ago, but I was disappointed to see that the cherry blossom trees weren’t fully in bloom. I worried I wouldn’t see it fully bloomed before leaving Japan.

Ueno park pathway Japan
At first glance, I assumed things hadn’t improved
Sakura trees Ueno park Tokyo
But as I walked closer, I could see some trees certainly had more flowers this time around
Ueno park shrine evening sun Tokyo
The evening sunlight was quite nice so I went up to the shrine to take some photos
Funny tree shape Ueno park
I wonder if they wrapped this tree’s trunks so that it stays in this shape
Ueno park in the evening
I love the sunlight between 4PM-6 PM, it’s great for photography
Sakura in full bloom Ueno park
As I walked further, the trees here were much bigger and thicker in cherry blossom flowers

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Sensoji Buddhist temple crowds Tokyo

Japan: Nakamise street, Senso-ji temple, and Ueno Park sakura at half-bloom

Date: 26th March 2015

After spending days outside Tokyo — mostly Kyoto and Himeji — I was back in Japan’s impressive capital city. I was staying in the Asakusa area, popular for being close to many of Tokyo’s attraction — namely Nakamise Street, Sensoji shrine, Asakusa shrine and Sumida River. It’s why I chose to stay in Asakusa and booked myself at the Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory hostel for a few days.

Toshiba Japanese toilet buttons
Toshiba toilets, who would have thought 🙂 It was nice to sit on these on a chilly morning — because the toilet seat would warm up!
Khaosan Tokyo hostel kitchen terrace
I went upstairs to the kitchen to have my breakfast
Khaosan Tokyo hostel kitchen utilities
The kitchen isn’t very big but I didn’t find it very crowded either. It has all the essential appliances.
Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory hostel Japan
I got ready and went downstairs to check out the information the hostel had put up about attractions in Tokyo and how to get to each one.
Asakusa district Tokyo Japan
First attraction on today’s sightseeing list was Senso-ji temple, so I headed out in that direction
Mos Burger Asakusa outlet Tokyo Japan
Good thing there was a Mos Burger outlet nearby 🙂

I walked towards the end of the road Senso-ji was situated on just to explore the surroundings. There are quite a few banks around, so I got some US dollars exchanged.

Asahi beer building skytree Asakusa Tokyo
Past the bridge over Sumida river is the Asahi Beer Hall (the building with the ‘golden turd’ on top of it)
Senso-ji shrine entrance Tokyo
This is the entrance to Senso-ji Temple, one of the most popular Buddhist shrines in Japan — because it’s the oldest in Tokyo. Therefore, it’s also one of the most popular attractions in the city.
Kaminarimon giant lantern Sensoji-japan
This large lantern is called a Kaminarimon
Nakamise dori shop street Tokyo Japan
Leading up to Senso-ji temple is Nakamise Street, choc full of small shops

Nakamise Dori, as its known in Japanese, has seen many shops come and go since it first came up in the 18th century.

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