BIGBANG – ‘Beautiful Hangover’. Nice!

The song is in Japanese, but I’m still going to call it K-pop.
Bigbang korean boy band black & white

BIGBANG is a Korean boy band who apparently has been around since 2006. Hugely successful, “Beautiful Hangover” is the group’s latest venture into the Japanese market.


  • the song!
  • the video — very stylish and great angles


  • the Ja-Rule sounding dude (I believe his name is T.O.P)

Would have been better…

  • if the song was in Korean (they use a lot of English Engrish to make up for their Japanese)
  • if it didn’t have the Ja Rule-sounding dude’s parts. Sorry, but Ja Rule is so 2001.

Overall, of the two new singles, I like “Beautiful Hangover” more than the over-autotuned “Somebody to Luv”:

I hope they release Korean versions of both songs.

I must say, 2010 so far has produced a fair share of great k-pop. Korean idol groups are getting a heck lot more popular and expanding into other markets outside of Korea.

(Sigh. Waits for the day SNSD come to India… )

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